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Can't put down Perkz
September 15, 2018
Nisqy ended Splyce's 3-2 loss to G2 on Saturday with an overall KDA of 8/13/19.
Nisqy's performance wasn't terrible by any means on Saturday, but it was certainly lackluster and gave Perkz all the freedom he needed to carry multiple games. Even in the Game 1 win, Nisqy was heavily outfarmed by his opponent, and in Games 2 through 4, Nisqy's inability to keep Perkz controlled allowed the latter to run rampant, at times even giving over solo kills. Throughout the series, Nisqy never once had what could rightfully be called a carry performance, sticking to the background as Splyce's season came to an end.
Rises and falls with his team
September 15, 2018
18/8/16 was Kobbe's overall scoreline in Splyce's 3-2 loss to G2 on Saturday.
Much of Splyce's hopes seemed to lie with Kobbe on Saturday, as his success or lack thereof consistently determined that of his team. Between Splyce's two wins, he earned a solid 10/1/6 KDA, finding particular success in Game 1 against the passive composition of G2, which allowed him to take over from the laning phase and push down turrets easily. However, he struggled in Splyce's losses, specifically in Games 4 and 5, in which he was killed in lane and couldn't keep up with Hjarnan's Heimerdinger in terms of CS or lane pressure, for obvious reasons.
Facilitates nearly everything for Splyce
September 15, 2018
Xerxe's scoreline read 4/5/31 at the end of Splyce's Saturday loss to G2.
This was an extremely close loss for Splyce, and much of the credit has to go to Xerxe for keeping it tight. Xerxe's kill participation was absolutely absurd in this series, missing out on only one participation throughout the first four games, and three in the deciding Game 5. This meant that Xerxe was involved in just about every single meaningful play made by Splyce all series long, pushing G2 to a Game 5 before a disappointing loss.
Unable to take charge in series loss
August 25, 2018
kaSing earned a series KDA of 3/9/38 during his team's series defeat against Schalke 04.
kaSing had a decent performance during his team's series against Schalke 04, but unfortunately, decent isn't enough to claim victory during playoffs. As the series progressed, kaSing found himself unable to make up for his team's poor macro decisions. Unsure of what objectives to go for, the team found themselves giving up space to Schalke, allowing the enemy team to bounce back in the series despite a 2-1 lead for Splyce. In the final two games, kaSing began to fall off, unable to make the openings he had previously found. This allowed Schalke to take quick moves that brought the team into the driver's seat. Once behind, kaSing could not find favorable initiations nor vision control, allowing the enemy team to take the final two games of the series, closing things out 3-2 in the series.
Gets going too late in series loss
August 25, 2018
Kobbe earned a series KDA of 19/7/22 during his team's 3-2 loss at the hands of Schalke.
Although he had a strong performance throughout his team's series against Schalke, Kobbe's performance simply wasn't enough to secure a victory. After finding a couple of kills in the first few games of the series, he picked up the pace in the final two games. Unfortunately, the enemy team found a similar stride as the series progressed. Finding himself focused left and right in the final two games, Kobbe struggled to maintain the same level of impact he had previously. Though he boasted impressive stat lines in these games, it simply wasn't enough as the rest of his team simply wasn't on the same page. Giving up a crucial death in the final moments of Game 5, Kobbe sat on as his team was defeated, giving up the series victory 3-2 to Schalke.
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Players allowed to explore options
November 1, 2017
Splyce has granted their players permission to explore their options outside of Splyce.
The team's players have all announced on Twitter that they are now allowed to explore options for the upcoming season. After the team signed a new coach this week, this move makes it clear that they are looking to rebuild going into the 2018 competitive year. After they failed to advance very far into the Summer Playoffs and then failed to qualify for Worlds, they are looking for a bit more production. With a few teams being denied entry into the NA LCS this season, it's possible that Splyce could pick up an import in that manner.