100 Thieves
Stellar teamfighting in victories
March 19, 2018
Ssumday scored a combined KDA of 4/1/16 over 100 Thieves' back-to-back victories over Echo Fox on Sunday.
Ssumday's Cho'Gath handled the early gank pressure well, managing to escape any harm without dying while keeping his CS close to Huni's Gnar. By the time Ssumday joined up with the rest of the team for skirmishes, he was well on his way to being a massive frontline damage threat that would eventually help 100 Thieves take over the game. In the tiebreaker game, Ssumday delivered a superb performance on Ornn as he finished with a 3/0/9 KDA. He grouped up early and often for skirmishes, assisting in 100 Thieves first three kills as well as securing first Turret gold. Most of the fights involved Ssumday teleporting into the fray, helping 100 Thieves turn Echo Fox's engages against it. It didn't take 100 Thieves nearly as long as it did in their first game of the day to take full control as pushed to destroy the Nexus in just under 27 minutes.
Bottom lane focus pays off in victories
March 19, 2018
Meteos posted a combined KDA of 5/3/17 in 100 Thieves pair of wins against Echo Fox on Sunday.
In both of the games, Meteos was focused on helping the bottom lane take control early and was always successful. Meteos' Zac in the regular season game had no problem with finding areas in the fog of war to Elastic Slingshot himself on Altec or PapaChau. However, not all of the game was easy for 100 Thieves as it needed four Barons before finally pushing down Echo Fox's Nexus. Meteos decided to pick up the pace in the tiebreaker on Skarner, making an early invade that turned into a 3-vs-3. He died in the fray but still earned him some assists to make up for it. Afterward, 100 Thieves began to group up, dominate teamfights and take objectives. This time Meteos and 100 Thieves didn't stumble late and cleanly closed out the sub 30-minute victory.
Realm Warping master
March 19, 2018
Ryu earned a combined KDA of 11/5/10 in 100 Thieves victories against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Somehow Ryu was able to draft Ryze in both games against Echo Fox and put together two superb performances. In the regular season game, Ryu was able to use Realm Warp to quickly move 100 Thieves into Baron pit to sneakily secure the buff. 100 Thieves wasn't always able to get much use of the buffs as it took them a total of four before finally pushing to victory. In the tiebreaker, Ryu again put Realm Warp to good use but this time it was to cut off Echo Fox's escape as it fleed from fights. It didn't take 100 Thieves nearly as long to get the win this time around as it knocked down the Nexus in just under 27 minutes.
Consistent Jhin performances in wins
March 19, 2018
Cody Sun scored a combined KDA of 7/2/17 in 100 Thieves back-to-back victories against Echo Fox on Sunday.
Cody Sun was at a disadvantage from the draft as Jhin is easily controlled by Caitlyn during the laning phase. However, Cody Sun got multiple ganks to help turn that around through the two games. The early helped paid off in both games as Cody Sun was a top damage dealer for 100 Thieves in both games. While it took over 50 minutes to claim victory in the regular season game, in the tiebreaker, 100 Thieves were able to cut the time nearly in half to finish in under 27 minutes.
Cleaned up play in tiebreaker
March 19, 2018
aphromoo finished with a combined KDA of 1/5/17 in 100 Thieves pair of victories against Echo Fox on Sunday.
aphomoo had solid performances on Braum in both of the games against Echo Fox. In the regular season game, he had a poor laning phase as an early all in cost him his life but gave Cody Sun a kill. The early death set him back in experience but he had plenty of time to recover from that as Game 1 went well past full build for everyone. 100 Thieves finally managed to push to victory on the back of its fourth Baron power play. In the tiebreaker game, aphromoo cleaned up his play during the laning phase, avoiding the early deaths which led to being a better tank throughout the mid game. 100 Thieves as a group really improved its play in Game 2 as it strung together teamfight victories in the mid game that built an insurmountable gold lead. This time it only took one Baron power play for 100 Thieves to push down the Nexus and secure the top seed in the playoffs.
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