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Leaves EDG
December 21, 2017
Iceloli, formerly Fireloli, has parted ways with EDG, according to EDG's official roster twitter post on Thursday.
Iceloli, Fireloli, or whatever you remember him as, was always a hit-or-miss player. Some games, he would pop off, giving EDG an emphatic early game. Other times, he would feed and EDG would be forced onto the back foot against teams they shouldn't have problems beating. With EDG's restructuring in full effect, Iceloli's inconsistency got him removed from the team as Clearlove7's understudy. Despite his mercurial form, Iceloli is still a known quantity in the LPL, so it's not a surprise that OMG picked him up as one of their backup junglers
Joins EDG in substitute role
December 21, 2017
As per a Thursday post from EDG's twitter account, Hope has joined EDG.
Not much is known about Hope, except that he was formerly a member of EDG's academy roster. That being said, it's not very likely Hope will get much playing time, as young star iBoy has shown great potential in his brief stint with the squad beginning in the 2017 Summer Split. It's not uncommon for stars to get understudies, though, so Hope might see some playing time while iBoy sits on the sidelines.
Joins EDG's main roster
December 21, 2017
As announced on EDG's twitter account on Thursday, Haro has joined EDG.
Haro, formerly of EDG's academy team, is an unknown quantity to most of the outside world. Studying under legend Clearlove7 will help Haro improve greatly, and give him some playing time when EDG want to keep their ace jungler hidden. It's unrealistic to expect Haro to get the lion's share of playing time, but expect to see him utilized more often than fellow substitute Hope.
Returns to China with EDG
December 21, 2017
According to a post from EDG's twitter account on Thursday, Ray has joined EDG.
Ray's career started in the LSPL, but he made a name for himself in the NA LCS. During his tenures with Apex and Cloud9, Ray was widely regarded for his performance on aggressive, carry champions, although a lack of versatility seemed to hurt his prospects in the long run. Returning to the LPL is great for his status as a top lane talent, especially on a perennial powerhouse like EDG, but questions still linger about his flexibility and how he will play into EDG's playstyle. With no other top laners on the roster, EDG has locked themselves into Ray for at least the short term, and it's hard to tell whether this move will pay off in time.
Dominates in crushing win over C9
October 16, 2017
Clearlove finished Sunday's win over Cloud9 with a 7/2/13 KDA as Jarvan IV.
EDG needed to get off to a good start after an 0-3 Week 1 and Clearlove helped them dominate C9. He was involved in 20 of 22 kills, finishing with his team's second highest kill total and tying for the second-highest assist total. His strong Jarvan play allowed EDG to snowball in nearly every lane and dominate teamfights.
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Releases an official statement on IEM absence
February 20, 2017
EDward Gaming released an official statement on why they were unable to attend IEM earlier today, as reported by Adam Newell of Gamurs.
EDG released an official statement earlier this morning on why the team is unable to attend IEM Katowice. The statement can be found here. The team cites visa issues as the reason for their absence, stating that the players were required to apply for additional residential status documentation, delaying the initial process. Although EDward Gaming contact IEM to explain their problems and were offered assistance, the team did not receive confirmation that they would be granted visas. Even though the team had begun preparing for the event, the lack of visas forced them to withdraw from the tournament. Despite not attending the event, EDG ended their team statement by wishing all the teams at the event a great tournament and all the best.