Vici Gaming
Embraces new-look meta in loss
June 21, 2018
Snow's KDA read 4/4/9 by the end of a 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming on Wednesday.
With the meta in a state of flux the likes of which we've never seen before, Snow was right in the thick of things. He played both Vladimir and Swain in the bottom lane, but never managed to get anything at all going in the series. His Vladimir wasn't bad by any means, but he simply lacked a discernable impact on the proceedings. His Swain had a bit more of an impact in terms of kills, but their composition was no match for what Invictus had cooked up in the 27-minute stomp.
Dies over and over during lopsided loss
June 20, 2018
Aodi found himself on the receiving end of killing blows far too often in Vici Gaming's 2-0 loss to Invictus Gaming on Wednesday, finishing with a 6/11/3 KDA.
Aodi played the part of sacrificial lamb in this series against iG, as he picked apart with reckless abandon at every turn. His Darius in Game 1 wasn't too bad, only handing over three deaths while picking up two kills of his own, but his Jax was horrendous in Game 2. He did manage to pick up a respectable four kills -- most on his team -- but he was killed a whopping eight times as iG stormed to a 27-minute victory. He and his teammates will need to work on not relentlessly feeding if they wish to prevent drowning completely in the standings.
Picked apart in rough loss
June 20, 2018
Swift went just 3/8/11 in Vici Gaming's 2-0 loss at the hands of Invictus Gaming on Wednesday.
Sure, Swift managed to a recover a bit in Game 2, but his Game 1 performance was rough enough to be a cause for concern moving forward. On Zin Zhao, he had no kills in a 0/6/4 showing during his team's 29-minute loss. Perhaps it was just an unfamiliarity with the champion, but he looked dazed and confused as he was constantly caught from the word "go." His Trundle was much better--he finished at 3/2/7--but that certainly didn't stop Invictus from running away with the 27-minute game. Swift will surely need to keep from floundering in the future if they wish to get a win on the board eventually.
Plays well prior to Game 3
June 11, 2018
Aodi finished Monday's 2-1 loss to BLG with a 7/7/19 total KDA.
Aodi ended Game 1 with a 2/1/6 KDA as Ornn. He was involved in eight of 11 kills, ending with the second-highest kill total and third highest assist total. In Game 2, Aodi used Darius and earned a 3/1/11 KDA. He was involved in 14 of 17 kills, earning the third-highest kill and assist totals on the team to help even the series. Using Irelia in the final game, Aodi finished with a 2/5/2 KDA. He was involved in all four VG kills, leading the team in kills while tying for the second-highest assist total.
Unable to steal series for Vici
June 11, 2018
Swift ended VG's 1-2 loss to BLG with a 6/6/13 combined KDA.
Swift finished Game 1 with a 1/3/8 KDA as Skarner. He was involved in nine of 11 kills, tying for the third-highest kill total, but leading the team in assists. In Game 2, Swift used Jax and earned a 5/1/3 KDA. He was involved in eight of 17 kills, tying for the team-high kill total to help even the series. Using Graves in the final game of the series, Swift ended with a 0/2/2 KDA. He was involved in two of four kills, tying for the second-highest assist total as BLG closed out the series.
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