Aligns with FlyQuest
November 27, 2018
Pobelter will join FlyQuest,'s Jacob Wolf reports.
Pobelter will take over for Keane, giving more help to the team's star duo of jungler Santorin and AD carry WildTurtle. The mid laner finished the 2018 Summer Split with a 42/35/95 KDA and a relatively middle of the pack 70.6 kill participation percentage. Of course the veteran player has the ability to pop off on a given notice, but at least for fantasy purposes both Santorin and WildTurtle gain a bit more value thanks to the addition of their newest teammate.
Can't stand up to veterans in loss
August 28, 2018
JayJ earned a 1/12/15 KDA during his team's 3-0 loss to 100 Thieves.
Much like the rest of his team, JayJ simply seemed unprepared going into FlyQuest's series against 100 Thieves. It was evident from the start that he was no match for the veteran lineup, resulting in three disappointing games in quick succession. Picking Alistar in the first two games, JayJ struggled to find his way onto meaningful members of the enemy team, and when he did, he often paid the price with his life. After two quick losses, JayJ stepped it up slightly, picking Shen in Game 3. Unfortunately, the game had little more success than the other two in the series. After falling behind, JayJ tried to look for favorable fights for his team but simply couldn't find them. After falling behind in objectives and map control, he fell in a final fight, allowing 100 Thieves to close out the game. As a result, 100 Thieves claimed the series 3-0.
Outclassed in series loss
August 28, 2018
WILDTURTLE earned a series KDA of 5/5/11 during his team's 3-0 series loss against 100 Thieves.
Unfortunately for FlyQuest, WILDTURTLE did not have a strong performance in his team's series against 100 Thieves. In the first two games he was completely outclassed, finding himself falling behind drastically in lane and never able to recover. His poor showing net him only a single kill across his team's first two losses. Although he played poorly, the losses were not solely his fault as the rest of FlyQuest struggled throughout. Though he was able to step it up in Game 3, it came far too late. Unable to find a lead in lane, it came down to the midgame and later stages as WILDTURTLE found openings. Unfortunately, this time when he found a lead, his team found a disadvantage. Once again FlyQuest was simply outclassed, resulting in a 42-minute loss. This secured the 3-0 series sweep for 100 Thieves.
Unable to hold his own in loss
August 27, 2018
Keane earned a series KDA of 5/8/12 during his team's series loss against 100 Thieves.
Although Keane didn't have a miserable performance against 100 Thieves, he didn't have a good showing either. Time and again, he was simply outclassed in lane, resulting in his need to make things happen in skirmishes during the later stages of the game. Unfortunately for him, these opportunities never came, forcing him to play from behind time and time again. This meant that he was unable to find crucial openings that he would have been able to if he found some semblance of an advantage. As this didn't happen, he could not put up the numbers necessary, ultimately allowing the enemy team to take a convincing 3-0 series sweep.
Unable to make up for team's mistakes
August 27, 2018
Santorin earned a series KDA of 8/7/7 during his team's loss at the hands of 100 Thieves.
Although Santorin had a decent performance during his team's series against 100 Thieves, it simply wasn't enough. In Game 1, he was able to pick up all but two of his team's kills and participate in all but one. Unfortunately, he didn't find any objectives, allowing his team to be choked out in the late game. Game 2 went better in terms of finding objectives, but once again, Santorin was unable to find the necessary openings for his team. In Game 3, Santorin stepped it up, playing more to find advantages for his team, but yet again, he found nothing but failure. As his team fell behind, he could not maintain control of objectives, allowing 100 Thieves to take the late-game victory. As a result, FlyQuest was defeated in the series 3-0.
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