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Torn apart by H2k's carries
March 4, 2018
Mikyx went 0/3/2 in Misfits' loss to H2k on Saturday.
On Braum, Mikyx was doomed to die throughout this game by little fault of his own. Once Misfits failed to take control of the game during their mid-game power spike, Mikyx was forced to stand in front of his teammates in hopeless teamfights as H2k's late-game carries ripped through him. As a support with little gold income, he was unable to stand up to the damage, ending with the most deaths in the game.
Wastes Misfits' power spike
March 4, 2018
Hans sama ended with a 1/2/2 KDA in Misfits' Saturday loss to H2k.
Hans sama's two deaths on Ezreal were roughly average for his team on Saturday, but they came at the worst possible times. Misfits' team composition, and Hans sama himself especially, had a large power spike in the mid game at around two items. Hans sama managed to die twice during this crucial time period due to poor positioning, robbing his team of their primary opportunity to take control of the game. Once H2k's scaling composition came online, it was too late.
Anivia pick fails to impress
March 4, 2018
Sencux ended Misfits' Saturday loss to H2k with a 2/1/1 KDA.
Likely due to the Archangel's Staff buffs on 8.4, and possibly as a counter to Ryze, Sencux went with a rare Anivia pick in this game. However, if the latter was the intention, it was certainly unsuccessful, as Sencux quickly fell behind in CS and never found an advantage in lane. The Anivia also didn't fit in with the mid-game power spike the rest of the team shared, as the champion's penchant for stalling games could only help H2k's scaling composition. Sencux failed to do much of anything this game, ending 2/1/1 only due to a meaningless kill onto the enemy support a moment before Misfits' Nexus exploded.
Early control proves insufficient
March 4, 2018
Maxlore's scoreline read 0/1/3 by the end of Misfits' loss to H2k on Saturday.
Maxlore's Jax accomplished a lot in the early game against H2k, despite not finding any solid ganks. His dragon control was perfect, and he timed the soloing of the first one with the enemy blue buff to take it safely. He also called his team up to help take Rift Herald, maintaining his monopoly on neutral objectives early on. However, his team's composition spiked in the early-to-mid game, and once the game passed that point, he simply wasn't as useful as Shook's Sejuani. Unable to win teamfights, Misfits lost the game.
Too much damage to deal with
March 4, 2018
Alphari went 1/2/2 as Misfits fell Saturday to H2k.
Alphari's Sion got off to a reasonable start, helping Misfits find first blood in the bottom lane, though it was traded back for a turret. However, as the game wore on, Alphari simply couldn't last as long as his H2k counterpart in teamfights. This was less a matter of Alphari not being tanky enough, and more a matter of H2k's carries being stronger in the late game. Once the game hit that stage, there was little Alphari could do.
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December 31, 1969
Misfits have taken down FC Schalke 04 in a 3-1 series that claimed them a spot in the 2017 EULCS Spring Split.
Misfits' road to the EULCS started with their domination of the EU CS Summer Split. They finished the Round Robin stage in first place with a 4-1 record. Once the playoffs hit, they continued their strong play by defeating both Epsilon eSports and Millenium by a 3-0 score to make their way to the Promotion Tournament. Their run in the tournament didn't get off to the best start, as they were defeated by Origen in a close 3-2 series. They had one last chance to make it to the EULCS, though, and they did not throw away their shot. They came out strong and defeated Schalke in a 3-1 series to break their way into the EULCS this Spring.