Royal Never Give Up
Strong support play results in series victory
May 20, 2018
Ming earned a 3/2/30 KDA throughout RNG's 3-1 series victory in the MSI Finals.
Playing exclusively passive support champions instead of playmakers, Ming did not have a flashy performance against Kingzone DragonX, but he had a strong performance nonetheless. Although he was relegated to shield duty on Janna and Morgana, he was able to impose a strong presence throughout the series, primarily through his ability to empower Uzi while simultaneously gaining vision control. Largely focusing on his AD carry, he was able to keep Uzi alive and facilitate the stellar performance. Keeping his carries safe in teamfights throughout the series, his play was critical to RNG's 3-1 victory over KZ, allowing the team to claim the Mid-Season Invitational title.
Dominant performance results in first international title
May 20, 2018
Uzi earned a series KDA of 24/5/10 in RNG's victory over Kingzone DragonX during the MSI Finals.
Averaging six kills and only a single death per game, Uzi had the series of a lifetime to bring his team its first international title. He stormed into the series with a dominant performance on Ezreal, and after the 32-minute victory, he seemed completely unstoppable. Although RNG was defeated convincingly in Game 2, he continued his performance, remaining the standout member of his team. Additionally, he rebounded perfectly in Game 3, bringing his team the quickest victory of the series, earning a 7/0/3 KDA in RNG's swift 26-minute victory. Finally drawing an Ezreal ban in Game 4, he picked Kai'Sa and swiftly tore the enemy team to shreds. With a final dominant performance, he carried his team to a 38-minute victory, securing RNG's 3-1 victory in the series.
Unconventional picks result in victory over Kingzone
May 20, 2018
Xiaohu earned a series KDA of 11/8/20 in his team's 3-1 series victory over Kingzone DragonX in the MSI Finals.
Although Xiaohu did not have any extremely flashy games, his consistent performance on a variety of picks was enough to secure his team's victory over KZ. He started off the series with a dominant Sion to shut down the enemy Irelia. Able to tank through the enemy damage, he provided additional initiation that was crucial to the Game 1 victory. In the remainder of the series, he fell back to more traditional control mages that allowed him to output huge amounts of damage and assist in claiming teamfight victories left and right. As he drew large amounts of focus from the enemy team, the rest of his team was able to easily control the pace of fights, quickly closing out the final two games of the series, bringing RNG a convincing 3-1 series victory.
Dominates enemy jungler in series victory
May 20, 2018
Karsa earned a series KDA of 5/6/34 during RNG's 3-1 series victory over Kingzone DragonX in the MSI Finals.
Despite being the team's substitute jungler, Karsa proved he deserves a spot on his team's main roster through his immaculate performance against KZ. Throughout the entire series, it was clear that he was the superior jungler, pathing more efficiently than his opponent and constantly controlling objectives. Even in his team's single defeat, he had no trouble creating a positive impact for his team. Playing both the early game and late game stages flawlessly, Karsa played a critical role in his team's victory, allowing RNG to take a 3-1 victory with ease to claim the team's first MSI title.
Strong tank play nets victory over KZ
May 20, 2018
Letme earned a 4/5/28 KDA in RNG's 3-1 victory over Kingzone DragonX in the MSI Finals.
Throughout the entire series against KZ, Letme had an extremely strong and consistent performance. Playing exclusively tanks, his ability to support his team was critical to RNG's victory. His impact was felt through his ability to set up cross-map plays with teleport while simultaneously maintaining pressure in lane. This bought time for his team in each of the games, allowing his carries to scale up and become the dominant forces needed to claim victory. Averaging only a death per game while participating in the majority of his team's kills, Letme was the unsung hero of the series. Although he didn't have many flashy plays, he demonstrated his mastery of Ornn, dominating lane and bringing his team the advantages they needed to secure a 3-1 series victory to win the tournament.
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