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Set to be released by Echo Fox
July 25, 2018
Altec will soon be released by Echo Fox, Jacob Wolf of ESPN Esports reports.
With Echo Fox looking to find cohesion in its roster during the Summer Split, they have decided to part ways with three members of the roster. Altec, along with Fenix and Adrian, has been given the boot and will be replaced with Damonte and Lost who are already on the team's roster. It was additionally reported that Echo Fox would be looking to acquired Smoothie from Cloud9, which was later confirmed by the team on Twitter. It's unknown at the moment what's next for Altec after his release becomes official.
Quiet in victory
July 24, 2018
Altec earned a 0/1/4 KDA on Lucian during his team's victory over GGS on Sunday.
Altec did not have a strong performance during his team's victory against Golden Guardians. After falling behind in lane and giving up a kill, Altec struggled to get much done against the enemy team. He played extremely passive while the rest of his team struggled to gain much traction. This allowed the enemy team to gain a sizeable lead. Thankfully for Altec, the game came down to a superior macro performance. After grouping with his team, Altec was able to start picking up objectives that helped his team find their way back into things. Showing up in a final fight, he was able to pick up several assists and bring FOX the position they needed to close out the game.
Deathless in victory
July 16, 2018
Altec earned a 2/0/5 KDA on Lucian during his team's victory over TSM.
After having several lackluster showings on non-traditional bottom lane champions, Altec opted for a more standard style of play against TSM and it paid off. Although he was not able to find a lead in lane, he was able to farm and scale up nicely to assist his team during the mid game. Starting to join fights, he had no problem making short work of TSM, dominating both he enemy tanks and carries. With superior positioning, he remained safe in these exchanges, knowing exactly when to dash forward and when to remain safe. This strategy paid off as Altec was able to keep himself alive throughout the entire game while simultaneously assisting Echo Fox in winning back-to-back teamfights. With a huge gold lead, he quickly moved alongside the rest of his team, taking down TSM's base and claiming a 32-minute victory.
Terrible showing on Heimerdinger results in loss
July 16, 2018
Altec earned a 0/5/1 KdA on Heimerdinger during his team's defeat against CLG on Saturday.
Once again picking a non-traditional bottom lane carry, Altec seemed completely uncomfortable on the playstyle as his team was defeated against CLG. Unable to remain even in lane during the early game, he simply farmed and refused to die. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough for his team to stay in the game and CLG quickly stormed into the lead. Once behind, Altec simply looked silly in teamfights, positioning poorly and seemingly being unsure of what abilities he should be using at any given moment. Getting focused down easily, his poor positioning resulted in him dealing almost no damage during his team's fights. Try as he might, he could not bring his performance up to the standard required to find a victory. Dying quickly, his team lost back-to-back teamfights, allowing CLG to take a 36-minute victory in the game.
Finds his stride on Vladimir during victory
July 9, 2018
Altec earned a 1/1/6 KDA on Vlad during his team's victory over Splyce on Thursday.
Despite having numerous terrible performances on non-traditional carries in the bottom lane, Altec finally had a strong performance on a mage. During the laning phase, he was able to hold his own which was enough for the rest of FOX to find a lead. Once the game got to the mid game phase, Altec began grouping with his team and showing up in teamfights. Many of the issues since his last showing on Vladimir were gone, allowing him to assist his team when he previously would have been unable. Though Cody Sun was not able to have an extremely flashy showing, he was able to focus down key members of the enemy team in fights, allowing FOX to take the victory. Closing out the game in 31-minutes, Altec's strong showing was crucial to his team's success.
Struggles to funnel against Fnatic
July 6, 2018
Altec earned a 2/3/2 KDA on Kai'Sa during Echo Fox's defeat at the hands of Fnatic.
Although his team placed a large amount of their resources on him, Altec was unable to create any sort of impact during his team's game. Picking a funneling composition and placing him in the mid lane with a hyper carry, Altec had the entire game on his shoulders and was given everything he needed to succeed. Unfortunately for Echo Fox, Fnatic had the proper response to this and focused him heavily, making it extremely difficult for him to get anything done. Although he had large amounts of farm, he could not find favorable fights, allowing Fnatic to quickly dominate the rest of his team and continue to control the macro side of things. As teamfights continued to go south, Altec could do little more than chip away at the enemy team. Without enough damage to take down the huge threats, he allowed Fnatic to run away with the game, claiming a 31-minute victory.
First attempt at mid/jungle hybrid falls short
July 1, 2018
Altec earned a 4/6/2 on Kai'Sa as Echo Fox picked up a loss against Team Liquid.
It was the first time Echo Fox decided to use Altec as the centerpiece of the funnel strategy and it didn't go well. Altec was able to farm up a lead in the laning phase but the focus on farming gave openings to Xmithie for ganks on Echo Fox's side lanes. All of the gank pressure cracked open the side lanes, leaving Altec as the only hope. However, Altec couldn't get the job done as he often getting blown up early in teamfights. Altec's effort earned a 86 percent kill participation but Echo Fox could only muster seven kills.
Much better Vladimir game
June 24, 2018
9/1/6 was Altec's KDA as Echo Fox claimed victory over GGS on Sunday.
After an embarrassing game of Vladimir on Saturday, Altec stepped it up in a big way. He wasn't much involved in the early action, as it all took place around the top side, but come teamfights, he was the single most important player on the map. Synergizing with his team's abundance of engage and area-of-effect damage, and capitalizing on GGS' lack of magic resist, Altec tore the enemy team to shreds. The most potent example of this was the late mid lane fight in which he landed a triple kill, securing Baron for his team.
Lackluster performance on Vladimir
June 24, 2018
Altec was roughed up in Echo Fox's loss to OpTic Gaming as he finished with a 0/4/5 KDA on Vladimir.
Altec returned to the bottom lane on Saturday but wasn't playing a marksman champion. The laning phase was quiet early, allowing Altec to farm safely into the mid game. However, it really didn't prepare him for the teamfights in the second half as he got quickly blown up after using Sanguine Pool. Most of the time Altec was lucky to trade an assist for his death as Echo Fox bled objectives. When it came to the final fight, Altec was the last to fall before OPT knocked down the Nexus.
Performed well on tank in the top lane
June 17, 2018
Altec scored a 4/1/5 KDA on Dr. Mundo in Echo Fox's win against FlyQuest on Saturday.
Altec got moved into the top lane for the first game of the Summer Split. He seemed well prepared for the move as he invaded early and laid down plenty of poke damage during the laning phase. When it came to the late game teamfights, Altec did just fine as he picked up about an equal number of kills and assists. It didn't take long for Echo Fox to close out this under 24-minute victory. With the success of this draft strategy, Echo Fox has just given their opponents another wrinkle to prepare for.
Roughed up pair of losses
March 19, 2018
Altec scored a combined KDA of 3/4/6 in Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Altec was put on Caitlyn in both of the games against 100 Thieves but really wasn't a huge impact in either. In the final regular season game, Altec did he best to maintain lane dominance using Caitlyn's superior range but only managed to build a small CS lead. That lead wouldn't last for long as 100 Thieves sent multiple ganks into the bottom lane, quickly evaporating any type of control that Altec had. Soon Altec was forced to clear side lanes in order to keep up in damage with his counterpart during the teamfights. While Altec finished with most damage dealt in the game, it wasn't nearly enough to help Echo Fox break through 100 Thieves massive frontline in the key late game teamfights. Altec's Caitlyn performance in the tiebreaker game wasn't anywhere near as good as it was in Game 1. The bottom lane matchup left Altec trying to play catch up in the mid game but he wasn't able to buy enough time to CS his way back into relevancy. Echo Fox had no way to stop 100 Thieves as the gold gap continued to widen in the second half. Altec couldn't even secure a kill as Echo Fox got torn apart in its base before 100 Thieves took down the Nexus to claim the number one spot.
No way out
March 12, 2018
Altec finished off Echo Fox's Sunday loss to CLG with a KDA of 4/5/2.
Altec's Kog'Maw did fine for the most part on Sunday, but was put in a very trying position. Between his champion's inherent immobility, his team's meager frontline, and CLG's plethora of initiation tools, Altec was incredibly vulnerable, leading to his five deaths, tying for the game high. Still, he managed to keep his CS up, secured two-thirds of his team's kills, and participated in all of them, an admirable performance under the circumstances.
Blind pick Varus loses lane
March 11, 2018
Altec scored a 1/1/3 KDA on Varus in Echo Fox's loss to Clutch Gaming Saturday.
Altec's Varus got pretty high draft priority but very little help during the laning phase. Dardoch was mainly top side as Altec was slowly falling behind in CS in the bottom lane. Altec managed to stay relevant in teamfights but wasn't enough in the later fights. His lone death came from Echo Fox's final stand before Clutch Gaming knocked down the Nexus.
Pops off against 100 Thieves
February 18, 2018
Altec posted an incredibly 5/0/5 KDA in Echo Fox's win over 100 Thieves on Saturday.
Altec was playing great from start to finish in this game against 100 Thieves. His Tristana, along with Fenix's Zoe, were two of the biggest reasons why Echo Fox picked up this win. He moved well all across the map to secure kills with relative ease. He was especially strong in teamfights that allowed Echo Fox to easily keep rolling right through 100 Thieves. With him playing so well in conjunction with the rest of his teammates, Echo Fox continue to be one of the teams to beat in the NA LCS.
Ends on a high note
February 11, 2018
Altec finished off Echo Fox's Saturday victory over Golden Guardians with a KDA of 4/3/7.
Altec wasn't the biggest contributing factor to his team's win, and he shouldn't have been expected to be. As Ezreal, he was unable to do much other than farm early on, which he did just fine, and by the time he came online his teammates were far enough ahead that they did most of the carrying. However, he did get the chance to shine in the game's final teamfight, where he secured himself a quadra kill. This was a perfectly solid game from Altec, despite him being out of the spotlight for most of it.
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