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Pairs Rakan with Xayah to successfully dismantle Splyce
January 20, 2018
Hylissang earned a 0/2/7 KDA on Rakan in his team's victory over Splyce on Friday.
The new addition to Fnatic had a decent performance in his debut showing against Splyce. After a calm laning phase, he excelled in teamfights, locking down key members of the enemy team to allow Fnatic to push forward with ease. Though he died twice in the victory, he was able to create seven kills for his team. Finding picks in back-to-back teamfights, his Rakan play resulted in Fnatic taking a 41-minute victory.
Thrives despite being heavily focused
January 20, 2018
Rekkles earned a 2/2/4 KDA on Xayah in his team's victory over Splyce on Friday.
Rekkles had a decent performance in his team's victory over Splyce, despite being heavily focused throughout the entire game. After an uneventful laning phase in which he found a small CS lead and not much else, he was able to join his team to have a minor impact in fights. As Splyce attempted to find a lead in the game, Rekkles found himself victim to heavy focus, racking up two quick deaths. Although this looked like the turning point for Splyce, he was able to bounce back in back-to-back teamfights, resulting in Fnatic closing out the game in 41 minutes.
Uses Azir to great success in victory over Splyce
January 20, 2018
Caps earned a 5/1/2 KDA on Azir in Fnatic's victory over Splyce on Friday.
Although it took him a decent amount of time to get involved in kills, once Caps got going on Azir, he never stopped. Racking up a massive CS advantage in lane and out-pressuring his opponent, he was able to assist Fnatic in taking map control early on. After doing so, he had no problem participating in teamfights to output large amounts of damage. Though the enemy team tried to find their way to him time and again, Caps' positioning was superb, allowing him to dominate throughout the remainder of the game. Participating in 70 percent of his team's kills, his excellent play allowed Fnatic to claim a convincing victory in 41 minutes.
Near perfect performance in victory over Splyce
January 20, 2018
Broxah earned a 2/0/7 KDA on Jarvan in Fnatic's 41-minute victory against Splyce on Friday.
With a monstrous performance in the early game, Broxah was able to quickly bring Fnatic into the driver's seat against Splyce. With first blood in hand, he was able to start snowballing the game. Picking up every dragon in the game, and two Barons, Fnatic was able to use these neutral objectives to continue dominating Splyce. Participating in nine out of his team's 10 kills, Broxah's performance was crucial to his team's convincing victory.
Dominates on Ornn against Splyce
January 20, 2018
sOAZ earned a 1/1/7 KDA on Ornn in Fnatic's 41-minute victory over Splyce on Friday.
Being given one of the strongest champions in the game, sOAZ was able to utilize his pick to gain an early lead. After shutting down his lane opponent, he moved quickly to join his team and dominate the map. As Fnatic gained objectives quickly, he had no problem sticking to key members of the enemy team, allowing his carries to claim teamfight victories. Dying only once in the game, his monstrous play allowed Fnatic to take a convincing victory in the game, starting off the 2018 LCS season with a victory.
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Deilor out as Fnatic Coach
December 31, 1969
Deilor has stepped down as head coach of Fnatic, according to a post from the team's offical website.
A shocking turn of events after a poor season, Deilor has agreed to step down as Fnatic head coach. Even after a poor season, Deilor is one of the most respected coaches throughout the League of Legends scene after leading Fnatic to a dominate 2015 season, culminating in a World's semi-final appearance. Deilor also helped lead Fnatic to the 2015 Spring and Summer EU LCS titles while being a semi-finalist at MSI 2015, IEM Cologne, 2016 IEM World Championship finalists and 2016 Spring Split Semi-finalists. Deilor will be replaced by former Origen coach NicothePico