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Racks up kills on Pyke
August 11, 2018
Hylissang finished his team's victory over Giants on Friday with a 7/1/7 KDA on Pyke.
Playing an aggressive champion, Hylissang fit the mold as he dominated Giants throughout his team's victory on Friday. He started off by playing very forward in lane and was simply able to consistently find picks for his team as the game went on. Starting by roaming early, he found leads for the rest of his team, snowballing Fnatic into the driver's seat early on. Once ahead, he didn't let up the pressure, focusing on objectives and forcing fights whenever possible. This proved to be extremely helpful for the rest of his team as he found openings left and right. After securing numerous teamfight wins, he helped his team secure a Baron that helped them close out the game. His strong play net his team a convincing 30-minute win.
Strong showing in stage return
August 11, 2018
Rekkles earned a 3/2/11 KDA on Ezreal during his team's victory over Giants on Friday.
After being away from the competitive stage for a while due to benching himself, it was unclear whether Rekkles would be able to return to form during his team's match against Giants. He shut down all the doubters as he dominated from the very beginning of things. After finding a lead, he was able to run around the enemy team, grouping with his team to decimate Giants in teamfights. Positioning perfectly, he consistently avoided death despite being focused heavily. While he was dealing huge amounts of damage in these fights, the rest of his team was able to run around the enemy team uncontested. Due to his consistent damage output, Fnatic had an easy time pushing into the enemy base, ultimately securing a convincing 30-minute victory.
Shows up on Akali in victory
August 11, 2018
Caps finished Fnatic's 30-minute victory over Giants on Friday with a 5/2/5 KDA on Akali.
Although Caps statline doesn't seem extremely impressive, he had a huge impact during his team's victory over Giants. Picking the newly reworked Akali, he was able to decimate his lane opponent, quickly handing the enemy laner four deaths. This proved to be extremely helpful for his team, completely shutting down one of the biggest threats on the enemy team. Although Caps started to fall off as things got going, he did not have a poor ending to the game by any means. Weaving in and out of fights, he assisted his team in securing a final teamfight to close out the game in 30 minutes.
Off meta pick pays off massively
August 11, 2018
Broxah earned a 3/1/10 KDA on Elise during his team's victory over Giants on Friday.
Broxah stormed into his team's game against Giants to quickly build up a lead for his team and never slowed down. Opting to go for Elise, he had a huge performance in the early game, forcing several skirmishes and getting off successful ganks that brought his team firmly into the driver's seat. With his lead, he continued to push the pace of the game, focusing on objectives and cross map advantages for the rest of his team. His aggression paid off, netting him participation in 13 of his team's kills during Fnatic's 30-minute win.
Near deathless in victory
August 11, 2018
Bwipo earned a 2/1/9 KDA on Ornn during Fnatic's victory over Giants on Friday.
Starting off by assisting in finding first blood for his team, Bwipo had a strong start to his team's game against Giants and never slowed down. Throughout the game, he was consistently able to join his team and provide the engagement that they needed to frequently win skirmishes. After his team found a massive lead in the early game, he quickly joined his team to provide crowd control in fights. After picking up a 20-minute Baron, he had no problem forcing back-to-back teamfights that went easily the way of Fnatic. As a result, his team was able to secure a convincing 30-minute victory.
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    Fnatic finally snatched the EU LCS crown from G2 Esports with a dominating 3-0 win. That was all well and good, but the Summer Split is what really counts. Win and you're going to Worlds. With that on the line, you can bet that teams will come out in full force to try and snag the crown.
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Deilor out as Fnatic Coach
December 31, 1969
Deilor has stepped down as head coach of Fnatic, according to a post from the team's offical website.
A shocking turn of events after a poor season, Deilor has agreed to step down as Fnatic head coach. Even after a poor season, Deilor is one of the most respected coaches throughout the League of Legends scene after leading Fnatic to a dominate 2015 season, culminating in a World's semi-final appearance. Deilor also helped lead Fnatic to the 2015 Spring and Summer EU LCS titles while being a semi-finalist at MSI 2015, IEM Cologne, 2016 IEM World Championship finalists and 2016 Spring Split Semi-finalists. Deilor will be replaced by former Origen coach NicothePico