Sun Yong-min 
South Korea
Free Agent
Free agent heading into 2019 Spring Split
November 8, 2018
Mickey announced he is a free agent and looking for a new roster heading into the 2019 Spring Split.
Mickey and the rest of Golden Guardians struggled throughout the 2018 Summer Split, as the middle laner finished with a 47/35/81 KDA, but that also included two starts at ADC. The former Afreeca Freecs and ROX Tigers player could make a return to Korea depending on an attractive offer, but he'll more than likely stick in the North American region with a financial boon coming thanks to franchising.
Struggles in lane
August 12, 2018
3/2/7 was Mickey's KDA as Golden Guardians fell to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Playing Taliyah into Febiven's Orianna, one would expect Mickey to have trouble in the laning phase. However, given Mickey's kill and two assists he got at level 1, it probably shouldn't have been as brutal as it was. Mickey was smashed in the CS department, and while both teams attempted mid lane ganks, Golden Guardians' were unsuccessful. Mickey also missed a handful of fairly easy Seismic Shoves in this game, adding insult to injury. He came out with a solid KDA, but that's about it.
Falls behind lane opponent
August 6, 2018
Mickey earned a 1/1/1 KDA on Orianna during his team's loss against 100T.
Although Mickey didn't have a terrible performance during his team's loss against 100T, he certainly didn't have a strong one. After picking up an early assist in a skirmish, he began falling behind his lane opponent who was much more successful at finding himself small leads. Though Mickey tried to roam to keep up, he simply lacked the mobility to do so. As teamfights erupted, he could not find a way to use his ultimate to bring his team into things. Worried about being focused, he constantly was too far back in fights to get anything done. As a result, GGS was convincingly defeated.
Decent performance falls off
July 24, 2018
Mickey earned a 3/3/3 KDA on Orianna during his team's loss against FOX on Sunday.
Although Mickey's team had a sizeable lead during the early game against FOX, he could not maintain pressure. After finding a couple of picks, he began to fall off. As he was playing a team fighting oriented character, it was difficult for him to get things done as his team never really opted to go for a real 5-on-5 fight. Although he could deal decent damage, he never had the opportunity to hit his ultimate on more than one member of the enemy team. This allowed FOX to take teamfight victories of their own. With the momentum in the enemies favor, Mickey could not keep up, allowing the enemy team to claim a 32-minute victory.
Defeats unorthodox pick
July 23, 2018
Mickey earned a 5/2/5 KDA on Talon during his team's victory over CLG.
Picking Talon with Smite, Mickey was met with an unexpected Renekton middle from the enemy team. Thankfully, he wasn't phased by the pick and quickly began dominating the enemy team. Picking up two early kills, he was focused by ganks but did not let them affect him. Roaming every time he had the opportunity, he quickly amassed a large gold lead that assisted him in controlling teamfights. Though he was focused in every skirmish, Mickey was able to remain safe and deal huge amounts of damage before dying. This easily gave Golden Guardians control of the game, allowing the team to take a 20-minute Baron and began looking at the enemy base. After securing a number of additional kills, Mickey moved with his team to force a final fight, securing his team's victory at the 32-minute mark.
Set up to carry
July 15, 2018
Mickey went 8/1/8 as GGS took down 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Golden Guardians set Mickey up to carry right from champion select, shutting out the funnel strategy with three support bans and first-picking him Zoe, doing everything in their power to guarantee him more power than his counterpart. Keeping with this theme, he was ganked for early on after getting first blood at level 1. After that, Mickey easily dominated every mid-game fight, grabbing a triple kill in the enemy jungle at one point. For much of the game, he'd missed participation on only a single kill, though his kill participation dipped toward the end. Still, he proved to be well worth the effort that GGS put into him this game.
Moved to bottom lane in loss
July 1, 2018
Mickey scored a 1/2/5 KDA on Vladimir in Golden Guardians' loss to FlyQuest on Saturday.
Golden Guardians moved Mickey to the bottom lane to make room for Deftly to be the mid/jungler hybrid. Mickey fared well in the laning phase, picking up an assist off First blood. However, gank pressure undid any kind of roll that Mickey was on, quickly turning the control over to FlyQuest. The situation quickly spiraled out of control for Mickey after as FlyQuest quickly won fights and pushed turrets. Mickey could do little in terms of defense once FlyQuest broke into the base. He managed to stay alive and do damage but it wasn't nearly enough to protect the Nexus.
Keeps his team alive in mid game
June 24, 2018
Mickey went 4/1/9 during Golden Guardians' win over Cloud9 on Saturday.
With Golden Guardians going for the flashy funnel strategy, Mickey was in the bottom lane on Yasuo. He might have been taken down for first blood, but that ended up being his only death of the entire game. From there, he was the main reason that they were able to stick around long enough for Golden Guardians to eventually get the win. Cloud9 countered the funnel pretty well and things were looking a bit grim for Golden Guardians. Mickey was putting in work during the mid and late game teamfights that gave Golden Guardians a chance, though. With those wins in hand, Deftly had enough time to come online and truly wreak havoc in the ultra late game as they came away with the 48-minute win.
Transfer to Golden Guardians pending
April 19, 2018
Team Liquid are in talks with the Golden Guardians about a transfer agreement for their star academy mid laner, Mickey, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
After a year of being banished to the depths of the academy scene, it looks like the much-hyped Team Liquid Academy mid laner, Son "Mickey" Young-min, may be getting a second shot at LCS glory. Earlier today the news broke that the Golden Guardians are considering moving their current mid laner, Hai "Hai" Du Lam, to the support role to accommodate a shift in the mid lane, a shift they hope that Mickey will help facilitate. While Mickey remains a stranger to the LCS stage--despite having his contract bought out by Team Liquid last year, he has seen little to no time on NA's biggest stage--there's little question that his transfer would be a boon for the struggling Golden Guardians, who placed dead last in the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split, and an enormous loss for Team LIquid Academy, who led the Academy league throughout the entire group stage before taking third place in the playoffs.
Communication with team lacking in series loss
August 7, 2017
Mickey earned a 5/8/9 in Team Liquid's series loss to Team Dignitas on Sunday.
Mickey's Ahri played well in teamfights in Game 1, but couldn't carry as TL loss almost all engages. He led TL in damage dealt to champions and his 2/2/2 KDA was good enough for 100 percent kill participation. In Game 2 Mickey didn't have great communication with the rest of TL as his Taliyah didn't make good use of Weaver's Wall. There were multiple times where he wasted Weaver's Wall to zone DIG off turrets while TL didn't have any minions pushing. TL still pulled off the victory and extended the series to Game 3 where Mickey's Ekko struggled. Mickey held on in lane, but couldn't do more than die in teamfights as he finished with a 0/3/0 KDA.
Signing on with Team Liquid
July 24, 2017
Former ROX Tigers mid laner Mickey has signed with Team Liquid, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Monday.
With Team Liquid's recent poor showing, sitting near the bottom of the LCS standings for the second split in a row, the organization has opted to bring on a new player. Pin-pointing problems in the mid lane, the team has signed former ROX mid laner Mickey in an attempt to bring the team back to it's previous form. Mickey has had a large impact on numerous teams, including Afreeca Freecs as well as the ROX roster prior to the mid-season roster shuffle. With his strong performances on both LCK teams, he seems to be a strong addition to the team's struggling roster. As a result of his signing, either Reignover or Piglet will be unable to remain on the starting roster due to Riot's import policy. It is unclear whether Mickey will be able to bring an upswing to the team's standings, but if his previous performance is any indication, he should be able to save the sinking ship that is Team Liquid.
Leaves ROX Tigers
June 28, 2017
Mickey has parted ways with the ROX Tigers, the team announced Wednesday on its Facebook.
After long discussions with the team, the team and Mickey mutually agreed to part ways. No specific reason was given for the move outside of the fact that the decision was made with "deep consideration for the long-term future of the team and players." There's no word on where he will land, but as a pretty solid mid laner, he shouldn't be on the sidelines for very long.
Good after Game 1
June 27, 2017
Mickey finished Tuesday's win over Ever8 with a 8/9/15 combined KDA.
In Game 1, Mickey finished with a 2/6/4 KDA as Orianna. He was involved in all but one kill in Game 1, but died a team-high six times as Ever8 took Game 1. In Game 2, Mickey used Karma to finish with a 0/1/7 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation, using Karma's utility to be supportive from the mid lane. In Game 3, Mickey picked up Taliyah to end with a 6/2/4 KDA. He finished the game involved in ten of ROX's 17 kills and led his team with six kills, helping ROX take the deciding game in the series.
Strong KDA across three games
June 15, 2017
Mickey ended Thursday's 1-2 loss to Afreeca with a 13/7/32 combined KDA.
Mickey finished Game 1 with a 4/2/6 KDA as Orianna. Despite dropping Game 1, Mickey played fairly well, involved in 10 of ROX's 12 kills. In Game 2, Mickey used Galio to end with a 6/2/11 KDA. He helped ROX dominate teamfights in Game 2, providing tons of crowd control to force a Game 3. In Game 3, Mickey used Karma to finish with a 3/3/15 KDA. He had 100 percent kill participation in the close final game, but couldn't quite do enough to help ROX close out the series with a win.
Played unusually poor throughout the series
June 13, 2017
Mickey posted a 3/9/1 KDA in ROX Tiger's 0-2 series loss to Longzhu Gaming on Tuesday.
Mickey played a game of Orianna and a game of Syndra. Game 1 was okay at best -- Mickey had good enough laning phase to keep his lane opponent, Galio, from going too crazy and roaming around the map unattended. Mickey fell off during the latter phases of the game, and his struggles to make an impact in teamfights after ROX fell behind was apparent. Game 2 was one Mickey will look to forget. There wasn't much worth mentioning besides Mickey was destroyed in lane by Bdd's Orianna, who was quick to absolutely dominate and carry the game. Mickey typically doesn't have games as poor as this game, so this poor performance should just be a warrant caution at most.
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