Jesper Svenningsen 
Team SoloMid
Solid damage in victory
February 26, 2018
Zven went 1/0/7 in TSM's win over OpTic on Sunday.
While Zven's 1/0/7 scoreline looks somewhat supportive, it's only because his teammates were doing so well. Zven was still an important part of TSM's teamfight damage and control, and was on point with his skillshots throughout the game. He may not have had the highlight plays his solo laners did, but he still played the game very well, ending with the highest farm in the game -- over 400 in just 34 minutes.
Struggled to supply damage in loss
February 19, 2018
Zven posted a 0/3/0 KDA on Tristana in Team SoloMid's loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Zven held his own in the laning phase but really couldn't get much done in the mid and late game teamfights. He did his best to deal out damage but wasn't always able to safely. Clutch Gaming had plenty of abilities to lock down Zven for deletion, making the teamfights difficult to navigate. Team SoloMid was slowly pushed back into its base and could do little to stop the Baron Empowered split push.
Perfect game for TSM's AD carry
February 12, 2018
Zven went 5/0/8 in TSM's win Sunday over CLG.
Zven got the dream start to the game on Ezreal, as there was no action whatsoever early on. This meant that when a fight finally did break out at 18 minutes, he was ready with his early power spikes, able to keep his distance with Iceborn Gauntlet and stay healthy despite how close the fight was. From there on, he continued to be a key part of TSM's teamfight damage, as he was the only member of his team to find perfect kill participation, and also went all game without dying.
Solid play eventually yields win
January 28, 2018
Zven finished TSM's win over OpTic on Saturday with a 3/0/7 KDA.
Zven took his cues from his mid laner this game, playing a long-range champion in Ezreal and putting consistent damage at a safe distance. As a result, TSM eventually managed to take the final fight of the game, but the team is going to need someone to take on the role of playmaker in the future.
Subpar first week in NA LCS
January 21, 2018
Zven closed out TSM's Week 1 slate with a 1/2/4 KDA in a loss to FlyQuest.
One half of the highly touted bottom lane duo from Europe continues to struggle in North America. Playing on the Kog'Maw, his team simply seemed unable to play around him and protect him well enough to pop off in the late game. While MikeYeung and Bjergsen picked off WildTurtle with impunity, Zven couldn't seem to build this into much of a lead in lane. He and Mithy need to work on their synergy in a hurry or they could run out of rope in the highly competitive NA LCS.
Strong start falls apart
January 21, 2018
Zven went 0/2/0 in TSM's loss to Team Liquid on Saturday.
Zven was brought onto the TSM roster this season to replace Doublelift, meaning that TSM should've been expecting to win the bot lane in this game. Early on, this seemed to be the case, as Zven's Kalista and support Mithy on Alistar found some favorable trades and took a CS lead. However, after the duo was tower dove, it all fell apart, both for the bot lane and for TSM as a whole. Zven didn't get much of a chance to really play in this game, and will look to prove he's worth his roster slot in the coming matches.
Joins TSM as the new starting AD Carry
November 24, 2017
Zven joins TSM after a strong 2017, according to a post on TSM's website.
TSM's decision to release Doublelift will remain controversial with fans, but the switch to Zven has to be seen as an upgrade in the long run. Zven has shown his skill alongside lane partner mithy time and time again in Europe, and is a great deal younger than Doublelift. Sure, this move seems like a sidegrade, but considering TSM's previous bot lane consistently struggled internationally, a change certainly won't hurt TSM's dream of doing anything noteworthy at Worlds.
Announces free agency
November 1, 2017
Zven is now a free agent and is fielding offers from other teams, the player announced on Twitter Tuesday.
A part of one of the best bot lane duos in Europe, Zven, along with his lane partner, Mithy, have been given permission to field offers immediately. Their contracts aren't up until November 10, but the team is allowing this to give the players a chance to get a jump on the process of possibly signing with a new team. The video released by the team leaves open a door for the players to stay with the team after all, but they will certainly see what is available elsewhere. With new teams coming into the NA LCS with franchising, that could be a plausible destination for either of these players.
Aggressive positioning can't be punished
October 13, 2017
Zven ended G2's upset win over RNG on Friday with a 5/0/4 KDA.
Zven played Tristana in this game, and while he was pushed in early after a bot lane gank from Mlxg, once he got out of the laning phase he was fantastic. With Trick and Perkz having gotten G2 a sizable advantage, and with a Lulu by his side, Zven played fearlessly, dishing out heaps of damage without ever dying thanks to the multiple layers of defense he'd been provided with. G2 gave RNG its first loss in under 28 minutes.
Doesn't stay alive long enough to carry
October 13, 2017
Zven used Kog'Maw during Friday's loss to Samsung, earning a 1/3/1 KDA.
Zven was unable to scale into a threat on the Kog'Maw, as Samsung dominated the game. He was involved in half of G2's kills, tying for the second-highest kill total with only one kill. Zven was focused heavily in fights, resulting in the second-highest death total in the game.
Unable to get the best of Uzi
October 9, 2017
Zven finished Sunday's loss to RNG with a 2/4/2 KDA as Tristana.
Zven struggled to match Uzi's dominance on Sunday as he fell to the superstar AD Carry and RNG. Zven was involved in four of five kills, tying Perkz for the team-high kill total with two, but dying four times. Zven will need to pick up his play or G2 are set to miss the knockout stages after finishing Week 1 with a 1-2 record.
Average performance
October 5, 2017
Zven finished Thursday's loss to Samsung with a 2/1/0 KDA as Xayah.
Zven picked up two kills in the game, good for the second most on the team. G2 were only able to manage five kills in the game as they struggled to really effectively play the map against Samsung. Zven was never really set up for success and couldn't really move the needle in G2's favor in teamfights.
Consistent in the chaos
August 22, 2017
Zven's KDA read 17/11/33 at the end of G2's five-game win over Splyce on Sunday.
In a back-and-forth series, where most everyone had games both good and bad, Zven was a positive constant for his team. His Tristana in Game 1 nearly carried despite a massive early deficit, and would have if not for the insane Camille-Galio-Jarvan IV dive team with Black Shield from Morgana. In Game 2, Zven's Caitlyn had no trouble grabbing an easy win against Splyce's questionable comp, going a deathless 5/0/8. His Ashe in Games 3 and 5 was also great, as he landed some solid Enchanted Crystal Arrows and positioned well, taking only two deaths between two games on the champion.
Unkillable during Misfits sweep
August 4, 2017
Zven ended Thursday's sweep of Misfits with a 9/0/11 combined KDA.
Zven used Kalista in Game 1 to earn a 3/0/7 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 12 kills, finishing with his team's second-highest kill total and tied Expect for the second most assists in Game 1. In Game 2, Zven earned a 6/0/4 KDA as Tristana. He was involved in 66 percent of his team's kills, finishing with the highest kill total in the game with six, while giving away no deaths in the series.
Reasonable performance against H2k
July 24, 2017
Zven brought home a 12/6/12 KDA during G2 Esports' victory over H2k-Gaming.
Sometimes all you can ask of an ADC is to sit in the back of the team and deal what damage they can without dying. Such was the case or Zven during G2's match against H2k, and it was a task that he performed moderately well at. In Games 1 and 3 it was simplicity itself for him to remain out of harm's way thanks to his Caitlyn pick, and it was no coincidence that those were the games G2 won considering what happened in Game 2 when Zven was forced onto another pick. While his Kalista wasn't bad, per se, it was certainly far from good, and he had a disturbing tendency to eat skillshots that no skilled Kalista player should get hit by, which got him eaten by an angry Cho'Gath on more than one occasion. On the whole, though, Zven's performance was far from remarkable, but also far from terrible. It was an altogether mediocre series from the G2 Esports ADC.
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