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November 22, 2019
Promisq is a free agent heading into the 2020 season.
Promisq will head into the new year as a free agent after leaving G2. The support spent the majority of the season as a backup to Mikyx, but will look for a new role in 2020.
Ties for team-high assist total
March 21, 2019
PromisQ ended Saturday's loss to Misfits with a 0/3/6 KDA as Thresh.
Likely starting for the final time, PromisQ fell to Misfits during the final game of the LEC regular season. The support was involved in six of 15 kills, tying for the team-low kill involvement. He had no kills, while his six assists were tied for the team-high in the loss.
Joins G2
March 14, 2019
PromisQ has joined G2's roster for the remainder of the Spring Split.
PromisQ joins as support insurance as starter, Mikyx, has been dealing with wrist issues for the majority of the year. The move could allow G2 to give Mikyx rest, while having a veteran support step in for the final two weeks of the regular season.
Free Agent
No longer on H2k
November 8, 2018
PromisQ is no longer listed on the H2k roster.
PromisQ finished the 2018 Summer Split with a 7/61/77 KDA across 18 games, posting a paltry 61 percent kill participation percentage which would place him among the bottom third among the EU LCS. With changes likely coming to the entire region, it'll be interesting to see whether PromisQ can slot in on another lineup.
Poor showing in loss against UoL
August 17, 2018
Promisq earned a 0/5/4 KDA on Lulu during his team's devastating defeat against UoL.
Picking a non-meta champion due to his team already being eliminated from playoffs, Promisq didn't have the strongest performance as his team was defeated. Though he didn't have the worst showing on his team, he struggled to get anything done as his ad carry was dominated from the get-go. Try as he might, he could not secure his team's vision control throughout the game. As teamfights erupted, he was unable to prevent the enemy from rolling over the rest of his team. As a result, UoL took a convincing 25-minute victory.
Consistently out of place
July 29, 2018
Promisq went 0/6/8 in H2k's Saturday loss to Fnatic.
On Braum, Promisq made mistake after mistake in this game. It started with an ill-fated roam to the top side, where he promptly stepped too far forward and gave up his life, and shortly after he died under the enemy turret in the 2-vs-2 bottom lane. Things didn't get much better from there, and while his six deaths were pretty average for his team this game, he also ended with the lowest kill participation despite being on support.
Unable to do anything in defeat.
July 27, 2018
Promisq earned a 0/2/1 KDA on Alistar during his team's loss against ROCCAT.
With his team at an extremely poor spot in the standings, it was no surprise that promisq lacked confidence going up against ROCCAT. Despite being outclassed, he was able to make a play during the early game that allowed his team to pick up an early kill. Unfortunately for him, this was the extent of his team's success. In the remainder of the teamfights in the game, promisq struggled to lock down key members of the enemy team, as a result, his team was swiftly defeated time and again. With several teamfight victories under their belt, ROC pushed in, securing a 25-minute victory in the game.
Decent performance despite loss
July 20, 2018
promisQ earned a 1/2/6 KDA on Tahm Kench during his team's loss against S04.
Although his team was defeated, promisq had a decent showing against S04. Just minutes into the game, he was able to pick up a solo kill for First Blood. Bringing his team a lead as a result, he slowed down during the rest of the early game, unable to find any other openings. As teamfights erupted, he was able to simultaneously keep his carries safe while dishing out crowd control on the enemy team. Unfortunately, his strong play was not enough to secure a victory. As things progressed, he could not keep up the momentum as the rest of his team struggled to get things done. After losing back-to-back teamfights, promisq watched as his base was demolished by S04, handing H2k the team's ninth loss of the split in 38 minutes.
Poor showing nets defeat
July 13, 2018
promisq earned a 0/6/4 on Tahm Kench KDA during H2K's defeat against VIT.
Although he was on a rather strong champion, promisq had an extremely poor performance against VIT. He found himself victim to a gank early on and seemingly never recovered. Trying to focus on kills rather than vision and objectives, promisq was constantly unable to get anything done. Although he was able to delay his team's death by devouring them, it was never enough to turn the tides of a fight. As he fell behind, promisq's immobile champion proved to be difficult to use. Unable to get anything going, he sat by as his team was defeated in 26 minutes.
Fumbles the Fiddlesticks
June 16, 2018
promisq's KDA read 0/4/1 as H2k lost to ROCCAT on Saturday.
Selecting Fiddlesticks into the numerous mages on the side of ROCCAT, promisq played well (albeit straightforwardly) in some of the micro engagements, landing silences onto key targets on occasion. However, he was caught out multiple times on a squishy support champion, and when it really mattered, he couldn't do much of anything in fights. His two real ultimate attempts both failed, one due to a complete whiff and the other due to dying immediately afterward.
A crucial piece of the puzzle
March 4, 2018
promisq went 1/1/6 in H2k's victory over Misfits on Saturday.
Picking Alistar, promisq struggled a bit in lane early on as the H2k bottom lane was pushed in. However, he remained deathless and kept the CS between the AD carries close. Later in the game, he became a critical part of H2k's engage, most notably helping H2k secure Baron with a brilliant flank onto members of Misfits. He also made sure the enemy jungler couldn't get in for a Smite steal, and by then, the game was virtually in the bag.
Involved in all but one kill
March 3, 2018
Promisq finished H2k's loss to UoL with a 3/4/12 KDA as Karma.
Promisq ended the game involved in 15 of 16 kills, leading H2k in kill participation. His three kills, including first blood, were the third-highest total on the team, while his 12 assists tied for the team lead. Promisq played well, helping prolong the game with his shielding and peel, but couldn't do enough to help H2k get the win.
100 percent kill participation in win
February 16, 2018
promisq ended H2k's win over ROCCAT with a 1/4/16 KDA as Rakan.
Pairing with Sheriff's Xayah, promisq ended the game with 100 percent kill participation as H2k picked up their second win of the season. He led the game with 16 assists, even picking up a kill for good measure. promisq was happy to trade his life to set up excellent engages, helping start teamfights for H2k dominate.
No stats whatsoever
February 9, 2018
promisq earned a 0/0/0 KDA as Taric during Friday's loss to Splyce.
promisq did little to help H2k during Friday's shutout loss to Splyce. He had no kills or assists, each tying for the team high as H2k did little in the one-sided loss.
Two assists not nearly enough
February 2, 2018
promisq ended Day 5 of the EU LCS with a 0/2/2 KDA as Braum.
promisq finished the game involved in two of three kills, tying for the second-highest assist total on the team with two. promisq struggled to really do much in the game as H2k were dominated by UoL in teamfights.
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