Recovers from early error
August 18, 2018
4/2/9 was Memento's KDA as ROCCAT took down Misfits on Saturday.
Memento's Olaf didn't have the best start, as three members of Misfits Flashed onto him in his own jungle to take him down for first blood. Afterward, however, he thrived, assisting in a 3-for-0 tower dive and getting saved in the nick of time by Norskeren to prevent a trade kill. Olaf's aggressive nature as a champion synergized fantastically with the global presence of ROCCAT's team composition, which together facilitated dives and forward positioning throughout the game.
Tremendous Tahm Kench
August 18, 2018
Norskeren ended 2/4/11 as ROCCAT found a win over Misfits on Saturday.
Norskeren put on a clinic on how to play Tahm Kench on Saturday, making excellent use of both of the champion's two greatest strengths. In the early game, Norskeren helped to both create and prevent tower dives by roaming with Abyssal Voyage, allowing ROCCAT to find an early lead. In teamfights, as well as earlier, he excelled at saving his carries from the pick composition of Misfits, shutting down Sencux's LeBlanc on multiple occasions. Norskeren was caught out a couple of times himself but played well enough to excuse his errors.
Brings back Twisted Fate
August 18, 2018
Blanc went 6/2/12 in ROCCAT's win over Misfits on Saturday.
Blanc looked right at home on a rarely seen Twisted Fate on Saturday, slotting into ROCCAT's global composition. His use of Destiny/Gate was fantastic, opening up multiple early-game dives that put ROCCAT far in the lead. As the game progressed, Blanc turned to split-pushing, at one point taking an inhibitor and Nexus turret as his team fought evenly in the 4-vs-5. Altogether, Blanc put out the most map pressure by far of any member of the team, and earned his fantastic KDA and win.
Falls off in late game
August 11, 2018
Norskeren earned a 1/2/4 KDA on Barum during his team's loss against Splyce.
Much like several other members on his team, Norskeren had a strong start during his team's loss against Splyce. He started things off by providing his team the maximum amount of crowd control possible, allowing them to storm into the lead with a pair of skirmish victories. Unfortunately, Norskeren could not keep up the pace of the game with the rest of his team. Try as he might, the enemy team started coming back, making Norskeren struggle alongside his team. As things continued to heat up, he could not use Braum's icy skills to cool things off and allow his team to bounce back. As a result, Splyce was able to push the pace of the game and ultimately claim victory.
Near deathless in defeat
August 11, 2018
HeaQ earned a 2/1/2 KDA on Varus during his team's loss against Splyce on Saturday.
Although his team struggled to close things out in the late game against Splyce, HeaQ had an overall strong performance. After taking a lead in lane through farming, he stormed into the first few skirmishes of the game by picking up several kills for himself and his team. Unfortunately, this early momentum would not last as Splyce mounted a comeback and the rest of ROC struggled to get things going. HeaQ tried to dominate in teamfights and was able to nearly swing things into his team's favor. Unfortunately, as he was the most fed on his team, he was focused heavily, putting a halt to his plans. Try as he might, he could not turn things back into his team's favor, allowing Splyce to take a comeback victory.
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Re-qualifies for the EULCS
December 31, 1969
Team ROCCAT has defeated FC Schalke 04 to secure their spot in the 2017 EULCS Spring Split.
After having a poor split that saw them finish last with a 2-6-10 record, ROCCAT was forced to defend their spot in the league by way of the Promotion Tournament. They began the tournament by taking on Millenium. The series was extremely close, but saw ROCCAT eventually prevail after five games. Next up was Schalke 04 for a chance at a direct spot back into the EULCS. ROCCAT seized the moment and took down Schalke in a 3-1 series. They have now successfully defended their spot and will be back in the EULCS this Spring.