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Vitality Rebounds Against H2k
2018 EU LCS Summer Split
Match Recap

Team Vitality got back on track with a quick, but shaky win over H2k Gaming to open Saturday's European League of Legends Championship Series slate of games.

With Vitality (10-6) dropping a game to FC Schalke 04 (10-5) on Friday, it was understandable to wonder if the team were losing a step in the last few weeks of the season. While it may have gotten the win Saturday, it wasn't pretty, and demonstrated a few concerns that could bite the team come playoff time.

Coming out the gate, Vitality was well in control of the game, picking up a 2-for-0 in the bottom late just four minutes into the contest. That gave the team plenty of confidence to move around the map, securing a couple early dragons and towers. By the time 12 minutes passed, Vitality was enjoying a 7-to-1 advantage in kills and looked to be well on its way to an easy victory. Ever resilient though, H2k (1-15) didn't go down without a fight.

After Vitality secured its seventh kill of the game, it got a bit too comfortable around the Draven of Patrik "Sheriff" Jiru and he made them pay in the form of two kills. While not enough to fully slow down the momentum of Vitality, it was a sign of things to come as Vitality's carelessness led to unnecessary deaths. The team would again act thoughtlessly, this time in the mid lane, when it gave up three kills to H2k, which allowed it to march right towards Baron and secure the major objective. Thankfully for Vitality, it was at this point that H2k's lack of quick decision-making came into play as it never did anything at all with the buff. Vitality was content to keep farming its way to full item builds so that once 5-vs-5 teamfights eventually broke out as the game progressed, it won every single one. That was enough to keep Vitality moving on the path to a 29-minute victory to salvage its week.

Vitality now looks ahead to a match with Misfits at 4 p.m. ET on Friday, while H2k will next take on Unicorns of Love at noon ET earlier that day.

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