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Royal Never Give Up
Taking a break from competitive play
July 11, 2018
Uzi will take an extended break from competitive play, reports InvenGlobal's Woo Hyun.
Not for the first time Uzi will take a break from play due to lingering injuries and has been advised by his doctor to let his body heal. RNG expect the break to be brief, but important to get Uzi on his best form. Expect Uzi to return in time for the LPL Summer playoffs and the 2018 World Championships. Able will fill in as the team's bottom laner for the time being.
Takes down KZ on Lucian
July 6, 2018
Uzi ended Friday's win over Kingzone with a 5/1/5 KDA as Lucian.
Uzi finished the game involve in 10 of 17 kills, ending the game tied for the lowest kill participation total. Uzi gave away only one death, while his five assists were the lowest total on the team. Uzi gets paid to pick up kills, and he did that with aplomb as his five kills were tied for the team high during Friday's win.
Not allowed to scale into a threat
July 5, 2018
Uzi finished RNG's loss to FW with a 2/2/2 KDA as Kai'sa.
Uzi wasn't afforded the opportunity to scale into a carry on the Kai'Sa pick as Flash Wolves took an early lead and never relented. Uzi was involved in four of seven kills, ending the game with the team's second-highest kill total. His two deaths were also the lowest on the team as RNG dropped the opening game of Rift Rivals.
Dominant performance results in first international title
May 20, 2018
Uzi earned a series KDA of 24/5/10 in RNG's victory over Kingzone DragonX during the MSI Finals.
Averaging six kills and only a single death per game, Uzi had the series of a lifetime to bring his team its first international title. He stormed into the series with a dominant performance on Ezreal, and after the 32-minute victory, he seemed completely unstoppable. Although RNG was defeated convincingly in Game 2, he continued his performance, remaining the standout member of his team. Additionally, he rebounded perfectly in Game 3, bringing his team the quickest victory of the series, earning a 7/0/3 KDA in RNG's swift 26-minute victory. Finally drawing an Ezreal ban in Game 4, he picked Kai'Sa and swiftly tore the enemy team to shreds. With a final dominant performance, he carried his team to a 38-minute victory, securing RNG's 3-1 victory in the series.
Three straight Caitlyn games
May 18, 2018
Uzi ended RNG's sweep of Fnatic with a 18/7/22 KDA in three games as Caitlyn.
Uzi finished Game 1 with a 8/3/7 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 27 kills, ending the game with the second-highest kill total. In Game 2, Uzi earned a 5/1/5 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 18 kills, ending with the second-highest kill total on the team. For the final game of the series, Uzi ended with a 5/3/10 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 20 kills, tying for the second-highest kill total as RNG closed out the series. Uzi ended with the second-most kills on the team, while tying for the team-high kill participation.
May 15, 2018
Uzi's KDA read 12/0/5 as RNG took down Kingzone on Monday.
If MSI has told fans one thing so far, it's that the latest champion, Kai'Sa, was simply made for Uzi. For the second time in a row, Uzi had a phenomenal showing on the champion, as RNG's other four members provided a ton of crowd control for him to work off of. As a result, he quickly became the strongest player on the map by far, ending an absurd 12/0/5 and tearing apart anyone who attempted to dive him in the backline.
Carries on Ezreal
May 15, 2018
Uzi ended Tuesday's win over EVOS with a 7/1/4 KDA as Ezreal.
Uzi finished the game involved in 100 percent of his team's kills. His seven kills were a team high, while his four assists tied him with Letme for the third-highest total. Uzi and Ming dominated EVOS bottom lane from an early stage, carrying RNG to a one-sided win.
Unkillable Kai'Sa
May 14, 2018
Uzi finished RNG's win over Flash Wolves with an 8/0/3 KDA as Kai'Sa.
Uzi ended the game as an unkillable terror, carrying RNG past Flash Wolves. He was involved in 11 of 14 kills, tying for the team-high in kill participation. His eight kills were also a team high, as he got off to a great start early and never relented.
Damage carries in victory
May 14, 2018
Uzi popped off on Xayah, earning a 6/1/10 KDA in Royal Never Give Up's win against Fnatic on Sunday.
Uzi got a little help early to win the laning phase, allowing him to rotate to the others lanes and help lead the comeback. Most of FNC's frontline prioritized Magic Resist because of RNG's AP top side, making it easy for Uzi's Xayah to tear through them in the skirmishes. Uzi kept laying down the damage throughout the second half, carrying his way to 100 percent kill participation and most damage dealt in the game.
Roughed up early and often in loss
May 14, 2018
Uzi posted a 1/3/5 KDA on Xayah in Royal Never Give Up's loss to Team Liquid on Sunday.
Uzi had a pretty rough laning phase as Doublelift and Olleh bullied RNG's duo to death. On top of that, Uzi then had to deal with multiple ganks and lost any kind of hope of regaining pressure in lane. Uzi was able to still be a damage threat in the mid game teamfights but it wasn't enough as RNG struggled to deal with the split push pressure from Team Liquid. Uzi finished with a positive KDA but it was thanks to his assists.
Leads RNG in kills during sweep
April 12, 2018
Uzi ended RNG's sweep of WE with a 7/4/10 total KDA.
Uzi finished Game 1 with a 4/3/4 KDA as Xayah. He was involved in eight of nine kills, leading RNG in kills, while earning the third-highest assist total in the opening game. In Game 2, Uzi used Varus and earned a 3/1/6 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, tying for the tea- high kill total while earning the second-highest assist total in the game. Uzi had the highest kill participation on the team, being involved in 17 of 19 kills while leading RNG with seven kills in the win.
Earns Game 1 MVP award
February 28, 2018
Uzi ended Wednesday's 2-1 win over VG with a 13/6/22 total KDA.
Uzi finished Game 1 with a 8/1/7 KDA as Varus, earning the Game 1 MVP award. He was involved in 15 of 18 kills, leading RNG with eight kills in Game 1. Using Varus again in Game 2, Uzi ended with a 3/3/8 KDA. He was involved in 100 percent of his team's kills, tying for the team-high kill total while earning the second-most assists in Game 2. For the series-deciding Game 3, Uzi used Kog'maw and earned a 3/2/7 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 19 kills, tying for the second-most kills and third-highest assist total in the final game.
Absolutely demolishes Fnatic in series victory
October 22, 2017
Uzi earned a series KDA of 31/5/11 in RNG's 3-1 victory over Fnatic in the 2017 World Championship quarterfinals.
Although Uzi had an extremely dominant performance throughout his team's entire victory over Fnatic, his most impressive performance came during his team's only defeat. During Game 3, he found himself on Kog'maw and absolutely destroyed the enemy through all stages of the game. Boasting a monstrous 700 creep score and a 19/2/5 KDA, looking simply at his stats you wouldn't expect that he was defeated. Although his team lost, he didn't falter, bouncing back in Game 4 with a 4/0/4 KDA on Twitch to solidify his team's lead. Picking up a 40-minute victory, he closed out the series, bringing RNG a 3-1 victory.
Helps RNG secure top seed
October 14, 2017
Uzi put together a 4/0/4 KDA in RNG's victory over Samsung on Friday.
Uzi continues to be the driving force behind this RNG squad, as his Tristana was unkillable during this game. While Samsung's bot lane got started with a couple early kills that threatened to give them a lead, Uzi just kept pushing on to keep his team from getting pushed behind. He and Xiaohu were essentially tag-teaming to break this game wide open. As long as these two are playing at this level, RNG will certainly be a tough team to beat.
Hyper carry once again
October 9, 2017
Uzi ended RNG's Sunday win over G2 with a 9/0/2 KDA as Twitch.
Uzi once again picked up a hyperscaling marksman to do his bidding during the win over G2. He was involved in 11 of 13 kills, leading RNG with nine kills. Uzi's excellent play is one of the main reasons RNG head into Week 2 with a perfect 3-0 record.
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