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Suffers for the sins of his teammates
August 12, 2018
Doublelift ended 0/1/1 as Team Liquid fell to Cloud9 on Sunday.
As a low-mobility AD carry like Varus, the last thing you need is for the enemy Syndra and Lee Sin to get fed. This is exactly the situation Doublelift found himself in on Sunday, and it went as expected. In the one teamfight he participated in, he was burst down almost immediately, too fast for Xmithie to save him with the Kindred ultimate. His CS advantage quickly evaporated as Cloud9 took over the map, and his ability to initiate was useless when Cloud9 were far enough ahead to take any fight easily.
Completely outclassed
August 12, 2018
1/3/0 was Xmithie's scoreline at the end of Team Liquid's Sunday loss to Cloud9.
Xmithie couldn't get much of anything going in this game on Kindred. He struggled to find marks, and while he did manage to land his team's only kill of the game, it was only in a 1-for-1 trade. Given how much success Svenskeren found camping mid lane, and how the tactic became somewhat telegraphed, it would've been nice to see Xmithie attempt some sort of counter gank before things got out of hand. Alas, he simply couldn't keep up with Svenskeren's pace.
Never had a chance
August 12, 2018
Pobelter ended 0/3/0 as Team Liquid fell to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Pobelter's three deaths this game on Orianna were some of the earliest in the game, and they paved the way for Team Liquid's defeat. He was heavily camped early on, and the pairing of Svenskeren's Lee Sin and Goldenglue's Syndra had absolutely no trouble bursting him down, consistently diving him under multiple layers of turrets. Pobelter never got the chance to get going in this game, and his deaths gave Cloud9 their huge lead.
Struggles despite victory
August 5, 2018
Olleh finished his team's victory over 100T with a 0/4/6 KDA on Tahm Kench.
Throughout his team's victory over 100T, Olleh was the scapegoat for his team's mistakes. After picking up an early assist, he found himself constantly being focused. Unfortunately for his statline, this meant he gave himself up in order to keep the rest of his team safe, time and again. Try as he might, he could not bring his team a victory without dying. Thankfully, his strong vision control allowed his team to bounce back from the early deficit. As a result, Team Liquid took back-to-back teamfight victories, closing out the game in 43 minutes.
Strong Ashe play results in win
August 5, 2018
Doublelift earned a 2/0/4 KDA on Ashe during TL's 43-minute victory over 100T.
Doublelift had a strong performance during his team's victory over 100T, starting things off by finding a lead in lane despite the enemy team picking up early kills. Although his team fell behind early, Doublelift remained in the game through farming, allowing the rest of the team to wait for the perfect teamfight. This came at the 38-minute mark with TL picking up Baron and beginning to siege the enemy base. Doublelift was able to remain safe during the resulting fights, keeping himself from dying while outputting large amounts of damage. Claiming the last two teamfights for his team, Doublelift's strong showing net his team a convincing victory.
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  • 2018 NA LCS Summer Split
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    Team Liquid shrugged off the "Forever Fourth" memes and claimed the NA LCS title for the first time in franchise history. The Summer Split is where things should really heat up, though, as teams are fighting for a trip to the World Championships this fall. Will Liquid repeat as champions? Or will the likes of 100 Thieves, Echo Fox, or Team SoloMid unseat Liquid to earn that ticket to worlds?
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Golden State Warriors co-owner acquires esports organization Team Liquid
September 27, 2016
In a surprising move following the 76ers purchase of eSports teams Dignitas and Apex, Peter Guber and entrepreneur Ted Leonsis have bought Team Liquid's controlling interest.
The North American eSports scene will undergo its second shakeup in as many days thanks to two large investments into the scene from traditional sports. It is unclear what lies ahead for all eSports teams under the Team Liquid organisation, but Guber seems to be rather confident that his investment will be a success. Whether or not these established sports investors will be able to translate their experience with regular sports to the eSports scene remains to be seen.