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Team ROCCAT Keep Playoff Hopes Alive
2018 EU LCS Spring Split
Match Recap

In the third straight lopsided match on Saturday, Team ROCCAT kept its playoff hopes alive, securing an upset victory over Team Vitality in the European League of Legends Championship Series.

While Vitality (9-7) may have come into the day tied for second place in the standings, this was yet another black mark on what has developed into a tumultuous season, having lost six of its last eight games.. ROCCAT (7-9), on the other hand, have now put destiny in its own hands with the massive win.

While Vitality certainly seemed confident in its volatile and explosive team composition, everything blew up in its face within seconds of loading onto the Rift. Support Jakub "Jactroll" Skurzynski's Janna was picked off under a minute into the game, and then died once again before three minutes had passed. This was an omen of things to come, as ROCCAT was synergizing well with its own high-damage composition, as each member would use ultimates in tandem to catch Vitality flat-footed time and again.

Vitality managed to salvage a bit of its pride with a couple kills over the course of the game, but none of them put the team in any position to sniff a comeback. Anytime Vitality tried to initiate a fight or try and gain an advantage, ROCCAT knocked it right back down to size. While this was wholly a team win, both mid laner Jin "Blanc" Seong-min's Azir and AD carry Martin "HeaQ" Kordmaa's Caitlyn deserve special mention for their explosive play. Combining for a flawless 9/0/12 KDA (kills/deaths/assists), the pair made sure to obliterate Vitality at every chance.

ROCCAT will continue its late-season push for the playoffs with a pivotal match against Misfits Gaming at 3 p.m. ET next Friday, while Vitality will try and regain some semblance of its early season dominance when it takes on Splyce in the preceding match at 1 p.m. ET.

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