Vici Gaming
Struggles after Game 1
January 16, 2019
Chelizi ended VG's 2-1 loss to SNG with a 4/5/13 combined KDA.
Chelizi started hot in the series, getting out to a 3/2/10 KDA as Renekton as Vici surprisingly took Game 1 over SNG. From there he struggled, combining for a 1/3/3 KDA in the final two games, playing Sion and then Akali. It was a surprise that Vici even got one win out of this series as many predicted the side to be one of the bottom feeders in the LPL this year, whereas SNG should be one of the top sides in the league.
Unkillable in Game 1 win
January 16, 2019
Aix finished VG's 2-1 loss to SNG with a 4/4/21 total KDA.
Aix started the series with an unkillable, 2/0/19 game as Jarvan IV, helping Vici pick up a win in the opening game. The majority of his KDA came in that dominant Game 1, as he combined to go only 2/4/2 in the final two games of the series, including a game on Camille, before finishing the series as Sejuani. Aix couldn't carry his Game 1 momentum into the final two games, as Vici were taken down during their first LPL series of the year.
One kill in final two games
January 16, 2019
Jay ended VG's 2-1 loss to SNG with a 8/9/11 combined KDA.
Jay finished Game 1 with a 7/2/9 KDA as Galio. It was an excellent start to the series, as Jay picked up seven of his eight series kills in the opening game win. Unfortunately he fell off from there, ending the final two games with a combined 1/7/1 KDA, tying for the team-high death total as Vici dropped the final two matches of the series. Jay will hope to find more consistency going forward.
Leads Vici in kills
January 16, 2019
Puff finished VG's 2-1 loss to SNG with a 12/5/18 total KDA.
Puff carried Vici to a surprising win in Game 1, taking down SNG with a 9/0/13 KDA on Xayah, leading his side in kills in the opening game. From there things went south, as he was able to pick up only three kills in Game 2 on Lucian, before failing to secure a kill in the final game as Kai'sa. Puff finished with a team-high 12 kills in the series, but struggled to carry outside of Game 1.
Team-high assist total
January 16, 2019
Southwind ended VG's 2-1 loss to SNG with a 4/7/27 combined KDA.
Southwind got off to an excellent start, finishing Game 1 with a 2/0/21 KDA as Rakan. He was unkillable in the opening game, while leading his team in assists as he helped Vici pick up the win in the opening game of the series. The wheels fell off from there, as Southwind combined for a 2/7/6 KDA in the final two games of the series, playing Braum in Game 2, before finishing the series on Zilean. Southwind ended the series with a team-high 27 assists, while also being involved in 31 of 32 kills for Vici.
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