Rogue Warriors Climb LPL Standings
2018 LPL Spring Split
Daily Recap

The fifth week of the 2018 League of Legends Pro League Spring Split drew to a close early Sunday morning after a number of important games changed the landscape of the league entirely. Old leaders are starting to be shoved aside in favor of new favorites, with some slow starting teams rising to the occasion.

Chief among the LPL's rising stars is Rogue Warriors (7-2), catapulting itself up the standings with a 2-0 week against two of the hardest hitters in the region. A team analysts lovingly call the Chinese superteam lived up to its name as its schedule included matches against both Bilibili Gaming (6-4) and EDward Gaming (6-3), the second and third best teams in the Western Conference respectively. It was the first week the Warriors looked "super" as it easily crushed both teams without dropping a single game, which catapulted AD Carry, Han "Smlz" Jin, into a three-way tie for third in the season's MVP charts.

Rogue Warriors wasn't the only team with an outstanding week, however, as the sole match that Invictus Gaming (9-1) played was no less important. The presumed champions of the Eastern Conference, if not the entire LPL, laid waste to one of its biggest opponents this week when it took on EDward Gaming, arguably the strongest team in the Western Conference. The match wasn't even close, as iG blew EDG out of the water in a quick 2-0 victory, which when combined with its equally convincing 2-0 victory over Snake Esports (7-2) last week paints a grim picture for the Western Conference.

All hope is not lost for the Eastern Conference, however, as an old favorite made a comeback this week and is certain to be looking for its mantle of "best team in the LPL" back. Team WE (5-5) scored its first 2-0 of the 2018 Spring Split this week when it took down both JD Gaming (4-4) and Topesports Gaming (1-9). While neither of those teams are exactly the spitting image of success, both were still important stepping stones for a team that has, more than anything, struggled. The victory over JDG was especially convincing, and safely moves Team WE into the conversation when it comes to potential Western Conference champions down the line, a far cry from where it was two weeks ago.

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