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Echo Fox
Likely to start in top lane
January 8, 2019
Lourlo is expected to start in the top lane for Echo Fox to begin the 2019 Spring Split.
There's always the potential Solo could wrestle away the spot from Lourlo, or that Echo Fox might simply choose to rotate the two top laners on a match to match basis, but in terms of sheer skill it certainly seems as if the Lourlo has the upper hand. That could wind up being a blessing for the former OpTic Gaming player, as Echo Fox isn't exactly flush with impact fantasy players at the moment. While dreams of rekindling with former Rookie of the Split, Dardoch, were dashed, there's a real possibility both players might wind up in their best possible situations come the Spring.
Quiet in defeat
August 6, 2018
Lourlo earned a 1/1/1 KDA on Poppy during his team's loss against 100T.
Lourlo had a rather uncharacteristic showing during his team's loss against 100T. Despite usually being one of the standout players on his team, he simply could not get things going against 100T. After giving up an early kill to the enemy team in exchange for a kill of his own, he struggled to keep up the pressure. Being ganked repeatedly, he quickly fell behind in farm due to the enemy laners range advantage. As his lane opponent focused solely on split pushing, he was forced to stay in lane to keep his team alive. Though he tried to join his team during the later stages of the game, it came far too late for him to do anything. Simply running away from a teamfight, he could not help his team stop the enemy push, resulting in a 33-minute loss.
Strong start not enough to claim victory
July 24, 2018
Lourlo finished his team's loss on Sunday against Echo Fox with a 2/1/2 KDA on Dr.Mundo.
Although his team was able to build up a rather large lead against Echo Fox, Lourlo could not get anything done during his team's defeat. As the team fell behind across the map due to inferior macro play, Lourlo did little more than farm. After picking up a pair of assists, he grouped to find a couple of kills but could not keep up enough pressure to help his team find victory. Though he was tanky, he did not provide enough disruption to stop Echo Fox from bouncing back into the game. As a result, GGS lost back-to-back fights, giving the victory to Echo Fox in 32 minutes.
Quiet in victory
July 23, 2018
Lourlo finished Golden Guardians' victory over CLG with a 1/1/4 KDA on Ornn.
Lourlo had a rather quiet performance during his team's victory over CLG. Despite not being involved in many of his team's kills, he was still able to have an impact for his team. Primarily through splitpushing, Lourlo built up a lead of his own before joining his team for skirmishes. Though he wasn't involved in many, the fights that Lourlo was able to assist in went easily in Golden Guardians' favor. Quickly becoming a tank that the enemy team couldn't stop, Lourlo was able to disrupt CLG during the final fights of the game, allowing Golden Guardians to take control and claim a 32-minute victory.
Low impact in loss
July 1, 2018
Lourlo's Malphite struggled it way to a 0/2/2 KDA on Malphite in Golden Guardians' loss to FlyQuest on Saturday.
The laning phase didn't go well for Lourlo as he fell behind in CS heading and levels because of ganks. He couldn't stop any split pushing and his presence in teamfights meant little, even if he landed a multi-person Unstoppable Force pop up. It wasn't all on Lourlo as Golden Guardians didn't have any lanes doing well, making the key late game teamfights one-sided in favor of FlyQuest.
Throws lead into the trash
June 24, 2018
Lourlo went 7/5/1 as Golden Guardians fell to Echo Fox on Sunday.
After a series of early skirmishes left him 4/0/0 to start off, it was pretty much all downhill for Lourlo on Camille. Soon after getting his fourth kill, he was shut down, and while he found a kill against Fenix, this was just about the last of his major contributions. Despite his sizable advantage, he even nearly lost a duel to Huni's Yasuo, who'd been shut down hard early, before being killed by one of Huni's teammates. Ending a game with five deaths after such a dream start is unacceptable, especially on a champion with such snowball potential.
Ran away with gold lead late
June 18, 2018
Lourlo posted a 8/0/4 KDA on Aatrox in the Golden Guardian's victory against Team Liquid on Sunday.
The early game was tough on Lourlo as he lost trades and lane pressure against Impact's Ornn. However Impact got a little too aggressive as times, giving Lourlo and Contractz opportunities gank and kill him. Lourlo quickly turned a gold deficit into a lead and building it by split pushing down turrets in the side lanes. When Lourlo did group up he was able to easily dive turrets for kills, allow the Golden Guardians to tear through Team Liquid's base and Nexus in 22 minutes.
Flattened by Flame
March 12, 2018
Lourlo ended 0/3/2 in Golden Guardians' loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
For two teams previously tied in the standings, the performances out of the top laners could not have been more different. Despite receiving the counter pick of Gnar into Gangplank, Lourlo failed to accomplish anything. He fell slightly behind in CS, and ended with the lowest kill participation in the game, failing to make any sort of positive impact.
CS lead not enough to win lane
February 5, 2018
Lourlo posted a 0/1/1 KDA on Gnar as the Golden Guardians lost to Team Liquid on Sunday.
The laning phase went as expected for Lourlo as he farmed up a CS lead. However he struggled to lock down Impact and win in a 1-vs-1 and wasn't able to get anything done split pushing. The Golden Guardians decided to group up in the mid game and got destroyed in teamfights. The GGS quickly fell behind as it saw all of the objectives fall to Team Liquid. There was little that Lourlo could do against TL as its Baron power play destroyed the Nexus.
Lack of proactive plays early hurt as game extends late
January 29, 2018
Lourlo posted a 2/2/2 KDA on Gnar as the Golden Guardians lost to Counter Logic Gaming on Sunday.
The laning phase wasn't what Lourlo's Gnar needed to keep Darshan's Gangplank down. While Loulo had a small CS lead early, he didn't get enough gank help or make enough proactive plays to set Darshan back, allowing him to out scale him easily in the mid and late game. The late game teamfights became nearly impossible for Lourlo and the rest of GG as it got slaughtered in key fights.
Solid early play undone in second half
January 28, 2018
Lourlo scored a 1/1/11 KDA on Maokai in the Golden Guardian's loss to FlyQuest on Saturday.
Lourlo was focused on pushing lane early, which caused him to miss out on the first teamfights, but he made up for it by taking down first turret. When Lourlo did join up with his teammates, the Golden Guardians began to build a gold advantage. However, the Golden Guardians overstayed pushing and paid for it big time. Lourlo was the first to fall as FlyQuest hunted down GGs and started to turn the tide. Lourlo couldn't disengage from FlyQuest late as he often used Nature's Grasp to zone while pushing objectives. Without it, the GG's were torn apart in the late game teamfights, giving FlyQuest all it needed to come back and win.
No chance to carry
January 21, 2018
Lourlo went 1/1/1 as Golden Guardians fell to Clutch Gaming on Saturday.
Lourlo did his job early on Vladimir, as he farmed well and accrued a CS advantage on his opponent. However, due to his opponent being on Gangplank, and also picking up a few assists, this didn't translate to a gold lead. Meanwhile, CG's mid lane plays continuously pushed them ahead of GGS. Lourlo made a couple valiant efforts as CG pushed into the GGS base, but ultimately it was for naught. Lourlo played fine in this game, but never got enough time to properly scale into a real threat.
Announced as part of Golden Guardians
November 24, 2017
Lourlo will join the Golden Guardians, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reported on Friday.
The 19-year-old will join the Golden Guardians after his contract was bought out from Team Liquid, becoming the second member from TL to join the glittery Guardians after support Matt was also linked to the team. Despite playing in 44 games with his former team, Lourlo was not much of a statistical juggernaut, posting a 2.8 KDA, sixth-best among top laners who played in at least 40 games. Most of that could be placed on the team's struggles, given Team Liquid limped to a 4-14 record during the 2017 Summer Split, and as a result, Lourlo should be better off on a new unit.
Low impact through series loss
August 7, 2017
Lourlo scored a 4/7/10 KDA in Team Liquid's series loss to Team Dignitas on Sunday.
In Game 1 Lourlo's Poppy held its own in the side lane, but couldn't get much done in teamfights. He kept his deaths low, but just couldn't counter DIG's engage as TL lost engages and Game 1. In Game 2 Lourlo's Gragas had to deal with a lot of gank pressure early, but bounced back late. He made some good picks with Explosive Cask on his way to a 4/4/8 KDA. Lourlo went with Gnar in Game 3 and had very little impact as he finished with a 0/2/0 KDA. He ran up a lead in CS as he split pushed in the side lanes, but struggled to manage his rage bar and was never Mega-Gnar at the right moments.
Couldn't find good engages late in series loss
July 29, 2017
Lourlo posted a 3/6/9 KDA in Team Liquid's series loss to Immortals on Friday.
In Game 1 Lourlo's Maokai kept the gold close into the mid game, but it wasn't enough late. Lourlo picked up plenty of assists in teamfights, but lost a key skirmish around Baron late. In Game 2 Lourlo's Maokai got gank help early and often, securing three kills early and building a small gold advantage. However, it wasn't enough as Lourlo struggled to make much of an impact late and finished with a 3/3/0 KDA.
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