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Uncharacteristic showing in loss
September 16, 2018
Dardoch earned a series KDA of 6/15/9 during Echo Fox's 0-3 series loss against TSM.
Although Dardoch generally is the standout player for Echo Fox, during his team's series against Team SoloMid, he was quiet and had a relatively poor performance. Starting things off on Xin Zao, he was able to build up a decent advantage for himself, but struggled to navigate objectives and teamfights, allowing the enemy to close things out. In Game 2, he picked Sejuani and was obliterated, giving up control of his jungle early on and never finding a way out of the poor situation. Only able to pick up a single dragon in the loss, his performance was poor in the 23-minute defeat. With everything down to Game 3, Dardoch once again simply couldn't perform. Although he was able to find a few kills, he could not make up for the members on his team who were constantly under enemy pressure. As a result, TSM took a 39-minute victory, closing out the series 3-0.
Aggression pays off
September 14, 2018
Dardoch earned a series KDA of 9/2/20 during Echo Fox's 2-0 sweep over Clutch Gaming.
Dardoch had an extremely strong performance during his team's series sweep over Clutch Gaming. In each game, he found himself playing aggressively, constantly picking up advantages for the rest of his team. He started off the game with back-to-back performances on Olaf in which he earned a 7/2/14 KDA. With early game aggression in both games, he focused the top side of the map, finding a huge advantage and shutting down multiple members of the enemy team. After claiming back-to-back victories, he drew a ban on the champion and switched things up, picking Poppy in Game 3. Once again, Dardoch played aggressively, tracking the enemy movements and capitalizing whenever possible. Providing the crowd control and damage his team needed, he helped win crucial teamfights, resulting in a 32-minute win. As a result, Echo Fox secured the 3-0 series sweep.
Strong showing not enough for victory
August 27, 2018
Dardoch earned a series KDA of 15/12/26 during his team's 3-2 series defeat at the hands of TSM.
Although Dardoch had an extremely strong performance against TSM, it wasn't quite enough to claim victory. After a rough Game 1, Dardoch opted to go full carry mode, picking Kindred to quickly bring his team two victories and decisive control of the series. Unfortunately, this success would not last. Dardoch kept up his own individual performance, but the rest of his team was unable to mimic his showing. As his team faltered, Dardoch tried to keep FOX in the game, focusing on objectives and trying to bring his team an opening. Unfortunately, this effort was not quite enough as the rest of his team struggled to keep things going. Able to find a few kills, Dardoch had a decent impact but not quite enough to claim victory in Game 5. As a result, TSM bounced back and secured the victory 3-2.
Constant aggression produces mixed results
August 12, 2018
Dardoch went 2/5/4 as Echo Fox fell to OpTic on Sunday.
On Aatrox, Dardoch seemed to have a one-track mind this game, and that track only went in. There were times this paid off, as when he solo killed PowerOfEvil's Fizz, times when the results were split, as in the 2-for-1 exchange near the mid lane, and times when it cost his team dearly, as went he stepped up too far and was split off from his team at the enemy base. All in all, Dardoch, along with the rest of Echo Fox, could do with some restraint; if they can learn when to go in and not just how, it seems they'd find more consistent success.
Carries his team to victory with Graves
July 24, 2018
Dardoch earned a 7/0/3 KDA on Graves during his team's victory over Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Dardoch single-handedly carried his team to victory over GGS on Sunday. After picking up an early kill, his team quickly fell behind, putting FOX at a disadvantage. Thankfully for the squad, Dardoch was on form and dominated all in his path. Finding a solo-kill onto the enemy mid laner, he was able to once again find an opening despite his team's poor performance around him. Being able to find these kills paid off as it allowed Dardoch to move with the rest of FOX to find a macro advantage. Despite being at a kill disadvantage, Dardoch focused down the enemy team, finding great success. After picking up Baron, he was able to eliminate the enemy carries quickly, allowing FOX to push into the enemy base and claim a 32-minute victory.
Gets Damonte rolling
July 22, 2018
Dardoch went 1/4/5 in Echo Fox's loss to 100 Thieves on Saturday.
Dardoch didn't fare fantastically on Trundle as the game wore on, but he did play a crucial role in Echo Fox's early game. Namely, he camped for Damonte, who got far enough ahead on Zoe to give Echo Fox a fighting chance. This alone made Dardoch the second most useful member of his team, as the other three accomplished next to nothing.
Strong showing nets victory against TSM
July 16, 2018
Dardoch earned a 5/2/5 KDA on Graves during Echo Fox's victory over Team SoloMid.
Dardoch started off his team's victory over TSM with an aggressive showing during the early game. Diving top lane at five minutes, he brought his team first blood and an early lead. Keeping up the pressure, he helped his lanes find farm leads, allowing him to control objectives. Although he wasn't able to find every neutral objective for his team, he was able to dominate in skirmishes, dealing huge amounts of damage to key members of TSM. Though he found himself giving up kills in several skirmishes, he dealt enough damage prior to falling to allow Echo Fox to remain in control. After picking up Baron at 29 minutes, he began the swift march on the enemy base. Forcing another fight inside TSM's base, Dardoch was able to pick up several more kills and close out the game, bringing Echo Fox a 32-minute victory.
Decent showing not enough to claim victory
July 16, 2018
Dardoch earned a 2/3/1 KDA on Graves during Echo Fox's defeat against CLG on Saturday.
Although Dardoch had a decent performance against CLG, it was nowhere near enough to claim victory for his team. As he joined early skirmishes to pick up kills, the rest of his team seemed completely unable to get anything done. As they fell constantly, he focused on picking up objectives, hoping to bring his team the buffs they needed to succeed during the late game. Unfortunately, the game would never progress to this point as his lanes were falling so far behind that they couldn't make anything positive happen during the mid game. After falling behind as a team, Dardoch could no longer find the quick kills he had been for much of the early game. As the game went on, teamfights consistently went the way of CLG, making Dardoch's early game efforts worthless. Unable to find a Baron or bring his team victories in skirmishes, Dardoch's impact quickly disappeared as his team was defeated in 36 minutes.
Hard carries in victory over Splyce
July 9, 2018
Dardoch earned a 7/2/3 KDA on Kindred during his team's victory over Splyce on Thursday.
Although he was killed early and gave up first blood to the enemy team, Dardoch had an extremely strong performance that allowed his team to take a convincing victory over Splyce. Getting an early kill shortly after his death, Dardoch scaled quickly, taking over the game with ease. He picked up the pace of the game, constantly joining his team to dominate skirmishes. Dealing insane amounts of damage, he forced the enemy team to try and focus him down. Unfortunately for Splyce, he could not be killed as easily as they hoped. Dardoch used this to his advantage, winning back to back teamfights and allowing his team to claim a convincing victory over Splyce.
Tries to win the early game for Echo Fox
July 7, 2018
Dardoch ended Echo Fox's Saturday loss to Fnatic with a 4/4/0 KDA.
On Evelynn, the story of Dardoch's game can be told by tracking his KDA, as he went from 4/1/0 to 4/4/0 by the end of the game. Despite failing his first gank, Dardoch found much success in the early game, finding over half his team's total kills for himself, some all on his own. However, with the rest of his team failing to keep up with their counterparts, it was all for naught.
Unable to create impact on unconventional jungler
July 6, 2018
Dardoch earned a 0/6/9 KDA on Alistar in his team's defeat against Fnatic.
Trying to adapt to the current meta, Dardoch picked a supportive champion to facilitate his team's funnel composition. Although the idea seemed sound, it put him extremely far behind in the early game compared to the enemy jungler. Despite being able to pick up an early kill, Dardoch found himself underleveled and unable to create the same impact as the enemy team. Simultaneously, his team member that he was funneling for was unable to use the extra resources to great effect. As the game went on, it became clear that Dardoch was much more familiar with a carry styled champion as he struggled to keep his team in the game. As Fnatic began dominating objectives, Dardoch did what he could to find openings for his team. Ultimately, it wasn't enough, allowing Fnatic to take a 31-minute victory.
Shows off his Rengar top
June 18, 2018
3/4/6 was Dardoch's KDA as Echo Fox triumphed over Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
In the second Echo Fox role swap in as many games, Dardoch ended up top lane, and elected to go with one of his pocket picks in Rengar. He quickly and consistently demonstrated his prowess on the champion despite eventually giving up first blood, starting by securing a highly favorable trade at level 1. His mechanics were never in question even as he fell behind, as he used bushes effectively and came incredibly close to winning a 1-vs-3 fight.
Helped funnel resources into Huni
June 17, 2018
Dardoch finished with a 3/3/10 KDA on Trundle in Echo Fox's victory against FlyQuest on Saturday.
The early focus for Dardoch was on the top side but once he gave Altec enough help, he was able to switch to the bottom lane. The shift to the bottom half of the map meant a lot of skirmishes breaking out. Dardoch supplied some good Pillars of Ice to pick up assists in those skirmishes but they came at the cost of his life sometimes. The bloody back and forth started to just go in Echo Fox's way after it secured an ace and a Baron buff around the 21-minute mark. Dardoch and crew easily pushed down mid lane to victory during the power play, claiming its first victory of the Summer Split.
Late split slump continued
March 19, 2018
Dardoch posted a combined KDA of 4/5/8 in Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
In the laning phase of the first game, Dardoch's Sejuani hung around the top lane but wasn't able to be very productive. Any gank attempt was spotted out by wards, allowing 100 Thieves to make plays on the bottom side of the Rift without fear of being countered. Dardoch helped keep Echo Fox alive in the mid-game as he was able to make some winning teamfight engages. However, Echo Fox started to lose its teamfights late as it struggled to break through 100 Thieves massive frontline. Dardoch could do little to stop 100 Thieves Baron empowered sieges as Echo Fox lost its Nexus. In the tiebreaker game, Dardoch went away from tanks as he drafted the assassin Nocturne. Dardoch traded first blood for some assists in an early skirmish and stuck mainly to clearing jungle camps and warding objectives after. When the teamfighting broke out in the second half, Dardoch struggled to find openings to jump into the back line and wreak havoc. Echo Fox began losing teamfights and objectives much quicker than it did in the earlier game as 100 Thieves needed just under 27 minutes to knock down the Nexus.
Few deaths, but crucial ones
March 12, 2018
Dardoch went 2/2/4 as Echo Fox lost to CLG on Sunday.
Playing Kha'Zix, the pressure was on Dardoch to make early moves in this game. He succeeded to a certain extent, going 1/0/1 in the early game on Echo Fox's two kills, but didn't really manage a greater impact on the lanes than his counterpart's Sejuani. Still, he maintained perfect kill participation throughout the game while ending with two deaths, the fewest on his team. Unfortunately, those deaths were both impactful, as both allowed CLG to take uncontested Barons, and the second ended the game almost single-handedly.
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