Schalke 04
United Kingdom
Lackluster in loss
September 17, 2018
VandeR earned a series KDA of 1/12/24 during FC Schalke 04's series defeat against G2.
VandeR had an unfortunate showing during his team's series defeat. Starting things off on Alistar, he simply could not find his stride, finding himself caught out time and again in fights that gave the enemy team the edge. Although he was defeated, he had a much better time in the next game, picking Rakan and showing up when it mattered. Roaming early and roaming often, he helped his team secure an early advantage that allowed his team to bounce back and take a 36-minute win. Unfortunately, this was the end of VandeR and Schalke's success. He struggled in the rest of the series to maintain vision control for his team despite winning lane. When his jungler could not find vision and objective control, VandeR could do little more than keep his carries alive. Try as he might, his engagements were lacking, giving up room for the enemy team to close things out. After losing Game 4 at the 32-minute mark, G2 claimed the series victory 3-1, eliminating Schalke from gaining a spot at the 2018 World Championship.
Strong performance amidst team faltering
September 17, 2018
Upset earned a series KDA of 10/4/16 during his team's 1-3 series loss against G2.
Although Schalke was defeated rather handily, Upset had an extremely strong performance during his team's series. Throughout his team's first game defeat, he struggled to get things going, largely due to the rest of his team faltering left and right. Unfortunately, this meant that Upset simply could not find his stride. He bounced back immediately, using a Xayah Rakan duo lane to destroy the enemy team time and again. Bringing his team's only victory of the series, his showing was extremely strong. Although his team fell in the next two games, Upset was able to put up a combined KDA of 6/1/3 in the final two games, showing his skill even in the direst of circumstances. Unfortunately, pure skill simply wasn't enough to bring him victory, resulting in his team falling, giving up the series victory 3-1 to G2.
Expands champion pool but unable to find victory
September 17, 2018
Nukeduck earned a series KDA of 12/8/11 during his team's series loss against G2.
Although Nukeduck was able to break the record for the most champions played in an EU LCS split, he was not able to break the defenses of G2 and claim victory. Starting the series off on Ryze, he was quickly dominated and unable to recover. Though he didn't have a bad performance, the rest of his team was simply unable to keep themselves in the game resulting in a quick loss. Nukeduck bounced back immediately, picking Urgot and carrying his team to a 36-minute win, picking up participation in 17 of his team's 20 kills while dying only once. Unfortunately, this was the extent of his success as he was once again focused in the following games, resulting in him not being able to put up the necessary numbers to win. Though he didn't feed, his lack of impact on the next two games resulted in his team falling 1-3 in the series.
Falters in defeat
September 17, 2018
Amazing earned a series KDA of 5/12/14 during his team's series defeat against G2.
Although Amazing has had strong performances recently, he was simply not up to the task as Schalke took on G2 Esports. Throughout the majority of the series he was playing timid; the exact opposite of how his team has been able to find success recently. As he struggled to find leads in the early game, he was quickly taken down time and again, struggling to find any sort of success for himself or the rest of his team. Falling to tanks in every game of the series, he could not provide the damage necessary for his team as his carries were lacking. Additionally, he could not find objective control to bring S04 into things. Try as he might, he could not bounce back, allowing G2 to take back-to-back games, allowing the enemy to secure the series 3-1.
Falters amidst loss
September 17, 2018
Vizicsacsi earned a series KDA of 4/12/18 during his team's series loss at the hands of G2.
Despite having strong showings in the past, Vizicsacsi was unable to put up the numbers necessary for his team to claim victory. Picking his signature Poppy in Game 1, he was quickly shut down. After falling in lane he could not recover, allowing the enemy team to take a convincing victory. Although Vizicsacsi was able to bounce back in Game 2 with an excellent performance on Maokai, he opted not to pick the champion again. After the convincing Game 2 victory, he fell short time and again. In the next two games, he was only able to find a single kill while giving up six deaths to the enemy team. In both games he found himself falling behind early and never able to recover. Try as he might he could not find a way to bounce back in the series, falling flat on his face in the final two games as he allowed G2 to claim a 3-1 series win.
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League of Legends
Relegated to EU Challenger Series
December 31, 1969
Schalke 04 have been defeated by Misfits in a 3-1 series and have fallen down into the EU Challenger Series.
Schalke 04 came into the EULCS this Summer after taking the spot previously held by Elements. They started the season off with some promise, but quickly faltered on their way to a 3-9-6 record, which put them in eighth place. This meant that they would now need to fight for their spot in the EULCS by way of the Promotion Tournament. Unfortunately, they weren't able to put up much of a fight. They started off by losing 3-1 to Team ROCCAT in the opening match. With one last chance at making it back to the LCS, they took on Misfits. The result was no different, though, as they were once against defeated 3-1. Schalke 04 will now have to compete in the 2017 EU CS Spring Split for a shot at getting back into the LCS next summer.