Terry Chuong 
United States
OpTic Gaming
Leads Optic in assists
March 26, 2019
Big ended Sunday's win over 100T with a 1/2/14 KDA as Galio.
Big helped close out the Spring Split regular season with a win over 100T. The support was involved in 15 of 20 kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. His one kill was the team-low, but his 14 assists paced Optic during the win.
Limited on Tahm Kench
March 14, 2019
Big ended Sunday's loss to TSM with a 0/3/2 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Big struggled to do much of anything as Optic fell behind early on Sunday. The support was involved in two of seven kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. He had no kills, while his two assists tied for the team-high total in the loss.
Ten assists in win
March 7, 2019
Big ended Sunday's win over FlyQuest with a 2/4/10 KDA as Tahm Kench.
Big helped Optic close out the week with a win during Sunday's takedown of FlyQuest. The support was involved in 12 of 16 kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. His two kills tied for the team-low, while his ten assists tied Arrow for the team-high during the win.
Team-high death total
February 26, 2019
Big ended Sunday's win over Clutch with a 1/6/8 KDA as Thresh.
Big helped Optic pick up a win during Sunday's back-and-forth win over Clutch Gaming. The support was involved in nine of 15 kills, ending with the second lowest kill participation on the team. His eight assists were the second highest total on the team, while his six deaths paced Optic during the win.
Leads Optic in assists
February 21, 2019
Big ended Sunday's loss to Cloud9 with a 0/3/6 KDA as Ornn.
Big was unable to snowball his carry, despite having a decent showing against Cloud9. The support was involved in six of ten kills, leading Optic with his six assists. Big played fairly well, but couldn't set up the engages Optic needed to successfully win late game teamfights.
Impeccable timing
August 12, 2018
Big's KDA read 0/0/9 as OpTic took down Echo Fox on Sunday.
Big's Zilean was simply immaculate in this game. Time and time again, Big showed perfect judgment on when and where to use his Chronoshift ultimate, calmly watching as teammates survived with slivers of health while always ready to pull the trigger just as it was needed. This was a crucial part of keeping OpTic's four-man squad safe while Dhokla split-pushed, contributing heavily to OpTic's win. With no kills or deaths, the only thing keeping Big from a perfect support KDA was missing out on a single assist.
Struggles in loss
August 6, 2018
Big earned a 0/4/1 KDA on Pyke during his team's loss against Clutch Gaming.
Big had an extremely rough showing during his team's loss against Clutch Gaming. He started things off by doing absolutely nothing for the first 30 minutes of the game. He continued to try and get things done, finding himself extremely desperate. As a result of his desperation, he began positioning extremely aggressively in an effort to find any semblance of an advantage for his team. Unfortunately for his statline, this never paid off, with the rest of his team unable to follow up on his aggressive movements. As a result of this poor showing, his team was defeated in 42 minutes.
Decent performance results in victory
July 23, 2018
Big earned a 0/3/6 KDA on Braum during his team's victory over Team SoloMid.
Big had a bit of a rough start to his team's game against TSM but he didn't let it get to him. After giving up an early kill, he focused on ways to bring his team back into the game. Starting to control vision and look for opportunities to roam and join his team, his play was successful. Due to his team's composition, his crowd control was crucial to their success, giving them the tools they needed to take out enemy carries. Though he could not find massive initiations, he was able to bring his team into the position necessary to claim a Baron and subsequent teamfights. As a result, OpTic was able to secure a 33-minute victory.
Lackluster in series loss
June 26, 2017
Big finished Team Dignitas' 2-1 series loss to Cloud9 on Sunday with a 3/9/10 KDA.
Big had a solid 0/2/7 KDA performance on Morgana in Game 1. Black Shield helped save plenty of teammates from getting locked down in fights as Dignitas won skirmishes and took objectives. Game 2 didn't go nearly as well on Thresh as Big finished with a 1/2/1 KDA. Anytime Big had someone on his hook, Smoothie's Tahm Kench was there to save them. Big went back to Morgana in Game 3, but it didn't work out well. Morgana's Black Shield couldn't even save Big from dying as he raked in the deaths to finish with a 2/7/2 KDA.
Disastrous Game 2 mars series
June 11, 2017
Big went an overall 2/13/23 as Dignitas triumphed over TSM 2-1 on Saturday.
Big's Game 1 on Bard and Game 3 on Zyra were fairly standard support games, and he performed passably well in both, if not even a little better in Game 3. His Game 2 on Braum, however, was an enormous black mark on his series. He was up against the infamous Xayah/Rakan lane from TSM's duo, and he fell flat on his face in his attempt to counter it. He simply died over and over again as the game went on and the enemy ADC took over the whole game. He went just 0/8/8 to barely break even in KDA. Thankfully, his play in the other two games was sufficient to help Dignitas to a 2-1 series win.
Excellent series on new team
June 6, 2017
Big finished with a KDA of 2/7/19 in Dignitas' 2-1 victory over Team EnVyUs.
In his premier series on Team Dignitas, Big proved he was more than a worthy addition to the lineup. His Thresh in Game 1 was spectacular, setting up not only DIG's first two kills, but many more throughout the game as he finished 2/0/7, only missing out on a single kill participation in the win. He went with Thresh again in Game 2, but failed to repeat the performance as his team was incredibly far behind almost from minute one. On Tahm Kench for Game 3, he continued to set up kills, this time with his ultimate. He did die once on an overaggressive use of the ability, but otherwise looked great, helping DIG to get their initial lead in the win.
Free Agent
Shakes off deaths in series victory over FLY
June 5, 2017
Big earned a series KDA of 5/6/20 in DIG's 2-0 sweep against FLY.
Big had a strong performance among his new team this weekend in the NA LCS. In DIG's series against FLY, he started off strong and continued to do well throughout the series. Picking Zyra, he was able to dominate Game 1 through impressive crowd control. Picking up early kills, he was able to piece his item build together quickly, allowing him to deal large amounts of damage in skirmishes along with his team. Joining them frequently, he was able to participate in 17 out of his team's 22 kills in the game, swinging things in DIG's favor and taking a swift Game 1 victory. Game 2 didn't go as well for Big picked Karma and was focused early in lane. After falling several times, he found himself caught out again in a skirmish, giving FLY the lead in the game. Thankfully he was able to bounce his way back through shields and crowd control in fights. Although he didn't have an immaculate performance, he was able to swing fights in his team's favor, allowing DIG to bounce back and claim the game victory. As a result, DIG finished the series sweep 2-0 over FlyQuest.
Free Agent
No longer with Echo Fox
November 22, 2016
Big has announced his free agent status via his Twitter.
Big wasn't the biggest problem with Echo Fox last season, but his underwhelming play throughout the year certainly didn't help. Big was abused throughout the year, as reflected in his 2.2 KDA. Fortunately for Big, NA-born supports are hard to come by for most teams, and he could bring a modicum of veteran experience to challenger teams looking to break into the NA LCS. As far as the NA LCS is concerned, though, Big shouldn't be waiting to get the call from veteran teams of the league, as he wouldn't bring much to the table that teams don't already have.
Disappointing performance all split
September 22, 2016
Big finished the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split with an overall KDA of 16/111/223.
Admittedly, it's hard for a support to shine when given carries who can't do their job. Still, a good support can change the game by spoon-feeding their teammates kills and getting them fed, or, at the very least, focusing their efforts on the one member of the team who is ahead to help them extend and maintain their lead. Big showed a remarkable propensity for remaining in fights that he should have known he would lose, being more of a hindrance than a help to his teammates since he became easy gold for the enemy team rather than helping to peel. He demonstrated remarkable decision-making -- if you consider walking back into a bush to ward even though he had just seen at least four enemies in that bush a few seconds ago a remarkable decision. If you ever have doubts that LCS players make Bronze mistakes, all you have to do is look at Big, because he is living proof.
Creates a huge problem for his team in loss to NV
August 1, 2016
Big looked pretty questionable in the loss to NV, going 0/7/10 for the series.
Big took a pair of ranged supports into the series against NV, but he found himself wishing he had a little more durability far too many times. In Game 1, Big took Karma alongside Keith's Ashe and basically ended up doing nothing, finishing 0/2/0 in the Echo Fox loss. With kfo's Irelia falling into an early hole and being relegated to splitpush duty, Big didn't really have a good diving threat to speed up during teamfights, so his primary utility as Karma went to waste. In Game 2, NV took Karma for their mid laner, which pushed Big onto Soraka. Thanks to some pressure from Hard, Big and Keith were able to take an early lane advantage, but they ended up struggling to make an impact in the late game. Procxin's Gragas and Seraph's Ekko both did a great job of isolating members of Echo Fox and picking them off, making Big's ability to heal in an extended teamfight moot. In both games, Big picked a ranged support with strong situational utility, but Echo Fox just couldn't find the correct situations in which those supports could be useful.
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