Yuri Jew 
United States
Golden Guardians
Low kill participation in win
February 15, 2020
Keith ended Saturday's win over CLG with a 3/3/5 KDA as Nautilus.
Keith wasn't heavily involved, but did enough to help GG take down CLG. The support was involved in eight of 15 kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. Keith's five assists tied for the team-low total, while his three kills tied for the second most on the team in the win.
Just misses 100% kill participation
February 11, 2020
Keith ended Monday's win over Team Liquid with a 1/2/10 KDA as Thresh.
Keith helped Golden Guardians take down Team Liquid on Monday with a strong effort on Thresh. The support was involved in 11 of 12 kills, ending with the team-high in kill participation. Keith's one kill tied for the team-low total, but his 10 assists paced Golden Guardians in the victory.
Poor KDA in win
February 1, 2020
Keith ended Saturday's win over EG with a 0/7/3 KDA as Nautilus.
Keith helped Golden Guardians pick up their first win of the season despite ending with a poor KDA. The support was involved in three of nine kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation on the team. Keith's three assists were the second highest total on the team, while his seven deaths were the team-high total in the loss.
Feeds against C9
January 26, 2020
Keith ended Sunday's loss to C9 with a 0/5/1 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Keith struggled to get going as Golden Guardians fell to Cloud9 in one sided fashion. The support was involved in one of seven kills, ending with the team-low in kill participation. Keith's five deaths tied for the team-high total in the loss.
Carries on Jinx
March 25, 2019
Keith ended Sunday's win over Clutch with a 7/1/9 KDA as Jinx.
Keith helped Cloud9 to a one sided win with a carry performance on Jinx. The bottom laner was involved in 16 of 19 kills, leading the team in kill involvement. His nine assists tied for the second highest total on the team, while his seven kills paced C9 in the win.
Looks lost in bottom lane
June 25, 2018
Keith only managed a 1/3/3 KDA in Cloud9's loss against 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Against a fed and hungry Cody Sun, Keith had no chance of getting a solid foothold in this series. He got incredibly close to an early kill on Cody Sun in the opening moments of the game, but Cody Sun got away and that spelled doom for Keith. From there, his Xayah had a rough time doing much of anything. His inability to find kills led to him even pushing up too far in the bottom lane and getting caught out. Whatever is currently plaguing Cloud9 needs to change in a hurry if they want to prevent getting bowled over all summer.
Consistent damage from the carry
June 18, 2018
Keith ended 2/1/3 as Cloud9 took down OpTic.
Bringing out the Lucian, Keith found success from the early stages of the game, breaking out to a quick CS lead over Arrow's Xayah. As the game drew on, Keith's rotations were a crucial part of his team's macro advantage, since he was by far the best at pushing towers. Towards the end, Keith's main purpose was to dole out safe plenty of damage while staying relatively safe thanks to his strong frontline. His only death was just as the game was ending, and he probably could've avoided it if he cared to try.
On the starting lineup for Cloud9
June 13, 2018
Keith has been announced as Cloud9's starting AD carry, via YouTube video.
A historically mediocre player (aside from a standout run subbing in for Team Liquid in 2015) many fans will be shocked to learn that Keith will be starting in the AD carry role for Cloud9 over longtime fan favorite Sneaky. According to the announcement video, the change comes both from a desire to shake things up and a sincere belief that Keith has earned a starting spot, alongside Academy teammates Zeyzal and Goldenglue. It remains to be seen how long this change will last, especially given the volatile nature of the role at the moment.
Joins Cloud9 Academy
December 18, 2017
Keith has joined Cloud9 Academy, the organization announced in a video on Monday.
With an extensive amount of competitive experience, Keith has returned to Cloud9 after several years away from the organization, to join the Academy lineup. Most recently with Echo Fox, Keith did not have the best performances, resulting in him leaving the organization last month. Despite his less than impressive showing with Echo Fox, Keith has had numerous dominant performances, making him a surefire addition to the team. His mechanical skill coupled with his ability to make quick decisions will surely be an asset for the organization.
Free Agent
Another average season
November 27, 2017
Keith ended the NA LCS Summer Split with an 80/75/124 combined KDA.
Keith played in 32 of 43 games during the Summer Split, sharing the role with Mash towards the end of the season. It was another rather poor split for Keith as he finished tenth in kills, tenth in assists, and had the tenth best KDA among North American AD Carries. Keith's rather poor play made it fairly easy for Echo Fox to not re-sign the marksman for the 2018 season. Keith has bounced around now for a few years but has yet to really make a major impact regardless of what team he plays for.
Free Agent
Looking for a new team
November 23, 2017
Keith's contract was not renewed by Echo Fox after expiring on November 21st, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
Keith will look for a new team heading into 2018 as Echo Fox have decided to go in a different direction. Keith remains an underwhelming AD carry option heading into the new season.
Benched after solid Game 1
July 17, 2017
Keith finished with a 3/3/6 KDA with limited playing time for Echo Fox in its series loss to Team EnVyUs on Sunday.
Keith had a strong start to the series as he put together a 2/1/5 KDA performance on Tristana in Game 1. He kept the gold close in the first half, but quickly pulled ahead in the second half as he rotated the map, picking up kill participation and knocking down objectives. After being benched for Game 2, Keith returned in Game 3 on Kalista, but wasn't able to make much of an impact as he finished with a lowly 1/2/1 KDA. Echo Fox didn't opt into many fights as he got pushed off of objectives and fell into a deep gold deficit. There was little Keith could do late as Echo Fox's base was destroyed on a Baron power play.
Along for the ride
July 2, 2017
Keith went 2/2/1 in Echo Fox's 2-1 win over Team Liquid on Saturday.
Keith's 2/2/1 overall KDA in this series resembles a scoreline from a single game rather than a best-of-three, and a passive one at that. This is because, aside from Liquid's passivity, Keith was simply never a driving force one way or the other this series. His Tristana ended 0/0/0 in Game 1, not because he was playing badly, but because his only job was to help Echo Fox take turrets, and Liquid never let themselves fight. In Game 2, Keith was blameless for the loss, as it was an early top-side skirmish that got the enormous snowball rolling for Liquid. Keith's Caitlyn in Game 3 remained 0/0/0 up until 32 minutes, fulfilling a similar role as in Game 1. There's simply not much to say about Keith's play this series; he didn't play badly, but a Silver-ranked AD carry probably would've done the trick as well.
Struggled in Game 2 of series loss
June 26, 2017
Keith finished with a 2/6/5 KDA in Echo Fox's series loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Keith had a pretty rough series and it started off with an 0/2/3 performance on Xayah in Game 1. Keith kept the laning phase close, but got caught out of position in the mid game as Echo Fox struggled for vision control. Echo Fox managed a late teamfight victory as it punished TSM for overstaying its push, but it wasn't enough to turn the tide of Game 1. In Game 2 Keith got torn apart in the laning phase as he lost two skirmishes early. To avoid from feeding TSM's bottom lane any further, Keith rotated into the top lane early to assist in a lane swap. Keith managed to pick up some kills in the mid game, but got easily picked off in the late game fights.
Extremely uneven performance
June 12, 2017
Keith struggled to find consistency on Saturday as he scores a 12/11/12 KDA vs. CLG.
In Games 1 and 3, Keith scored three kills vs CLG, yet in Game 2 he had nine. Obviously, it is nice to have true carry performance in a series versus the league leaders, however, if EF ever wants to find a permanent spot in the top half of the NA LCS table, they will need Keith to eliminate the games where he has virtually no impact. The good game for Keith came on Caitlyn, the sub-optimal performances were on Lucian in Game 1 and Varus in Game 3, indicating that the EF ADC is not as strong on AD casters as AD auto attackers.
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