Colin Earnest 
United States
Echo Fox
Moving to Echo Fox
November 29, 2018
Solo will be transferred to Echo Fox, Clutch Gaming relayed on Saturday.
Solo will complete the trifecta of Clutch Gaming players heading to Echo Fox, as the organization appears to be transitioning to a roster primarily filled with younger players. Solo should have plenty in common with the majority of his Echo Fox teammates, but it remains to be seen if he can improve upon his 2.1 KDA which he registered during the 2018 Summer Split.
Unable to find his stride in loss
September 15, 2018
Solo earned a series KDA of 3/13/5 during his team's series loss against Echo Fox.
Throughout the entire series against Echo Fox, Solo had an extremely poor performance that did not do his team any favors. Starting the series off, Solo had a miserable showing on Aatrox, giving up four deaths without finding a single kill or assist in his team's defeat. He picked things up in the following games, but once again could not find success. Picking Urgot in Game 2, he was able to find several kills for himself but began to falter as the game went on. Finding himself caught out, he simply could not use the pick to success, allowing his team to fall 0-2 in the series. In the final game, he picked Aatrox once again to his team's dismay. He did not have any success, once again falling behind early. Unable to hold his own in lane, he struggled in skirmishes, once again doing more harm than good. As a result, Clutch Gaming was defeated, losing the series 3-0.
Lives up to his name
August 12, 2018
Solo earned a 5/2/2 KDA in Clutch's win over Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Solo's Camille did some major work for Clutch on Sunday. Despite having his tower taken early and falling behind in CS, he quickly found his way back into the game thanks to some roaming help from Febiven and a lot of split-pushing. This allowed him to overtake his opponent in farm, as well as take down several structures by himself as his team distracted Golden Guardians. Ending with nearly half his team's kills, Solo's play was crucial to his team's victory.
Huge damage results in win
August 6, 2018
Solo earned a 3/1/7 KDA on Gangplank during his team's victory over OpTic Gaming.
From the very start of the game against OpTic, Solo had a strong performance that assisted his team in netting a victory. Picking up First Blood just minutes into the game, he quickly built up a lead for himself that was insurmountable. The enemy team simply could not keep up with his aggression as he made short work of his lane opponent and quickly joined his team for skirmishes. Landing multi-man barrels, he was able to bring his team firmly into the lead of things. Only finding a single death in the victory, his strong showing was critical to his team's victory over OpTic, bringing his team a 44-minute win.
Shut down in loss
July 1, 2018
Solo posted a 2/7/1 KDA on Aatrox in Clutch Gaming's loss to 100 Thieves on Saturday.
The laning phase showed some hope for Solo as he maintained a small CS lead early. However, Solo couldn't hold onto that lead and he slowly lost control of the top lane. With the top lane no longer looking favorable, Solo tried to group with the rest of CG but that didn't yield much of anything in terms of kills or assists for Solo. As CG slowly lost turrets, Solo was splitting time between being grouped or getting stomped by Ssumday's Jax. Clutch Gaming got lucky with a Baron steal that lead to it pushing all the way to 100 Thieves' Nexus but were stopped in that push and any other attempt after.
Terrific Teleports
June 18, 2018
Solo ended CG's loss to Echo Fox on Sunday with a 2/3/10 KDA.
In a chaotic, high-kill game, Solo's playmaking on Singed kept his team in it for much longer than they would've been otherwise. He looked to be losing his lane early on to Dardoch's Rengar, but quickly called up his jungler for a first blood. It was Solo's Teleports that really set his team up for success, however, starting with a bottom lane one that gave his AD carry a double kill. Later on, he managed to Teleport behind the enemy team as they were fleeing, forcing the fight and winning it for Clutch.
Shuts down opponents
March 19, 2018
Solo ended Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians 4/3/7.
Cho'Gath proved to be a fantastic pick for Solo in this game. With Febiven--and to a lesser extent Apollo--doing the carrying, it was Solo's job to peel and zone the enemy divers, namely Hai's LeBlanc. He did a wonderful job of this, using his silence and Feast to remove the threat from his backline time and again throughout the game, helping Febiven take only a single death in the win.
Came alive in late game fights
March 11, 2018
Solo posted a 2/2/3 KDA on Cho'Gath in Clutch Gaming's win against Echo Fox on Saturday.
While the matchup isn't great for Cho'Gath against Gnar early, Solo got an early gift of double buffs to help him survive the laning phase. Solo was able to keep the gold race close while he scaled well into the late game. Once Solo was big enough he became a huge problem for Echo Fox to deal with in teamfights. Solo started to really outperform his counterpart in the later teamfights, always being there on the front line to soak up damage and pop up the back line. He soaked up a little too much damage as he fell during Clutch Gaming's winning push.
Crushed in lane by counter pick
February 26, 2018
Solo scored a 0/4/1 KDA on Ornn in Clutch Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
The game was pretty frustrating for Solo as he had to deal with one of Ornn's counter picks, Kled. While he managed to make some good damage trades early things quickly started to fall apart after falling victim to a gank. Solo tried to regain lane composure but the following engages all went in favor of Licorice. When Solo did group up for teamfights, he wasn't able to make engages with Call of the Forge Gods because any time he tried Smoothie's Braum would prevent it from hitting a knock up. Clutch Gaming could do little to stop Cloud9 after losing a 3-for-0 teamfights over Baron.
Solid play in victory
February 25, 2018
Solo scored a 4/1/5 KDA on Sion in Clutch Gaming's victory against Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
Solo's Sion got gank help early to get first blood gold and take control of the top lane battle. He continued to wreak havoc in the side lanes as Clutch slowly grew its mid-game advantage into the second half. A few mistakes allowed CLG openings to even up gold and objectives but CG regained composure in the final teamfight. The final teamfight was an epic battle over Elder Dragon which lasted long enough for Solo to use Unstoppable Onslaught multiple times before Clutch claimed victory.
Came back after early death
February 19, 2018
Solo scored a 3/1/1 KDA on Camille in Clutch Gaming's win against Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Solo got caught out early in the river but the early death didn't set him back much. He didn't need much help to turn things around afterward and quickly took control of the split pushing battle. Clutch Gaming executed its split push pressure and after two Baron power plays broke into TSM's base. After a few more kills, CG knocked down the Nexus, finishing with Solo's death the only on the team.
Solid performance in victory
February 18, 2018
Solo scored a 4/0/3 KDA on Ornn as Clutch Gaming beat down FlyQuest on Saturday.
Solo held his own during the laning phase but started to make a big impact on the game when he roamed from lane to aid in teamfights. All of his Call of the Forge Gods were on point, starting a chain of crowd control that led to lots of kills and winning teamfights. Clutch Gaming dominated the teamfights throughout the second half, never giving over a kill as it rotated around the map taking objectives. After its second Baron kill of the game, CG easily sieged to victory.
Shoved out and held down
February 5, 2018
Solo ended Clutch Gaming's loss to Cloud9 on Sunday with a 1/2/3 KDA.
Playing Gangplank into Licorice's Gnar, Solo simply couldn't compete during the laning phase, getting shoved into his turret until it fell, and dying afterward. He eventually managed to catch up in farm and put out decent damage in some fights, but at other times he was simply zoned out by Licorice and had almost no impact whatsoever.
Recovers admirably
January 28, 2018
Solo ended 2/2/7 in CG's victory over CLG on Saturday.
Solo's Gangplank got off to one of the roughest possible starts, as a three-man dive caused him to give away first blood, and with his Teleport down, he lost a ton of CS in the process. However, while he never took a lead in farm, he kept the differential more or less steady and continued to scale as Febiven hard-carried his team to victory.
Questionable counter pick gets destroyed in loss
January 22, 2018
Solo scored a 0/3/3 KDA on Ornn as Clutch Gaming lost to Echo Fox on Sunday.
The laning phase in the top lane was not kind to Solo as his Ornn got taken down for first blood. The setback came at a horrible time as Solo lost out on a big wave of minions when he was already behind in CS. Once the Rift started to open up, Solo struggled to stop the split push pressure that Huni was applying. When Solo did join up for teamfights, he managed to pick up some assists but Clutch Gaming was getting destroyed and only managed a total of four kills. Clutch Gaming tried to make a stand at the Nexus Turrets but it was too little too late.
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