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Benched for Friday's match against H2k Gaming
June 22, 2018
Rekkles has been put on the backburner in favor of Bwipo on Friday, Jacob Wolf of ESPN esports reports.
Rekkles is the latest victim of the current topsy-turvy meta that has been sweeping the professional League of Legends scene in the first couple of weeks of the Summer Split. With champions being played at just about any position these days, Fnatic has decided they don't need an ADC, at least for a game. Bwipo will be stepping into the bottom lane in place of Rekkles when they take face H2k Gaming on Friday afternoon. Whether this is a permanent change remains to be seen as the team is likely going to see how Bwipo does before making any long-term decisions.
To start over Rekkles
June 22, 2018
Bwipo will be starting in place of Rekkles when Fnatic takes on H2k Gaming on Friday, Jacob Wolf of ESPN esports reports.
In the continuing flurry that is the current League of Legends meta, Fnatic has decided to start their top laner in place of their ADC. It's somewhat surprising given that it means Rekkles, the perennial ADC will be on the bench, but it's not that surprising given the craziness we've already seen over the first couple weeks of the Summer Split. There's no word on how long this change will persist past their game on Friday.
Benched on active roster
May 28, 2018
Fnatic have announced that Lekr0 will be benched on the active roster to make way for Xizt.
The 24-year-old will be sent to the team's bench due to internal issues than a year after being brought back by Fnatic from GODSENT. His second spell with the team came as he helped Fnatic win IEM Katowice and the WESG World Finals. His final appearance for Fnatic came at IEM Sydney, where the Swedes finished 5-6th place. Fnatic announced in a statement that they are currently exploring options for Lekr0 and thanked the plater for his service to the organization.
Team-high death total in semifinal loss
May 18, 2018
Bwipo ended Fnatic's sweep to RNG with a 6/17/19 total KDA.
Bwipo finished Game 1 with a 2/5/6 KDA as Sion. He was involved in only half of his team's kills, ending with the second-lowest kill total, lowest kill participation, and second-lowest assist total in the loss. In Game 2, Bwipo used Camille and ended with a 1/5/5 KDA. He was involved in six of 13 kills, ending the game with the lowest kill participation on the team as Fnatic dropped Game 2. For the final game of the series, Bwipo used Singed and earned a 3/7/8 KDA. He was involved in 11 of 16 kills, having the third-highest kill total and third-highest assist total in the final game. Bwipo had the lowest kill participation and most deaths among Fnatic members in the series.
Ties for team-high assist total
May 18, 2018
Broxah finished Friday's sweep to RNG with a 9/11/26 combined KDA.
Broxah ended Game 1 with a 4/6/7 KDA as Olaf. He was involved in 11 of 16 kills, tying for the team-high kill participation, while earning the second-highest kill and assist totals in the game. In Game 2, Broxah used Skarner and earned a 3/3/6 KDA. He was involved in nine of 13 kills, tying for the second-highest kill participation and kill total on the team. Using Skarner again in Game 3, Broxah earned a 2/2/13 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 16 kills, leading Fnatic in kill participation and assists in the final game. Broxah tied Hylissang for the most assists during Friday's loss.
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Deilor out as Fnatic Coach
December 31, 1969
Deilor has stepped down as head coach of Fnatic, according to a post from the team's offical website.
A shocking turn of events after a poor season, Deilor has agreed to step down as Fnatic head coach. Even after a poor season, Deilor is one of the most respected coaches throughout the League of Legends scene after leading Fnatic to a dominate 2015 season, culminating in a World's semi-final appearance. Deilor also helped lead Fnatic to the 2015 Spring and Summer EU LCS titles while being a semi-finalist at MSI 2015, IEM Cologne, 2016 IEM World Championship finalists and 2016 Spring Split Semi-finalists. Deilor will be replaced by former Origen coach NicothePico