Poor performance results in defeat at the hands of Newbee
August 24, 2017
kRYST4L earned a series KDA of 7/10/16 in his team's 0-3 loss at the hands of Newbee.
Starting the series off on Kalista, kRYST4L had an extremely poor performance that resulted in his team's ultimate demise. Falling behind from the very start, he could not do anything to bring himself back into the game. Being focused heavily, he did little more than deal small amounts of damage and die, giving up the victory quite easily to Newbee in Game 1. Game 2 went better as kRYST4L found himself on Varus, though he once again had an uneventful performance to say the least. After picking up a decent amount of kills, he was constantly outshined by the enemy carry on Vayne. Unable to make use of his range advantage, he was defeated easily in fights, allowing Newbee to take control of the game and easily close things out. With the Game 2 loss, kRYST4L and the rest of Snake were defeated, giving up the series sweep to Newbee.
Mediocre performance results in substitution after Game 1 loss
August 24, 2017
Zz1tai earned a 3/4/2 KDA on Lucian in Snake's Game 1 defeat against Newbee.
Although Zz1tai didn't have a miserable performance, he was not able to do the job against Newbee. After surviving lane, he was able to start making an impact in teamfights, though not a meaningful enough one. Up against heavy crowd control and tanks, he was focused enough that he didn't deal the necessary damage to bring his team victories in skirmishes. The result was a disappointing defeat for Snake, who didn't seem to be in control at any stage of the game. As a result, Zz1tai was substituted out for the remainder of his team's series.
Decent performance on niche picks results in defeat
August 24, 2017
SofM earned a combined KDA of 3/6/18 in his team's 0-3 defeat at the hands of Newbee.
SofM started off the series with a surprise Ivern pick; a champion that has not seen much play recently, for good reason. Although he was able to get some things done, he lacked the ability to find his team an early lead, allowing the enemy jungler to completely take over the entire game. The result was a convincing defeat as he sat idly by as his carries were heavily focused and slain, giving the Game 1 victory to Newbee. Game 2 went better as SofM found himself on Rek'Sai, though he was once again unable to get too much done. Though he found some advantages for his team, he could not dive the enemy team's backline, allowing them to shred through his team. With several teamfights going in the enemy team's favor, he was unable to get things done, allowing Newbee to take Game 2 convincingly and close out the series with a sweep.
Decent play not enough to claim victory over Newbee
August 24, 2017
Flandre finished his team's 0-3 series defeat with a combined KDA of 6/9/18.
Although he was given Cho'Gath in Game 1 against Newbee, Flandre was unable to utilize the pick to its full potential. Though he found a decent way into the game and began picking up kills, the rest of his team struggled immensely. Without any way to assist his team in bringing themselves back into the game, he sat by idly, earning a decent 2/2/5 KDA in the defeat. Game 2 went slightly better for Snake, though Flandre was once again unable to carry his team. Being placed on Shen, he could only do a certain amount for his team other than shield and taunt. As the game went late, he found himself focused and pushed out of fights, allowing the enemy team to take things convincingly. What resulted was yet another defeat, allowing Newbee to close out the series with a sweep.
Strong close to series
August 18, 2017
Flandre tallied a 5/6/20 KDA in Snake's comeback 2-1 win over WE on Thursday.
Flandre didn't have the greatest of starts in this series, but that was more due to overall team play that anything else. He wasn't very helpful with his Cho'Gath and quite simply was somewhat invisible in the loss. Once he switched over to Maokai in Games 2 and 3, however, he was on top of his game in the best way possible. Once his team picked up the Baron in the late game, it was off to the races. They completely ran away with Game 2 at that point, with Flandre playing an especially supportive role in the wins. This win keeps Snake right in the playoff race here in the last week of the split.
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