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UoL Make it Five Straight Wins
2018 EU LCS Spring Split
Match Recap

The Unicorns of Love continue to stampede through the European League of Legends Championship Series on Saturday, earning a convincing win over Schalke 04 in Berlin.

The beginning of the Spring Split is a distant memory for Unicorns of Love (6-8), who sat at the bottom of the standings with a 1-8 record before going on a recent tear, rattling off five straight wins. Schalke 04 (5-9), meanwhile, has stagnated, almost refusing to change or improve as the season rolls on. Coming into this matchup, Schalke looked to control the top side of the map with a strong splitpush from top laner Tamas "Vizicsacsi" Kiss' Trundle, but that gameplan got stuffed by the Unicorns. Pressuring Vizicsacsi often in the early game, UoL took a small lead early on before Schalke jungler Milo "Pride" Wehnes started ganking the bottom side of the map as Zac, putting Schalke temporarily ahead.

Despite Schalke's best efforts, it couldn't hold onto the lead in the face of the Unicorns decisive map rotation and teamfighting. UoL completely shut down Schalke's top side of the map, pressuring its weak frontline to the point where Vizicsacsi and Pride finished with a combined KDA (kills/deaths/assists) of 1/9/3. Meanwhile, Unicorns AD carry Samuel "Samux" Fernandez Fort had a great time as Tristana, hopping around teamfights with impunity on his way to player of the game honors and an 8/0/7 KDA.

It's worth noting that, while the Unicorns are on a winning streak and not out of the playoffs yet, all of its wins have come against bottom-tier teams in the EU LCS, with stalwarts like Fnatic and G2 Esports still to come. Given the team has created smothering objective control in a Baron-centric meta, though, then UoL might just create some more magic going forward.

Unicorns of Love kick off Friday's action against Team Vitality at 12 p.m ET, followed by Schalke 04 taking on Giants Gaming at 1 p.m. ET the same day.

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