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South Korea
Team Liquid
Long range engages pay off
May 15, 2018
Impact finished Team Liquid's win over Flash Wolves with a 0/2/8 KDA as Ornn.
Impact was involved in just over half of his team's kills during Tuesday's win. He picked up no kills and his eight assists were the second lowest on the team. Impact's primary purpose was to use Call of the Forge God to set up long-range engages in teamfights, allowing his carries to take down Flash Wolves.
Superb Shen split push in victory
May 14, 2018
Impact posted a 3/2/6 KDA on Shen in Team Liquid's win against Royal Never Give Up on Sunday.
Impact had some fancy footwork early as he narrowly escaped an early gank with just a sliver of health. Despite that early setback, Impact reached a healthy point in the mid game where he used Stand United to make cross map plays that helped pile on bottom lane's lead. In the late game, Impact was able to get plenty of split pushing done, always saving Stand United for helping the rest of TL with objectives. Slow and steady was Team Liquid's plan and it executed it well as it coasted to a 37-minute victory.
Global presence pays off
May 14, 2018
Impact finished TL's win over EVOS with a 5/0/7 KDA as Shen.
Impact was heavily involved in the victory, utilizing Shen's Stand United to make plays across the map. He was involved in 12 of 19 kills, ending with the second highest kill total on the team while giving away no deaths. It was a big win for Team Liquid to keep their hopes of reaching the knockout stage alive.
Clean performance on Shen in victory
March 4, 2018
Impact posted a 5/0/6 KDA on Shen as Team Liquid picked up a win against 100 Thieves on Saturday.
The top lane was Team Liquid's focus early, giving Impact's Shen what he needed to dominate the laning phase. Impact took his massive lead and helped the other lanes get leads, using Stand United at just the right moment to turn around fights. He earned kill participation in the first eight of Team Liquid's kills and it racked up leads in objectives. Eventually, Impact had such a massive lead that he could outplay and win a 1-vs-2 skirmish in the side lane while Team Liquid took objective elsewhere. Team Liquid easily pushed to victory as it scored a delayed ace while it knocked down the Nexus.
Little impact in loss
February 19, 2018
Impact went 2/3/6 on Sion in Team Liquid's surprising loss to the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
All throughout this game, Impact simply looked lost in the face of Lourlo. While the Guardians top laner was making impactful plays from start to finish, Impact was merely treading water. This was in spite of the fact that he was on Sion, a champion that could have conceivably turned the tide in a big way. While many thought that Liquid was one of the best teams in the league early in the season, a loss to the team at the bottom of the standings to start the second round-robin is certainly not their best look.
Couldn't live up to his name less if he tried
February 12, 2018
Impact struggled in Liquid's loss to Echo Fox on Sunday, earning a KDA of 1/4/3.
Impact struggled to be relevant as Gnar, despite having a good laning matchup on paper against Huni's Gangplank. Once Huni got his Sheen, Impact found himself on the losing end of trades in lane, meaning he couldn't scale into the mid-late game as a team fighting bully. Impact couldn't reliably serve as a frontline tank either, thanks to Gnar's rage mechanic making him mostly unreliable. With little impact later in the game against a Gangplank and a Cassiopeia, Impact got shredded as Liquid got torn apart.
Adequate in tank role
February 5, 2018
Impact played a supportive role in Liquid's stomp of FlyQuest on Saturday with a 0/1/6 KDA.
Impact's Ornn did exactly what it needed to do against FlyQuest, helping Xmithie's Sejuani pick up first blood in the top lane around six minutes to trigger a snowball effect. With a teleport advantage, Impact helped Liquid secure several kills and objectives on the other side of the map while Flame was stuck on the top side of the map, giving Liquid's carries the big body they needed to pop off. Impact's use of Call of the Forge God won't make any highlight reels but was still used well to punish poor positioning from FlyQuest's squishy backline. Impact might not have wowed in the 27-minute win, but he did exactly what he needed to give Liquid an easy game.
Held down side lanes in victory
February 5, 2018
Impact scored a 0/1/5 KDA on Ornn in Team Liquid's beat down of the Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Impact slowly fell behind in CS during the laning phase but was successfully delaying Lourlo's split push power throughout the mid game. In the key teamfights Impact was there to supply a good engages and soak up damage in the frontline. A Baron power play was all TL needed before shoving down the mid lane to victory, deleting any member of GGS that tried to stop it.
Deathless in big win
January 21, 2018
Impact put up a strong 2/0/7 KDA in Team Liquid's win over OpTic Gaming on Sunday.
Impact hasn't missed a beat from his Cloud9 days with a strong end to his first week as a member of Team Liquid. He handily won his top lane matchup and allowed Liquid to take an easy path to victory. While Liquid looked dazed and confused during the 2017 Summer Split, they look to be in top form early on this spring.
Huge start to the season
January 21, 2018
Impact went 3/0/6 as Team Liquid took down TSM on Saturday.
Impact's Gangplank got off to a great start this game and just kept rolling. After grabbing an assist on first blood in the top lane, he picked up a handful more from across the map with his ultimate. Afterwards, he joined up with his team proper and dealt out huge damage en route to a crushing 28-minute win for TL.
To sign with Team Liquid
November 20, 2017
Impact is all set to sign with Team Liquid, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
While it was reported by Inven on Monday that Impact received an offer from his former team SK Telecom T1, he has now agreed to sign with Team Liquid once the free agency period opens on Tuesday. It had been previously announced that Impact intended on exploring free agency, but we now know the destination. He is expected to start alongside Xmithie and Pobelter, while the team is still looking at their options for the bottom lane. This is now Impact's fourth team in two years, as he previously played with Team Impulse, NRG Esports, and Cloud9 before settling with Team Liquid.
Likely to explore free agency
November 16, 2017
Impact will reportedly explore his options in free agency, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
With his contract set to expire on Monday, Nov. 20, it looks as though Impact will see what his options are before considering re-signing with the team for the 2018 season. The team is willing to match any offers that the player receives, but there is no telling whether he will want to stay with the organization. To prepare for his possible departure, Cloud9 has bought out the contract of Licorice from eUnited. WIth the special transfer window for players on teams that were not given franchise membership set to open on Tuesday, Nov. 21, the offseason is set to heat up sooner rather than later.
Comes up short in top lane
October 15, 2017
Impact tallied a 2/2/5 KDA in Cloud9's loss to SKT on Sunday at the 2017 World Championship.
Impact took Maokai as his champion into the Jayce of Huni, and it wasn't very pretty. While he found a couple nice plays with a teleport in the mid game, his play in lane left a bit to be desired. He simply was unable to do much against Huni, who even came away with a solo kill on Impact. Cloud9 ended up qualifying for the playoffs by the end of the night, but they will need a bit more from Impact in the knockout rounds if they want to advance.
Clutch Shen play
October 7, 2017
Impact ended C9's Saturday win over EDG with a 3/2/7 KDA as Shen.
Impact was able to live up to his namesake, making plays across the map utilizing Shen's universal presence throughout the game. He was involved in 10 of 12 C9 kills, finishing behind only Jensen in kills while tying for the second-highest assist total. Impact used Stand United to join fights and showed off impressive mechanics on Shen by using Flash and Shadow Dash to taunt multiple members of EDG in teamfights.
Interesting tank pick
October 5, 2017
Impact finished C9's Thursday loss to SKT with a 1/2/3 KDA as Nautilus.
Impact's choice of Nautilus was an interesting one, but he did manage to participate in all but one C9 kill. He led the team in assists and finished with the second highest kill total. While the Nautilus pick does offer a lot of crowd-control, Impact wasn't especially dominate in lane or in teamfights as SKT ran through C9.
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