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Strong Tahm Kench play in win
August 11, 2018
KaSing earned a 1/1/11 KDA on Tahm Kench during Splyce's victory over ROCCAT.
KaSing proved to be the rock his team needed in order to claim victory over ROCCAT. After a rough start to the game where he could not get anything done in lane, he helped his team regroup during the mid game in order to begin taking control of things. Using his devour and ultimate at the perfect time, he kept his team safe and positioned them to find success. Time and again, he was able to save his teammates with just a sliver of health remaining, allowing Splyce to come back into a seemingly hopeless game. Making strong macro decisions, he controlled vision completely, allowing the rest of his team to move uncontested across the map, ultimately resulting in a 46-minute victory.
Controlled play nets win
August 11, 2018
Kobbe earned a 3/1/8 KDA on Ashe during Splyce's 46-minute win over ROCCAT.
Kobbe had a rather rough start to his team's victory over ROCCAT. After being ganked time and again in lane, he gave up his team's first deaths of the game with his duo lane partner, setting him even further behind. Thankfully, Kobbe's resolve paid off as he was determined to keep himself in the thick of things. Showing up in skirmishes, he focused on dealing as much damage as he could while remaining safe. This worked perfectly, allowing him to shred the enemy team time and again. Remaining safe in fights while focusing down the enemy tanks, he shredded ROCCAT, allowing Splyce to win teamfights and ultimately secure the game victory.
Gets going in the late game
August 11, 2018
Nisqy earned a 4/1/7 KDA on LeBlanc during his team's comeback win over ROC.
Although he picked an early game champion, Nisqy was able to show his dominance in the late game. Showing his ability to adapt, Nisqy bought his time after falling behind in the early game, determined to create an impact for his team. This is exactly what he did as time went on, focusing on every potential opening in an effort to bring Splyce back into the game. This strategy ended up paying off huge as Nisqy dominated in skirmishes, deleting key members of the enemy team time and again. With the momentum in his team's favor, he helped secure a Baron and ultimately work to close out the game. His efforts did not go unnoticed as he participated in all but one of his team's kills during the victory.
Stranglehold of objectives in win
August 11, 2018
Xerxe earned a 3/1/8 KDA on Trundle during Splyce's victory over ROC.
Though he could not get much done during the early game against ROC, Xerxe had an overall strong performance that was critical to his team's victory over ROC. Though it took Xerxe some time to get things going, it was not too slow for his team to find an opening in things. After a rather slow early game that saw Xerxe struggle, he focused on objectives past the 20-minute mark to bring his team back into things. With a newfound surge of confidence, he began running down the enemy team with his pillar to help dominate teamfights. Constantly splitting up the enemy team, he was able to bring his team firmly into the lead during the later stages of the game. Picking up numerous teamfight victories, he allowed Splyce to bounce back and claim a 46-minute victory.
Massive teamfight performance results in win
August 11, 2018
Odoamne earned a 1/1/6 KDA on Gnar during his team's victory over ROC.
Although his team had a rough start to their game against ROCCAT, Odoamne was the rock that his team needed him to be. On Gnar, he was able to buy his time until the later stages of the game, allowing the team to wait for the best opportunity to begin fighting. When teamfights erupted, he was able to consistently hit multiple members with his crowd control, giving his team free reign of skirmishes. As the game went late, his strong and confident play resulted in his team taking back-to-back fights, allowing them to close out the game in 46 minutes.
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Players allowed to explore options
November 1, 2017
Splyce has granted their players permission to explore their options outside of Splyce.
The team's players have all announced on Twitter that they are now allowed to explore options for the upcoming season. After the team signed a new coach this week, this move makes it clear that they are looking to rebuild going into the 2018 competitive year. After they failed to advance very far into the Summer Playoffs and then failed to qualify for Worlds, they are looking for a bit more production. With a few teams being denied entry into the NA LCS this season, it's possible that Splyce could pick up an import in that manner.