Lee Jin-yong 
South Korea
Suning Gaming
Living large in the new meta
June 20, 2018
Fury posted a 4/2/12 KDA during Suning Gaming's 2-0 win over Bilibili Gaming on Monday.
As Suning continues to romp through the LPL with a 3-1 record through two weeks, Fury is right at the middle of things. Not only is he playing at a high level but he's doing so while living life to the fullest in this topsy-turvy meta. He played both Vladimir and Swain in this series and wholly controlled the bottom lane. While he gave up two kills across both games, neither came at the hands of his Bilibili counterpart, Jinjiao. He may not have had as much CS as Jinjiao did, but Fury paid that no mind as he led Suning to a pair of victories that didn't even cross the hour mark when combined.
Three Xayah games
April 3, 2018
Fury finished SNG's 1-2 loss to iG with a 4/6/9 KDA in three games as Xayah.
Fury ended Game 1 with a 3/2/3 KDA. He was involved in six of eight kills, finishing with the second highest kill total in the game. In Game 2, Fury earned a 1/0/3 KDA. He was involved in four of 11 kills, giving away no deaths in the Game 2 win. For the decisive game of the series, Fury finished with a 0/4/3 KDA. He was involved in all three kills, leading SNG with three assists in a quick loss. Fury was involved in 13 of 22 kills in the series, tying for the second highest kill total and third highest assist total in the series.
Second highest kill total
January 15, 2018
Fury ended SNG's 2-0 win over TOP with a 9/4/20 KDA in two games as Kalista.
Fury cleaned up in teamfights to help Suning pick up a one-sided sweep over Topsports Gaming. In Game 1, Fury ended with a 6/1/7 KDA. He was involved in 13 of 20 kills and lead SNG with a team-high six kills. In Game 2, Fury earned a 3/3/13 KDA. He was involved in 16 of 21 kills, finishing tied for second in kills and assists in Game 2.
Attempt to carry Game 1 falls short
August 22, 2017
Fury ended Tuesday's sweep to iG with a 7/6/7 combined KDA.
Fury used Kog'maw in Game 1, earning a 7/2/4 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, ending with his team's highest kill total in Game 1. He played well and came close to carrying, but couldn't quite do enough to stop iG from taking Game 1. In Game 2, Fury used Kalista and finished with a 0/4/3 KDA. He was involved in only 33 percent of his team's kills, finishing with no kills of his own and had the second lowest assist total in the game.
Massacres enemy team in series sweep
August 21, 2017
Fury earned a series KDA of 29/6/26 over two Tristana games against JDG.
Throughout the entire series against JDG, Fury was the standout member of his team. Picking up kills left and right in both games, he was the shining light that brought Suning Gaming a victory despite being in poor positions. In Game 1, he participates in a whopping 31 kills, picking up 17 for himself due to his exceptional positioning. Although he was focused heavily, he had no problem keeping himself safe and bringing his team a victory in the 42-minute slugfest. Game 2 went even better as he found an early lead and never lost hold of it. Picking up kills at every turn, he brought his team an advantage despite being behind for the majority of the early game. Earning an impressive 20.0 KDA, his strong play net his team a 27-minute victory, allowing Suning to close out the series 2-0 with ease.
Strong farming compensated for lack of kills
July 25, 2017
Fury posted a 3/0/12 KDA in Suning Gaming's 2-0 series victory over EDward Gaming on Sunday.
Fury played two games of Ashe, and both of his games saw him farm better than every person in the game. He played pretty well overall, putting out damage in teamfights and making sure to farm whenever he wasn't fighting. He had good enough Enchanted Crystal Arrow accuracy to make way for picks and engage teamfights. Overall, Fury played well, but it might be too late for this team to make a run for playoffs.
Struggled to find good positioning in Game 2 of the semifinals
November 21, 2016
Fury earned a 4/5/9 KDA in Longzhu's series loss to the Flash Wolves in the semifinals on Sunday.
Fury had a decent start in Game 1 as he built a small lead in CS over DoubleRed early. However, they couldn't keep the pressure going in their favor as their push was interrupted by Karsa. Fury did well in the mid game while Longzhu made a comeback, but it didn't last. Flash Wolves began to split push and Fury was sent back to stop it. He managed to stop it, but not for long. Fury wasn't able to repeat his success on Jhin in Game 2, while he finished with almost the same amount of kills and assists he also had a lot more deaths. Flash Wolves put together a much stronger macro plan in Game 2 and finished off Longzhu faster than they did in Game 1.
Plays the utility role to perfection
November 19, 2016
Fury ended the IEM Oakland quarterfinal win over The Chiefs eSports with a 10/5/24 KDA.
Fury ended Game 1 with a 6/2/11 KDA as Ashe. He got off to a slow start, farming and scaling well into the mid game. His first kill came surviving a 1-vs-1 vs. Raes and waiting for his teammates to show up to help pick off the enemy marksman. His second kill came picking off EGym in the mid game and he picked up two assists during the first teamfight of the game. Two more assists followed in the second teamfight and his third kill came taking out Spookz after the Chiefs jungler stole Baron. Fury's three kills in the final teamfight allowed Longzhu to close out Game 1. Fury used Jhin in Game 2 and finished with a 4/3/13 KDA. He picked up an assist on first blood and an assist during a second gank in the bottom lane. His first kill came picking off Raes before grabbing three assists in the first teamfight of the game. A second kill came picking off Raes in the mid game and a kill in the third and a kill in the final teamfight helped Longzhu end the series.
Uses bouncing blades to dominate SKT on Friday
August 5, 2016
Fury helped Longzhu dominate SKT Friday with a 7/1/15 KDA.
Fury scaled into a late-game damage dealer in Game 1 as Sivir. He farmed well early and picked up an assist in the first teamfight of the game. His use of his ultimate helped Longzhu position well, and he was able to deal good ricochet damage in teamfights to pick up three assists in the game. He picked up only two kills, one on Bengi after Longzhu secured Baron and one on Wolf after Longzhu secured the Elder Dragon, but his damage in teamfights allowed Longzhu to take a Game 1 win. In Game 2, Fury dominated again on Sivir. He picked up an assist on first blood and two assists during a 4-vs-2 fight in the bottom lane. He was able to pick up five kills in the mid and late game, including double kills in the second and final teamfights of the game. Fury's area-of-effect damage helped chunk down SKT to set up kills in both games.
Strong play across entire series
July 30, 2016
Fury earned a KDA of 8/2/13 in Longzhu's 2-1 series win on Friday.
Fury started the series on a strong note in Game 1 as Kog'Maw, earning an early gold lead in lane thanks to superior 2-vs-2 play. As Fury scaled into the mid-to-late game, Longzhu's methodical macro play would suffocate Afreeca, keeping the Freecs on the backfoot as Fury wreaked havoc. Fury was unstoppable once he hit his mid-game power spikes, posting a 5/1/3 KDA in a 32 minute Longzhu win. Fury would play Kog'Maw again in Game 2, but to much less success. While he was able to go deathless in the 43 minute loss, Longzhu's sloppiness allowed Afreeca to dictate the pace of the early game in Game 2. Unable to deal meaningful damage without getting blown up by Mickey's Varus, Fury's 1/0/2 KDA wasn't enough to carry Lognzhu to a win. Fury took control of Jhin in Game 3, where he enabled Longzhu's destruction of Afreeca. Despite dying early on to a four-man Afreeca roam, Fury would use Jhin's long range initiations to find crucial picks that would allow Longzhu to take relatively free objectives. Fury didn't carry through damage, but his 2/1/8 KDA was certainly enough to lift Longzhu to a 29 minute Game 3 win.
Looks the fool across from Arrow in convincing defeat
July 29, 2016
Fury lost quite badly to KT Rolster, ending the series with a 1/7/9 KDA.
There's little to say about an ADC who scores a single kill across an entire series. Game 1 that was, in some ways, excusable, as Longzhu as a whole never found a single kill once they were grouped together. The poke-heavy comp from KT Rolster was impossible for Longzhu to approach, so once the two teams decided to each group up, Longzhu just bled objectives for the rest of the game until they lost. Fury's Sivir was too short ranged to have much say in that one way or another, though his wave clear did manage to slow the advance of KT ever so slightly. Game 2 was by far the worse showing for Fury, as he nearly led his team in kills despite having picked the champion that many would consider the most safe in the entirety of League of Legends: Ezreal. To his credit, both Score's Hecarim and Fly's Taliyah got monstrously fed early on in the game, and that would make life hard for any ADC, as Score made it his mission to chase Fury out of fights until one of them died. Still, it's worrisome that situation usually resulted in the death of Fury, who found minimal peel from his team and could only do so much on his own. Whatever the causes, Fury's KDA was about as bad as possible for an ADC, making him someone Longzhu may want to avoid until they figure out how to better use and protect him.
Finishes strong against Jin Air
July 23, 2016
Fury posted a 6/5/11 KDA in Longzhu's 2-1 series win on Friday.
Fury had a quiet early game on Ashe in Game 1, farming while Crash put Longzhu ahead elsewhere on the map. Fury's utility was crucial to Longzhu's success, locking Jin Air down while Longzhu's carries unloaded tons of damage. While Fury made a couple of mistakes, like mispositioning and giving up a free kill at 17 minutes, the positives far outweighed the negatives, as Fury earned a 1/1/6 KDA for 64 percent kill participation in a 42 minute win. Fury's Lucian had a rough time in Game 2, with Jin Air rocketing ahead to an early lead after camping Frozen's Syndra. With Lucian's low range, Fury was unable to safely deal damage in teamfights, as he finished the 55-minute fiesta with a 1/3/0 KDA. Game 3 found Fury on a surprise Corki pick, which Fury piloted to a fantastic performance. With Fury's poke forcing Jin Air off of objectives, Longzhu enjoyed control over the game after a 22 minute four-for-zero teamfight win that gave Longzhu Baron. Fury shined in the win, earning a 4/1/5 KDA as Longzhu closed out the series in 41 minutes.
Lackluster in series defeat against Samsung
July 11, 2016
Fury finished with series KDA of 5/6/14 in Longzhu's series defeat.
Fury started off Longzhu's series with a rather unimpressive performance on Twitch. He fell behind early and did not provide the same level of utility to his team that Ruler did for Samsung. Unable to scale on Twitch, he became a liability that his team was forced to protect. Only able to find several kills, he fell short of expectations in teamfights, resulting in a defeat for his team after being forced to concede several objectives. He had a much better performance in Game 2, finding an early kill on Jhin to bring himself an advantage. As the game progressed, however, he was unable to do much as he was focused by Samsung and his team was unable to find any advantages of their own. After picking up several kills of his own, his team's shortcomings became apparent and Fury could no longer survive on his own. Being forced out of fights, he could not prevent his team from falling early once again. As a result, his team lost several teamfights and finally the game, losing the series 0-2 against Samsung.
Play declines over time in series defeat against MVP
July 8, 2016
Fury earned a series KDA of 3/6/11 as Longzhu found yet another series loss.
Although he started off the series against Longzhu with a strong performance, Fury was unable to keep it up throughout the remainder of the series. In Game 1, his Ezreal was strong enough to keep MaHa down in lane. After finding an early advantage, it seemed as though he would be able to scale nicely and pick up the victory for his team. This ended up not being the case as Longzhu made several questionable moves and rotations that let MVP close the gold gap. Fury continued to position well, dealing a large amount of damage, but he was unable to make up for his team's mistakes, resulting in a Game 1 defeat. The loss clearly affected Fury, who had an extremely poor performance in the following game. Taking Ashe away from MaHa, he was clearly not the same caliber of player on the champion. A questionable invade at level one left him with a summoner disadvantage and a dead lane partner. Falling behind early, he was forced to farm safely to scale. Unfortunately, he opted to play more aggressively to look for a way back into the game and it did not work out. Falling behind even more, he sat in awe as MVP dominated the entire map to take a 28 minute victory. With the defeat in Game 2, Longzhu was defeated 0-2 in the series.
Fury: Shining light for Longzhu in series defeat
June 28, 2016
Fury played two Jhin games against MVP to earn a series KDA of 13/2/6.
The current meta has often been criticized for the position it puts marksmen in. Often unable to impact the outcome of a game, their advantages can simply be mitigated because of their role. Fury proved this to be true, having two dominant performances against MVP and failing to find a win in the process. He started off the series with an impressive showing on Jhin, finding kills while his team struggled. Although Pure died time and again, he still found himself responding, picking up half of his team's kills in the defeat. He was unable to find an opening for himself against the massive amounts of crowd control he was up against, combined with his team's shortcomings. After the Game 1 loss, his play didn't waiver at all. Game 2 went much closer, with Longzhu remaining close in gold until the very end of the game. Fury continued to pop off, finding kills and exerting dominance over MaHa. Unfortunately, the current patch does not favor marksmen as solo carries. Try as he might, Fury could not make up for his team's mistakes, earning the most kills out of either team in the defeat. Despite losing the series, Fury proved himself to be one of the strongest members of his team.
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