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Reportedly signs with FlyQuest
April 13, 2018
Santorin has been signed by FlyQuest as their starting jungler for the 2018 Summer Split, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN Esports.
After being benched by H2k during the Spring Split, it looks like Santorin is on his way back to North America. FlyQuest is looking to revamp their roster after a lackluster Spring Split and think that Santorin will give them the best chance at success. While the player is European, he falls under Riot exception as he is one of 10 players who claimed North America as his permanent residence despite this not being his original home. As a result of this signing, AnDa has been benched.
A crucial piece of the puzzle
March 4, 2018
promisq went 1/1/6 in H2k's victory over Misfits on Saturday.
Picking Alistar, promisq struggled a bit in lane early on as the H2k bottom lane was pushed in. However, he remained deathless and kept the CS between the AD carries close. Later in the game, he became a critical part of H2k's engage, most notably helping H2k secure Baron with a brilliant flank onto members of Misfits. He also made sure the enemy jungler couldn't get in for a Smite steal, and by then, the game was virtually in the bag.
Unscathed all game long
March 4, 2018
Sheriff ended H2k's Saturday win over Misfits 3/0/4.
Sheriff's Caitlyn slotted right in to H2k's late-game composition on Saturday, and he played his part admirably. Due to a laning disadvantage in support picks, he was pushed in early on but was content to farm and scale up. Once he hit three items, H2k began to take over the game in earnest, taking easy teamfights with their beefy frontline and powerful backline carries. Sheriff went virtually untouched in teamfights, going a deathless 3/0/4 as H2k claimed victory.
Lone mistake doesn't mean much
March 4, 2018
Selfie finished off H2k's Saturday victory with a 1/1/6 KDA over Misfits.
Playing Ryze into a puzzling Anivia pick, Selfie was wholly unfazed. He took control of the mid lane from the very beginning, shoving in his opponent and taking a strong CS advantage. He did have one slip up in the mid game, when he overextended and died in the bottom lane, but like the rest of his team, he excelled during the late game. H2k's composition allowed them to play teamfights front to back, giving Selfie an easy time putting out plenty of damage at virtually no risk. His side lane mistake remained his only death as H2k took the game.
Outscales his opponent
March 4, 2018
Shook ended H2k's Saturday win over Misfits with a 1/0/8 KDA.
On Sejuani, Shook's early presence wasn't as strong as that of Maxlore's Jax. This resulted in H2k failing to secure a single dragon or Rift Herald. However, this was largely to be expected, and Shook had a solid performance once H2k's late-game composition came online. Tankier and more useful than his counterpart in teamfights, Shook went unkilled while maintaining perfect kill participation to end a flawless 1/0/8 as H2k took the win.
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