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Giants Gaming
Gets Nisqy rolling
August 18, 2018
Betsy ended 2/7/1 as Giants fell to Splyce on Saturday.
To say the least, Betsy's first-pick Akali in this game wasn't all it cracked up to be. Quickly losing control of the lane against Nisqy's LeBlanc, Betsy tried to get back into the lane by attempting a solo kill. The attempt fell flat on its face, however, giving over an embarrassing death. From there, Betsy went on to die several more times as the game drew on, and never got the damage to be effective, ending with a game-high seven deaths.
Struggles immensely in loss
August 11, 2018
Betsy earned a 0/5/5 KDA on Ryze during his team's loss against Fnatic on Friday.
Although Betsy is usually known for having a strong showing during his team's games, he did not have a good performance against Fnatic. Being focused down early on, he struggled to get anything done and had an extremely frustrating early game. After being ganked by the enemy support, he found multiple members of the enemy team showing up in his lane time and again. Without support from the rest of his team, he quickly racked up four deaths, making him nearly useless as the game went on. Try as he might, he could not bounce back from the deficit, failing to find kills in the rest of the game. As a result, he could not deal the necessary damage his team needed, allowing Fnatic to claim victory.
Split-push pays off--eventually
August 5, 2018
Betsy ended 4/4/2 as Giants took the win over ROCCAT on Saturday.
Betsy had a rough go of it early on as Yasuo, and it didn't get better for a long while. After being tower dove and having his turret taken, he resigned to a life of split-pushing in the bottom lane from behind. Even with the split-push, it took him almost all game to catch up in CS, and he started out 0/3/0 as he died multiple times while pushing. That third death, however, got Giants back into the game, as it freed up his team to take Baron. Once Giants caught back up in gold, Betsy was extremely effective in fights, chasing down opponents and putting out plenty of damage.
Falls flat on the birdman
June 23, 2018
Betsy managed a paltry 2/3/4 KDA on Swain during Giants Gaming's loss to the Unicorns of Love on Friday.
Betsy had some early moments where he was able to dance around the mid lane and prevent certain death, but before long, he was simply unable to keep his head above water. UoL made the mid lane a focus which led to him having the most kills in the lobby during this 27-minute loss. While he wasn't the main reason why they lost this game -- that honor falls to Djoko for flubbing the Baron secure -- but he certainly didn't do his team any favors.
MVP performance results in victory
June 19, 2018
Betsy earned a dominant 6/1/1 KDA on Azir in his team's 45-minute victory over H2K.
From the very start of the game, Betsy showed his abilities on Azir, absolutely dominating the enemy team at all stages of the game. Early in the game, Betsy secured four kills for himself and continued to deal massive damage in teamfights. Despite his team falling behind in kills after several unsuccessful skirmishes, Betsy kept his cool, continuing to output consistent damage. This allowed his team to remain in the game and continue buying time to dominate the macro game. As the game came down to the wire and his team was defeated in a final fight, Betsy backdoored the enemy base, securing both nexus towers and ending the game alone to claim a 45-minute victory for his team.
A tad trigger happy
March 4, 2018
Betsy's scoreline read 2/2/5 at the end of Giants' loss to G2 on Saturday.
Betsy had two decent targets for Galio's Heroic Entrance in Ruin's Kled and Djoko's Olaf in this game, but neither were quite ideal. The lack of reliable lockdown, of the type provided by a Camille or Jarvan IV, was absent from the team composition, demanding that Betsy choose and time his ultimates a bit more carefully. He didn't seem to consider this, however, as he repeatedly pulled the trigger on his ultimate at the beginning of the engagement, before any escapes or Summoner Spells were blown. Sometimes this worked out, but there were also several fumbled engagements as a result, just enough to allow G2 to power up its late-game carries and take the game.
Team-high kill participation and death total
March 2, 2018
Betsy ended Giants' loss to ROCCAT with a 1/4/3 KDA as Azir.
Betsy finished the game involved in 100 percent of his team's kills, leading Giants in kill participation. His one kill tied for the team high, while his three assists were also tied for the most on the team. Betsy also had a team-high four deaths as Giants dropped their opening game of the week.
Too many scaling champions
February 16, 2018
Betsy finished Giants' Friday loss with a 0/1/0 KDA as Ryze.
Betsy had no real impact on the game, finishing with no kills or assists. He was unable to scale as Splyce snowballed early and never relented. Giants picked three scaling lanes and when they were shut down early, never recovered.
Unkillable while carrying
February 2, 2018
Betsy finished Day 5 of the EU LCS with a 5/0/8 KDA as Azir.
Betsy ended the game involved in 13 of 16 kills. He was unkillable while leading Giants with five kills. His eight assists were also the third-highest total on the team as he finished with the second-highest kill participation. Betsy's late-game damage was a big factor in Giants' ability to dominate teamfights.
Takes control of the map
January 26, 2018
Betsy finished Giants' win over G2 with a 6/0/6 KDA as Veigar.
Betsy ended the game unkillable, while being involved in 12 of 14 kills in the game. He led the game with six kills, while his six assists were the lowest on the team. Betsy utilized Veigar's Event Horizon to block of wide sections of the map during teamfights, stopping G2 from finding opportune points to fight in or retreat to.
Rotates well in the early game
January 20, 2018
Betsy finished Day of the EU LCS with a 1/2/4 KDA on Ryze as Giants fell to Vitality.
Betsy rotated well in the early game and was involved in Giants' first four kills as they got off to an excellent start. Betsy finished the game involved in five of seven kills, but was unable to carry Giants as Vitality took over in the late game.
Plays well on Azir
January 19, 2018
Betsy ended Giants win over UoL with a 2/2/5 KDA as Azir.
Betsy used Azir to help Giants earn an upset win over UoL during Day 1 of the EU LCS. He was involved in seven of 12 kills, finishing with the third-highest kill total and tying for the second-most assists. Betsy did give away a team-high two kills, but it wasn't enough to negatively affect the game.
Frustrating loss in Game 1
July 16, 2017
Betsy ended 14/4/18 in ROCCAT's 1-2 loss to Mysterious Monkeys on Saturday.
Betsy went with LeBlanc for Game 1, and looked terrific early on. He found his team's first kill thanks to a gank from Wadid on Thresh, and snowballed from there, ending the game with a 6/0/5 KDA. However, while he was extremely helpful in creating picks for his team, they were unable to capitalize sufficiently on them, and Betsy wasn't quite nimble enough to make his champion work in 5-vs-5 teamfights, understandably. In Game 2, Betsy avoided that problem by picking the scaling Vladimir, and picked up an assist on first blood with a gank from Pridestalker's Elise. This time around he was able to scale beautifully into the late game, tag-teaming with Hjarnan's Jhin to provide all the damage ROCCAT could want. Unfortunately, Betsy simply wasn't able to make anything happen on Syndra in Game 3, and neither were any of his teammates.
Timid play encapsulates comeback win
June 16, 2017
Betsy put together a 11/9/8 KDA in ROCCAT's comeback victory against Fnatic on Thursday.
Betsy ended up in a lot of matchups in this series that required a ton of skill to overcome, and he faltered more often than not. Caps was by far the better mid laner in this series, but Betsy still ended up with the win. Despite not landing many skillshots throughout the series, he managed to come up with a couple of the key plays that ROCCAT needed to somehow pull off the incredible upset. But even though they won, the overarching issue with Betsy in the series was his lack of aggression. He never seemed to know when to jump in and make a move or when to step back and bide his time. That's something that he definitely needs to work on in order for ROCCAT to keep pushing into the playoffs.
Unkillable Game 1 the highlight of lost series
June 2, 2017
Betsy ended ROCCAT's 1-2 loss to G2 with a 7/9/6 combined KDA.
Betsy used Syndra in Game 1 to end with a 5/0/5 KDA. He scaled well in the game, helping ROCCAT dominate the mid game and culminating in four kills in the final teamfight of the game. Using Lucian in Game 2, Besty struggled with a 2/5/1 KDA. He fell behind Blanc early and never recovered as G2 snowballed a Game 2 win. Betsy returned to Syndra for Game 3, ending with a 0/4/0 KDA. He couldn't replicate his Game 1 success, falling early and often to Blanc in lane.
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