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Dominates on engage champions
September 15, 2018
Meiko earned a series KDA of 7/8/42 during his team's 3-2 series victory over JDG.
Partnering up with his AD carry, Meiko was able to dominate JDG to secure his team a convincing 3-2 series victory. Although he started off the series with a defeat, he showed his strength on Gragas, initiating skirmishes time and again to bring his team a decent shot at the game. Despite the loss, he bounced back without issue, picking Leona and Braum respectively to win lane and quickly control the rest of the map by roaming and finding vision control. Although he faltered in Game 4 alongside the rest of his team, he was able to once again recover when things came down to the wire. Falling back to Gragas on Game 5 he once again found multiple initiations to secure his team an early advantage. Taking control of objectives once again, he gave his team the driver's seat for the majority of the 39-minute game. As a result, the team secured a 3-2 series victory.
Pops off in series win
September 15, 2018
iBoy finished his team's series victory over JDG with a combined KDA of 23/10/35.
Much like the other carries on his team, iBoy had an extremely strong performance throughout the entire series against JDG. Although things went to five games, iBoy's performance could have easily brought his team a series sweep. In both of his team's losses in the series, he was able to participate in the vast majority of the kills his team was able to claim. Constantly dominating lane, he made short work of his opponents time and again, allowing himself to find a lead and run with it. Once his team was firmly in the driver's seat, he had no hesitation advancing his team into skirmishes, tearing down the enemy lines time and again. As a result of his excellent play, his team was able to give it their all in a final Game 5 to close out the series. With iBoy on Kai'sa, he was able to boast a 10/3/11 KDA to secure the victory, closing out the series 3-2.
Keeps consistent in victory
September 15, 2018
Scout earned a series KDA of 15/11/32 during EDG's 3-2 series win over JDG.
Throughout Scout's series against JDG he had a relatively consistent performance that proved to be enough to edge out a victory. He slowly ramped up in the series, losing the first game but quickly dominating in the next two, bringing EDG into a commanding 2-1 series lead. Although Scout was defeated in Game 4, it came due to a flex pick from the enemy team that caught all of EDG off guard, completely countering his champion. Though the defeat was unfortunate, Scout didn't let it get to him, opting for an aggressive Akali pick in the next game. With things down to a final Game 5, his performance was crucial to his team's victory. After making short work of his lane opponent, he was able to easily group with the rest of EDG to start picking off enemy members. Time and again he found kills for his team, allowing EDG to take a convincing 39-minute win, closing out the series 3-2.
Aggressive jungle choices pay off
September 15, 2018
Haro earned a series KDA of 21/11/25 during EDG's 3-2 series victory against JDG.
Throughout his team's series against JDG Haro opted to play several different aggressive junglers and it paid off with success. After falling in Game 1, Haro stepped things up in the following two games, picking Lee Sin and Kindred respectively. With the two playmaking champions, he was able to immediately find his way onto the enemy team, picking up early kills and controlling the map for the rest of his team. His early game presence was felt by JDG who made poor plays as a result, giving up the games to give EDG a 2-1 series lead. Although Haro could not make things happen in the next game on Taliyah, he found five of his team's seven kills, keeping his pressure up despite a defeat. With the series tied 2-2, Haro opted for Camille and slowed down but did not falter. Focusing more on objectives, he brought his team everything except for a single Cloud Drake, allowing the team to scale up and secure a 39-minute win to close out the series 2-1.
Tanks his way to victory
September 15, 2018
Ray earned a series KDA of 9/8/35 during his team's 3-2 series victory over JDG.
Ray had an extremely strong performance during his team's performance against JDG. Despite starting things off with an unfortunate lane phase that culminated in a defeat, Ray was able to bounce back convincingly. Picking Sion in the first three games of the series, he was able to put together a combined KDA of 4/4/22, showing his strength on the champion constantly. The result was bringing his team to a 2-1 lead in the series. Ray opted to go for an Akali in Game 4 that simply fell flat, allowing his lane opponent to run rampant and assist in taking over the game. Despite the loss, Ray once again was able to recover when things came down to the wire. Opting for a tanky champion again in Game 5, he picked Cho'gath and was able to run away with lane and dominate all in his path. Scaling up with ease, he was able to participate in the majority of his team's kills, giving up only a death in a 39-minute victory. As a result, EDG closed out the series 3-2.
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Releases an official statement on IEM absence
February 20, 2017
EDward Gaming released an official statement on why they were unable to attend IEM earlier today, as reported by Adam Newell of Gamurs.
EDG released an official statement earlier this morning on why the team is unable to attend IEM Katowice. The statement can be found here. The team cites visa issues as the reason for their absence, stating that the players were required to apply for additional residential status documentation, delaying the initial process. Although EDward Gaming contact IEM to explain their problems and were offered assistance, the team did not receive confirmation that they would be granted visas. Even though the team had begun preparing for the event, the lack of visas forced them to withdraw from the tournament. Despite not attending the event, EDG ended their team statement by wishing all the teams at the event a great tournament and all the best.