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Questionable engages
March 19, 2018
Smoothie ended Cloud9's loss to FlyQuest with a KDA of 2/5/6 on Sunday.
Charged with playing Alistar in this game, Smoothie's engagements needed to be rock solid if Cloud9 wanted any chance of getting onto WildTurtle's Kog'Maw through four tanks. Unfortunately, they were less than amazing. In one particularly embarrassing moment, Smoothie Flashed over a wall only to die before landing any real crowd control. The rest of his engages weren't this poor, but they weren't the stellar fight starters Cloud9 desperately needed.
Outcarried on Caitlyn
March 19, 2018
Sneaky's KDA read 2/4/6 at the end of Cloud9's Sunday loss to FlyQuest.
Sneaky's pick of Caitlyn in this game proved to be an awful one, as he was equally or less useful than WildTurtle's Kog'Maw at every stage of the game despite having the opportunity to counter pick. He was unable to build a CS lead in lane, likely due to the support matchup, and when his mid-game power lull came through, FlyQuest's comp was peaking. FlyQuest's four tanks shrugged off the damage from Sneaky, charging fearlessly into Cloud9 to allow WildTurtle to clean up. By the time Sneaky had enough items to attempt relevancy, it was too late.
Admirable attempt
March 19, 2018
Jensen went 2/0/3 in Cloud9's Sunday loss to FlyQuest.
Jensen's pick of Cassiopeia in this game was intelligent, as the champion's consistent high damage and ability to build some tank stats make her ideal into a lineup of several tanks. Indeed, Jensen was really the only member of Cloud9 to find much success in teamfights, as his positioning allowed him to spew out damage while remaining deathless. Unfortunately, he had no way of getting to WildTurtle's Kog'Maw without going through the tanks first, which just took too long.
Downward dive continues
March 19, 2018
Svenskeren ended 0/6/7 as Cloud9 fell to FlyQuest on Sunday.
Svenskeren seems to have returned to his Worlds 2017 form as of late, and this game was no exception. An incredibly silly invade with no mid lane protection led to him dying for first blood, and while he followed up with a solid gank, his usefulness quickly evaporated. To be fair, his champion was never going to be particularly useful once the Quicksilver Sashes started coming in, and with four tanks on FlyQuest, it really only took WildTurtle's purchase to render him mostly irrelevant.
Not enough damage
March 19, 2018
2/2/4 was Licorice's KDA at the end of Cloud9's loss to FlyQuest on Sunday.
Licorice put up a valiant effort in this game but ultimately couldn't do enough to swing teamfights for Cloud9. His lane deficit was perfectly acceptable as Gangplank into Gnar, and he was much more involved around the map than his opponent early on, even grabbing the only kill onto WildTurtle in the whole game with a great Teleport. However, as FlyQuest's beefy frontline snowballed ahead in gold, he just didn't have the damage to deal with it.
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