Vitality Vitality
Vitality Knocks Misfits Out of First Place Battle
2018 EU LCS Summer Split
Match Recap

Vitality (11-6) played major spoiler, eliminating Misfits (11-6) from the battle for first place. To add insult to injury, Vitality opted to deny Misfits' carry Steven "Hans Sama" Liv his pocket pick Draven, instead taking it for Amadeu "Attila" Carvalho who picked up an early kill and never slowed down.

Despite having an extremely strong start to the first half of the split, Misfits' recent struggles once again emerged as the team could not find any sort of opening against Vitality. Lacking a cohesive composition, the team seemed unsure of how to play around Vitality's aggressive movement. Trying repeatedly, Misfits could not find a way onto the enemy Leblanc or Draven, allowing Vitality to take over the game.

Once ahead, Vitality played decisive, forcing skirmishes and objectives left and right, which gave Misfits unfavorable trades. Vitality played perfectly around its fed carry, optimizing positioning in teamfights to allow him to deal uncontested damage time and again. Though Misfits attempted to focus him down, the team could never hit its crowd control, allowing Vitality to simply run away with the game.

Though Misfits found a single opportunity to engage onto the enemy team, it got too antsy and blew all of its crowd control on the enemy support, resulting in yet another teamfight defeat. Vitality took the win and quickly picked up Baron, giving the team the last tool it needed to close out the game. With the buff, Vitality quickly defeated Misfits, shutting the team out of the battle for the top spot moving into playoffs.

Misfits will look to bounce back from the loss and head into playoffs with a victory as it takes on ROCCAT Saturday at 1 p.m. ET while Vitality will aim to play spoiler in the next game against G2 Esports at 2 p.m. ET.

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