Underwhelming performance on Xin Zhao
June 17, 2018
Santorin scored a 1/5/9 KDA on Xin Zhao in FlyQuest's loss to Echo Fox on Saturday.
Santorin was the first to play Xin Zhao in the LCS since Summer Split of 2015. While the champion has changed a bit since then, he still didn't have too good of a showing. Santorin didn't have any effective early ganks, with his best attempt trading his life for a kill, and struggled to do much in the late game fights. He tried to steal Baron but failed and it cost him his life. The Baron power play absolutely destroyed FlyQuest's base, toppling the Nexus over in under 24 minutes.
Solid performance in loss
June 17, 2018
Keane earned a 5/2/4 KDA on Lulu in FlyQuest's loss to Echo Fox on Saturday.
The laning phase went pretty smoothly for Keane's Lulu as it had the range advantage against Fenix's Irelia. Keane built up a solid gold lead throughout the laning phase and mid game. However, it wouldn't be enough to carry in the key fights as Keane and company got squashed late. Keane did what he could but it wasn't nearly enough to deal with all of Echo Fox as it ran through their base with ease.
Damage carries on mage in loss
June 17, 2018
WildTurtle posted a 3/4/6 KDA on Swain in FlyQuest's loss to Echo Fox Saturday.
Another AD carry that embraced the new meta was WildTurtle as he drafted Swain for his first game of the Summer Split. The change from Marksman to Mage went well for WildTurtle early game as he picked up kills and assists. The late game didn't go as well as he struggled to deal out enough damage to get through the bruiser lineup that Echo Fox drafted. WildTurtle's efforts earned him the most damage dealt to champions for FlyQuest.
Release by FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
ShrimP has been released from FlyQuest, the team announced Friday.
ShrimP, along with Fly, was released by FlyQuest on Friday as the team continues to retool their roster for the Summer Split. The Spring Split was a rocky one for this team, with ShrimP being one of the glaring problems with the roster. With a new lineup in hand for the Summer, FlyQuest will be looking to turn things around and become a contender. It is unknown what is next for ShrimP following his release.
Released from FlyQuest
April 28, 2018
Fly has been released from FlyQuest, the team announced Friday.
After a rough Spring Split, FlyQuest capped off its roster turnover with the release of both Fly and Shrimp. While there were many things wrong with this team in the Spring, the team keyed in on Fly as one of the issues and decided to bring up Keane from the Academy team in order to try and reverse its fortune. Its unclear what Fly's next move will be following his release.
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