Jian Zi-Hao 
Royal Never Give Up
Earns Game 1 MVP award
February 28, 2018
Uzi ended Wednesday's 2-1 win over VG with a 13/6/22 total KDA.
Uzi finished Game 1 with a 8/1/7 KDA as Varus, earning the Game 1 MVP award. He was involved in 15 of 18 kills, leading RNG with eight kills in Game 1. Using Varus again in Game 2, Uzi ended with a 3/3/8 KDA. He was involved in 100 percent of his team's kills, tying for the team-high kill total while earning the second-most assists in Game 2. For the series-deciding Game 3, Uzi used Kog'maw and earned a 3/2/7 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 19 kills, tying for the second-most kills and third-highest assist total in the final game.
Absolutely demolishes Fnatic in series victory
October 22, 2017
Uzi earned a series KDA of 31/5/11 in RNG's 3-1 victory over Fnatic in the 2017 World Championship quarterfinals.
Although Uzi had an extremely dominant performance throughout his team's entire victory over Fnatic, his most impressive performance came during his team's only defeat. During Game 3, he found himself on Kog'maw and absolutely destroyed the enemy through all stages of the game. Boasting a monstrous 700 creep score and a 19/2/5 KDA, looking simply at his stats you wouldn't expect that he was defeated. Although his team lost, he didn't falter, bouncing back in Game 4 with a 4/0/4 KDA on Twitch to solidify his team's lead. Picking up a 40-minute victory, he closed out the series, bringing RNG a 3-1 victory.
Helps RNG secure top seed
October 14, 2017
Uzi put together a 4/0/4 KDA in RNG's victory over Samsung on Friday.
Uzi continues to be the driving force behind this RNG squad, as his Tristana was unkillable during this game. While Samsung's bot lane got started with a couple early kills that threatened to give them a lead, Uzi just kept pushing on to keep his team from getting pushed behind. He and Xiaohu were essentially tag-teaming to break this game wide open. As long as these two are playing at this level, RNG will certainly be a tough team to beat.
Hyper carry once again
October 9, 2017
Uzi ended RNG's Sunday win over G2 with a 9/0/2 KDA as Twitch.
Uzi once again picked up a hyperscaling marksman to do his bidding during the win over G2. He was involved in 11 of 13 kills, leading RNG with nine kills. Uzi's excellent play is one of the main reasons RNG head into Week 2 with a perfect 3-0 record.
Once again plays the carry
October 7, 2017
Uzi ended RNG's Saturday win over Samsung with a 6/0/4 KDA as Tristana.
After bullying Ruler from an early stage, Uzi scaled into a massive mid game carry, leading RNG to victory. He was involved in all but one RNG kill, leading his team with six kills. One team fight was all it took for Uzi to stamp his authority on the game, giving RNG control of Group C after two games.
Stymied once again
September 2, 2017
Uzi ended Friday's loss to EDG with a 20/12/21 combined KDA.
Uzi started off the series strong, finishing with a 5/2/6 KDA in Game 1 as Ezreal and a 6/2/6 KDA in Game 2 as Tristana as RNG opened the series with two straight wins. In Game 3, Uzi returned to Ezreal finishing with a 3/2/4 KDA. Using Varus in Game 3, Uzi finished with a 3/2/0 KDA and used Ashe in the deciding Game 5 to finish with a 3/4/5 KDA as EDG completed the reverse sweep. Uzi was involved in 41 of 66 kills, leading RNG in kills during the series. Unfortunately for Uzi, he fell short of winning the LPL once again.
Relinquishes the Superman cape
August 26, 2017
Uzi went 8/9/23 in RNG's 3-2 win over WE in the semifinals of the LPL Summer Playoffs.
While Uzi is usually the one who owns the series for RNG, he simply wasn't really needed to pick up the win in this series. He was kept off of his favorite champion in Vayne all series long, but he still managed to be pretty consistent with other champions in the win. He played a variety of champions, with his Ashe in Game 5 and Lucian in Game 2 being the most impactful. But even then, he wasn't needed to actually carry the games. He simply had to keep up with Mystic and contribute to fights throughout the series, which is exactly what he did. The fact that RNG still came away with the win despite Uzi never popping off is a feat in itself and is a good sign for the suddenly multi-faceted RNG.
Gives away no deaths in easy sweep
August 18, 2017
Uzi ended Friday's sweep of LGD with a 9/0/12 combined KDA.
Uzi finished Game 1 with a 6/0/3 KDA as Kalista. He was involved in nine of 14 kills, tying Xiaohu for the team-high kill total with six. In Game 2, Uzi earned a 3/0/9 KDA as Caitlyn. He was involved in 12 of 15 kills, managing the third-highest kill total, but tying Xiaohu for the team high in assists. Uzi was involved in 21 of his team's 29 kills in the series, while giving away no deaths.
Brings out Vayne to lock in the win
July 31, 2017
Uzi earned a series KDA of 10/1/11 in his team's 2-0 sweep over WE.
Although Uzi had a strong performance in Game 1 of the series, picking Kalista and finding huge amounts of success, the highlight game of the series came in Game 2 as he brought out his signature Vayne and absolutely dominated his opponents. After finding a swift lead, he displayed his mechanics, tumbling himself out of harm's way and killing everyone on the enemy team over and over again. In what looked like a game of Bronze against Challenger players, he decimated the enemy team repeatedly. Farming champions rather than minions, he earned a stunning 7/0/4 KDA in his team's 24 minute victory, securing a convincing 2-0 series victory.
Deathless across three victories
April 23, 2017
Uzi went 15/2/18 as RNG took down EDG 3-1 Saturday.
In Game 1, it was the Enchanted Crystal Arrow from Uzi's Ashe that opened up the game's first teamfight, which RNG crushed in a 5-for-0 ace to take control of the game. Uzi continued to have solid Arrows, as well as impeccable positioning as he went 5/0/7 in the win. Uzi went with Varus in Game 2, and like the rest of RNG, couldn't do much of anything to stop EDG from stomping all over them in a 32-minute win. Returning to Ashe for Game 3, Uzi looked solid once again, but wasn't hugely impactful for much of the game. Still, he put out good damage in fights and landed some strong ultimates towards the end of the game, and once again managed to not die all the while. Uzi's Game 4 on Caitlyn was arguably his best of the bunch, as he shredded through EDG's tanks and carries alike en route to a 7/0/4 KDA to complete the series victory for RNG.
Superior mechanics result in victory over Snake
April 10, 2017
Uzi earned a 9/0/9 KDA in his team's victory over Snake, taking the series 2-0.
Throughout the entire series against Snake Uzi's performance was on point. Picking up an early kills in lane during Game 1, he set himself up for success and never slowed down. Dodging the heavy damage dealers of Snake, he was able to successfully dominate teamfights while remaining safe. His positioning resulted in him earning a 3/0/9 KDA in the victory. Game 2 saw a similar performance this time on Kog'Maw. Taking the champion to it's fullest limits, he was able to once again decimate lane and destroy his opponents. During the mid game teamfights he was able to output massive amounts of damage while keeping himself safe again. The result was a near perfect game for RNG, taking a 25-minute victory in to shut Snake out of the series.
Addicted to carrying, for better and sometimes worse
March 30, 2017
Uzi posted a KDA of 10/5/17 in RNG's 2-1 series win against Vici Gaming on Sunday in the LPL.
Uzi didn't have as much room to hard-carry Royal Never Give Up in its Game 1 win as Varus, due to the rest of the team's powerful performances. Uzi managed to pick up kills across the map and a team-high 363 CS, but got caught out of position while trying too hard to carry. Finishing with a KDA of 5/4/7, Uzi was a solid secondary/tertiary carry in RNG's win. Returning to the Varus pick for Game 2, Uzi was playing well throughout the early and mid games, landing Chains of Corruption to give RNG picks. Unfortunately, Uzi's one death in his 2/1/3 KDA ended up costing RNG the game as VG surged off of the back of a teamfight win to take Game 2 in an impressive push. Uzi was given Ezreal for Game 3, which he piloted to near perfection. Using the Prodigal Explorer's mobility to stay safe while picking up side-wave farm, Uzi earned a game-high 375 CS. That's not to say Uzi just farmed, though, as he kited teamfights brilliantly, including a 1-vs-3 he initiated and won to end with a flawless 3/0/7 KDA.
Pops off in Game 2 vs QG Reapers
March 27, 2017
Uzi played well in RNG's 2-0 sweep against QG Reapers on Friday, earning a KDA of 7/0/13.
Uzi had a decent Game 1 on Ashe, helping mlxg's Lee Sin pick up early kills in the bottom lane. Uzi did well laning against the potent bot lane combination of Ziggs + Lulu, but there wasn't much for Uzi to do come the mid game other than fire off Enchanted Crystal Arrows. Earning a flawless KDA of 1/0/7, Uzi was mostly unchallenged throughout the game, cruising to a Game 1 win. Uzi, tired of not fighting people, picked Lucian into Game 2, where he hard-carried. Popping off with early kills and kiting QG Reapers to death, Uzi was the crux of most of RNG's successes throughout the entire game. Finishing with a KDA of 6/0/6, Uzi showed why he's still a world-class AD Carry in a 2-0 sweep.
Needs a jungler who plays around him
March 19, 2017
Uzi was only able to manage a 8/4/6 KDA in RNG's loss to WE on Saturday.
In Game 1, Uzi brought out Uzreal and carried the way LPL fans are used to seeing. He casually accomplished a pristine 7/0/3 KDA and dealt 26,500 damage to champions, which was 10,000 more than the closest WE player. Game 2 was another game on Ezreal, but the highlight was only him managing to stay with WE Mystic's Ashe in farm through late game in the losing effort. Finally in Game 3, he was unable to play Ezreal and there was a bit of a drop off. He was okay on Caitlyn, but nowhere near as threatening as he is on his pocket pick.
Dominant as RNG defeated Newbee
March 12, 2017
Uzi carried with a 9/4/8 KDA as RNG defeated Newbee on Friday.
Many people have stated that the role of the ADC has diminished in Season 7 of League of Legends. Uzi apparently has not heard these complaints. In Game 1 Uzi played the type of game on which he built his reputation After dominating in lane, he transitioned into being a force in mid and late game. His kill figure wasn't staggering (only 4), but his damage output was. He dealt 17,500 in a 31-minute game, more than double the two highest damage dealers on NB. Game 2 he played Varus and was equally forceful throughout. At one point he was so confident vs. NB that he became way overextended in the mid game, and V ult'd him, which led to Uzi's death. The broadcast cut to Uzi in the booth and he was all smiles and laughing. He and his team were having fun, and after the first five minutes of Game 1 they played fearless.
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