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Struggles to stay relevant
February 19, 2018
Biofrost ended with a 1/4/9 KDA in CLG's Sunday loss to 100 Thieves.
Biofrost's Taric, much like his lane partner, did a decent job in this game but didn't come off as overly impactful. His performance in fights was solid, and he landed some good stuns and Cosmic Radiances, but struggled to match the power of aphromoo's Tempered Fates, especially when the latter provided such easy counterplay to his own ultimate. He ended with solid kill participation, but it's difficult to discern how much of this he truly earned, given the area-of-effect nature of his defensive skills.
Outright overshadowed
February 19, 2018
Stixxay went 4/3/6 against 100 Thieves on Sunday as CLG took a loss.
Stixxay's Ezreal wasn't bad this game but was hardly noticeable next to the larger marksman threats of his fellow Corki and the enemy Tristana. He did a decent job of staying slippery, but 100 Thieves had a lot of backline pressure in their comp, and he also had a hard time landing Mystic Shots on anyone other than tanks. As a result, he wasn't too much of a factor this game, though at least partially due to factors outside his control.
Barely outcarried
February 19, 2018
huhi went 5/3/7 in CLG's Sunday loss to 100 Thieves.
huhi's Corki in this game was probably the greatest contributor to his team's successes, starting out with a first blood in a multi-man roam towards the top lane. He managed to outfarm Ryu's Ryze as the game went on, and quickly scaled into a huge damage threat. However, with 100 Thieves' superior backline pressure and clever picks, huhi was in more danger than enemy AD carry Cody Sun on Tristana, and thus died more often and couldn't put out damage as consistently. As a result, CLG were narrowly beaten out in teamfights and lost the game.
Hit or miss, literally
February 19, 2018
Reignover ended 2/3/11 as CLG fell to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Reignover's engages on Sejuani in this game were often an indicator of his team's success. They found kills when he landed them and failed to when he didn't. On the whole, however, his ultimates weren't as consistent as aphromoo's Tempered Fates, and didn't have the same kind of followup from his teammates either. Ultimately, CLG were out teamfought, and lost after being aced at Baron.
Lead doesn't translate
February 19, 2018
Darshan ended CLG's Sunday loss to 100 Thieves with a 2/2/6 KDA.
As Gnar against the Sion of Ssumday, Darshan was able to find the CS lead that was to be expected of him early on. Unfortunately, he received little opportunity to split-push as the game went on, as the match was decided largely by teamfights. In most of these, he performed decently, but there were a couple of missteps that proved somewhat costly. Ultimately, he couldn't make his lead count for as much as Ssumday's superior engagements and tankiness.
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