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Dominant in victory
August 29, 2018
Xintai earned a series KDA of 5/7/32 during his team's 2-1 series win over BLG.
During VG's series victory over BLG, Xintai had a strong showing that allowed his team to find victory. STarting the series off on Tahm Kench, he played an instrumental role in his team's victory, keeping his carries safe and dominating vision control to pick up victory. In Game 2, he once again played to keep his team safe but was unable to do so due to his team's lack of coordination. After losing Game 2, Xintai bounced back in Game 3 with an extremely dominant showing on Rakan. From the very start of the game, he had no problem picking up kills for his team. Facilitating his team's success, he was able to control the entire map from the start, allowing the rest of his team to share his advantage. As a result, his team claimed a convincing 26-minute victory to close out the series 2-1.
Gets going late in series win
August 29, 2018
Martin earned a series KDA of 7/2/28 during his team's victory over BLG.
Martin had a strong showing from the start against BLG. Picking up Ashe in Game 1, he had one of the most passive performances possible to assist in victory. Despite not picking up a single kill in the game, he boasted a near perfect 0/0/12 KDA that lead his team to victory. Game 2 didn't go as well as Martin was focused. Though he was focused, he was still able to deal a decent portion of his team's damage on Varus in the loss. After being defeated, he stepped things up in Game 3, picking Miss Fortune and tearing down all in his path. After winning lane, he had no problem dominating skirmishes, resulting in his team's convincing 27-minute win. As a result, VG closed out the series 2-1.
Dominates enemy team in series victory
August 29, 2018
FireRain earned a series KDA of 14/7/18 during his team's 2-1 victory over BLG.
FireRain had an extremely strong performance during his team's victory over BLG. Although he took some time to get going, he had no problem dominating the enemy team to bring VG a 2-1 series win. In Game 1 he brought out Irelia, shutting down the enemy Vladimir and bringing damage to teamfights resulting in a 35-minute win. Game 2 saw another strong performance from FireRain, picking Ryze but struggling against the enemy Irelia. Despite being able to somewhat hold his own, he could not open up his team to advantages, resulting in a defeat. He brought the heat in Game 3, picking Aatrox and dominating all in his path. Earning a perfect KDA in the game, his performance was crucial to his team's victory, closing out the series 2-1.
Closes out series in style
August 29, 2018
Youdang earned a series KDA of 6/6/18 over two games against BLG.
Youdang started things off for his team with a less than flashy performance on Gragas. Racking up the most deaths on his team, he had several questionable plays that made it slightly difficult for his team. Despite this, his performance wasn't bad, it simply wasn't perfect. Able to control the map, he assisted his team in taking nearly every objective. Despite the win, he was substituted out for Game 2. Coming back in Game 3, Youdang dominated on Gragas and made up for his earlier mistakes. From the very start of the game he was able to pick up kills left and right for his team. Once again controlling almost every objective, his pressure was enough to secure a 27-minute victory, allowing his team to close out the series 2-1.
Consistent play results in win
August 29, 2018
Aodi earned a series KDA of 12/9/12 during VG's 2-1 series victory over BLG.
Aodi had a relatively strong performance during his team's series victory over BLG. Starting off the series on Cho'Gath, he was able to hold his own in lane and join his team to provide an extra layer of crowd control and objective control. This proved to be what his team needed to secure a 35-minute win. Although his team was defeated in Game 2, Aodi had a similarly strong performance on Cho'Gath once again. Keeping his head up in the loss, he was able to easily bounce back with his team in Game 3. On Darius, he was able to hold his own in lane. Despite not having a large impact on the game, this was enough to keep his team steady as the rest of the members dominate, resulting in a 27-minute victory to close out the series.
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