Jesper Svenningsen 
Team SoloMid
Peripheral figure in victory
February 21, 2019
Zven ended Sunday's win over Team Liquid with a 3/2/3 KDA as Kai'sa.
Zven helped TSM take out Team Liquid during Sunday's victorious effort. The bottom laner was involved in only six of 14 kills, tying for the team-low in kill participation. Despite the low involvement, his three kills tied for the second highest total on the team as he took out the defending North American champions.
Quiet in series loss
September 18, 2018
Zven earned a series KDA of 9/10/17 during his team's 3-0 loss at the hands of Cloud9.
Although Zven didn't have a terrible performance, he was unable to put up the numbers necessary to bring his team a victory. He started things off on Varus and fell behind in lane. Despite his team being able to find an early game opportunity, going neck and neck with the enemy in kills, Zven could not find a way to get TSM ahead. As the game went on, he quickly found himself unable to reach the enemy team, resulting in a loss. The next two games went in similar fashion as Zven used a Xayah Rakan lane to attempt to find an earlier opening. Although he had arguably the best lane in the game, he simply could never get things going. As the games progressed, he found himself at the mercy of the enemy team. Try as he might, he could not deal the damage necessary in fights to turn the tides into TSM's favor. As a result, TSM fell 3-0 in the series.
Deals massive damage in series sweep
September 16, 2018
Zven earned a 22/4/27 KDA during his team's 3-0 sweep over Echo Fox.
Although he's had a few poor showings in the past, Zven had a dominant performance during his team's series victory over Echo Fox. Starting things off on Xayah, he was able to pair with Rakan to decimate lane and make short work of his opponents throughout the remainder of the game. In the following two games, Zven found his way onto Varus and once again dominated. The story of the series was him winning lane and having no problem moving into teamfights to secure victories for his team. Running away with any advantage he could find, he helped TSM snowball every game with ease, securing a swift and convincing 3-0 series sweep.
Uses Kai'Sa to find success against 100 Thieves
September 9, 2018
Zven earned a combined KDA of 13/7/27 over fives games of Kai'Sa against 100 Thieves.
Although it took him some time to get going, Zven had a dominant performance during his team's victory over 100 Thieves. Throughout the entire series, Aven found himself heavily focused by the enemy team who was desperate to find any advantage possible. Zven felt the pain of this time and again, getting focused down and giving up a couple of kills in his team's defeats. Thankfully, in his victories, Zven was able to show off his true potential, giving his team the openings it needed time and again to find victory. Dominating lane in the majority of the series, Zven was able to use the hypercarry to bring his team into the driver's seat time and again. Though he was focused, he gave up only three deaths across his team's victories. As a result of his impressive play, TSM was able to take the series victory 3-2.
Falters in final games of series
September 2, 2018
Zven finished TSM's 2-3 loss to C9 with a combined KDA of 18/10/19.
Despite several standout games against Cloud9, Zven did not have the consistency needed to bring his team victory. After starting off the series with a pair of decent games on Kai'Sa, Zven found his team tied 1-1 in the series. In order to find a win, he switched things up in Game 3, picking Swain and decimating all in his path. After dominating lane, he had no problem transitioning his advantage to the rest of the map, slaughtering the enemy team in skirmishes time and again. As a result, TSM took a convincing 35-minute victory to bring the series to match point. Unfortunately, Zven could not continue to dominate in the same fashion he had earlier, resulting in his eventual defeat in the final two games of the series. In both games, Zven seemed like a completely different player, falling in lane and never finding a way back into things. As a result, he fell quickly in the final two games alongside his team, giving Cloud9 the series victory 3-2.
Consistent play results in win
August 27, 2018
Zven earned a series KDA of 16/13/25 during TSM's series victory over Echo Fox.
Throughout TSM's victory over Echo Fox, Zven had a consistent performance that allowed his team to find victory. In wins, he was able to pop off, dominating his lane and easily moving across the map to assist the rest of his team, he had no problem bringing his team victories when ahead. When behind, he struggled, but was still able to deal a decent amount of damage that showed signs of life. When the series came down to a final Game 5, Zven was able to hold his own in lane despite the enemy having a strong matchup. He then dominated teamfights, dealing damage from afar in order to bring his team the openings needed. After winning back-to-back fights, he helped close out the game in 35 minutes to secure a 3-2 series win.
Unable to defend team in backdoor defeat
July 31, 2018
Zven earned a 0/1/4 KDA on Ezreal during his team's loss against FlyQuest on Sunday.
Although Zven had a strong performance against FLY, it wasn't enough to keep his team from being defeated. After failing to find a lead in the early game, he bounced back through skirmishes in the mid game to bring things back into his favor. This ended up still not being enough, however, as FLY opted to go for an aggressive backdoor play. Although Zven saw this coming, he was not able to recall due to his team's call not to. Zven managed to recall, but not in time to defend his base. Try as he might, he died alone as the rest of his team wasn't present. The result was a 32-minute victory for the enemy team.
Couldn't keep up the pressure
July 23, 2018
Zven earned a 3/2/3 KDA on Varus during his team's loss against OpTic.
Although he started the game off with a decent showing against OpTic, Zven could not keep up the tempo, resulting in his team's eventual defeat. After finding an early kill in lane, he began slowing down as the rest of his team failed to capitalize. Try as he might, he could not bring the rest of his team in line with his position to take kills. As a result, TSM began to lose the grip on the lead they had built up. In the final pair of fights in the game, Zven tried to skirt around the edge to deal damage. Unfortunately, he was focused heavily due to his short range. As a result, TSM was defeated in back-to-back fights, allowing OpT to bounceback and claim victory.
Damage carry on Heimerdinger falls short
July 15, 2018
Zven scored a 2/4/4 KDA on Heimerdinger in Team SoloMid's loss to 100 Thieves.
The laning phase went well for Zven as he and Mithy kept constant pressure on 100 Thieves. Being constantly pushed in earned Zven first blood and first turret gold, freeing him up to rotate for more objectives. However, the rotations didn't work out too well as Zven struggled in the skirmishing throughout the mid game. While Heimerdinger's turrets laid down plenty of damage, it was nearly enough to handle 100 Thieves. TSM couldn't do much after a desperate attempt to stop a Baron attempt resulted in it being aced.
Picks up huge kills in win
July 1, 2018
Zven went 8/0/5 in TSM's win over Cloud9 on Saturday.
Things might have looks dire for some time, but Zven never stopped trying to push this team ahead at any point in the game. His Varus was a force to be reckoned with and C9 didn't seem to have any answer at all. His three kills in a mid game fight managed to keep Cloud9 from completely running away with the game, which was all Mithy needed to help Grig steal the Baron and close out the win.
Brings the damage despite loss
June 23, 2018
Zven went 4/2/1 during TSM's loss at the hands of Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
While Zven struggled as much as his teammates did in the end, he was the sole reason they had any chance of turning things around during teamfights. His Ezreal brought the damage in droves as TSM fought to keep their heads above water in any given teamfight. While Clutch eventually outlasted TSM due to have more options at hand during those fights, Zven certainly didn't just roll over and die. Still, he's going to need a bit more help in the future if TSM wants to try and avenge its early exit from the Spring Playoffs earlier this year.
Solid damage in victory
February 26, 2018
Zven went 1/0/7 in TSM's win over OpTic on Sunday.
While Zven's 1/0/7 scoreline looks somewhat supportive, it's only because his teammates were doing so well. Zven was still an important part of TSM's teamfight damage and control, and was on point with his skillshots throughout the game. He may not have had the highlight plays his solo laners did, but he still played the game very well, ending with the highest farm in the game -- over 400 in just 34 minutes.
Struggled to supply damage in loss
February 19, 2018
Zven posted a 0/3/0 KDA on Tristana in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Zven held his own in the laning phase but really couldn't get much done in the mid and late game teamfights. He did his best to deal out damage but wasn't always able to safely. Clutch Gaming had plenty of abilities to lock down Zven for deletion, making the teamfights difficult to navigate. Team SoloMid was slowly pushed back into its base and could do little to stop the Baron Empowered split push.
Perfect game for TSM's AD carry
February 12, 2018
Zven went 5/0/8 in TSM's win Sunday over CLG.
Zven got the dream start to the game on Ezreal, as there was no action whatsoever early on. This meant that when a fight finally did break out at 18 minutes, he was ready with his early power spikes, able to keep his distance with Iceborn Gauntlet and stay healthy despite how close the fight was. From there on, he continued to be a key part of TSM's teamfight damage, as he was the only member of his team to find perfect kill participation, and also went all game without dying.
Solid play eventually yields win
January 28, 2018
Zven finished TSM's win over OpTic on Saturday with a 3/0/7 KDA.
Zven took his cues from his mid laner this game, playing a long-range champion in Ezreal and putting consistent damage at a safe distance. As a result, TSM eventually managed to take the final fight of the game, but the team is going to need someone to take on the role of playmaker in the future.
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