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Clutch Shows Off Macro Game With Slow-Paced Win Against FlyQuest
2018 NA LCS Spring Split
Match Recap

In the slowest-paced game of the day, Clutch Gaming closed out Week 7 with a win over FlyQuest during the North American League of Legends Championship Series in Los Angeles.

Don't look now, but Clutch Gaming (9-5) has now won seven of its last eight games over the last four weeks. As the Spring Split has progressed, the team also seems to continue finding new ways to win games. While there is usually a heavy reliance on import mid laner Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten, this game showed off Clutch's ability to play an incredibly strong macro game on its way to a victory over FlyQuest (4-10).

FlyQuest, despite drafting a team composition filled with engage tools, lacked a sense of aggression and decisiveness that such compositions need to succeed. As such, FlyQuest only managed one kill in the first 28 minutes of the game. On the side of Clutch, there was no desire whatsoever to engage in teamfights. Instead, Clutch put its entire focus on securing objectives. This translated into three dragons, six towers, two Barons and a Rift Herald for Clutch before it even picked up a single kill.

Once it finally tallied a kill, Clutch had amassed an almost 6,000-gold lead. FlyQuest was simply powerless to do anything in the face of Clutch's overwhelming macro presence in the 43-minute Clutch win.

Clutch will put its two-game win streak on the line with a big matchup against Echo Fox at 5 p.m. ET next Saturday, while FlyQuest will look to end its four-game skid when it faces the red-hot Counter Logic Gaming in the next game at 6 p.m. ET.

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