100 Thieves
Up and down showing on Alistar in loss
September 11, 2018
Aphromoo earned a combined KDA of 1/17/28 over five games of Alistar against Team SoloMid.
Across his team's series defeat against TSM, Aphromoo had an up and down performance. Throughout the majority of the series, he found himself racking up a large number of deaths, constantly putting himself in a dangerous position in order to try and find picks and advantages for the rest of his team. The story of the series for Aphromoo was trying to juggle shotcalling, creating advantages, finding vision control, and being unable to do so. With so much on his plate, Aphromoo clearly felt the pressure and was unfortunately unable to deliver. Although he had several impressive showings throughout the series, the overarching trend was that of disappointment as he simply could not keep up with the enemy team's aggression and coordination. Unable to find the openings necessary in the final two games of the series, Aphromoo could not keep his team in the game, resulting in a 2-3 series loss against TSM.
Strong performance results in substitution
September 11, 2018
Rikara earned a 3/0/8 KDA on Jhin during his team's Game 1 victory over TSM.
Throughout his team's Game 1 victory over TSM, Rikara had an extremely strong performance on Jhin that allowed his team to start things off on the right foot. After going toe-to-toe with the NALCS MVP in lane, Rikara was able to continue to exert pressure over the enemy team. In teamfights, he was able to consistently remain safe while dealing large amounts of damage. Despite the enemy team trying to focus him down, Rikara's superior positioning was enough to keep his team firmly in the lead. Although the team was down numerous objectives, Rikara's strength on his champion was enough to keep his team from falling, resulting in a convincing victory. Despite the win, Rikara was substituted out for the remainder of the series.
Decent showing despite loss at the hands of TSM
September 11, 2018
Ryu earned a series KDA of 10/10/21 during his team's 2-3 series loss at the hands of TSM.
Despite having a couple of decent showings against TSM, Ryu found himself constantly outclassed in the middle lane. After starting things off with a strong showing on Syndra, Ryu found himself focused down in lane, unable to build a meaningful advantage for himself or anyone else on his team. Time and again he found himself either picking strictly to win lane, or falling behind, making him have a minimal impact in the remainder of the game. Try as he might in the final two games of the series, when things really mattered, Ryu fell behind. Finding only a single kill in the last two games of the series, Ryu's inability to get things going cost his team. As a result, 100 Thieves was defeated 2-3 at the hands of TSM.
Struggles when it matters most
September 11, 2018
AnDa earned a series KDA of 8/12/21 during 100 Thieves' 2-3 loss at the hands of Team SoloMid.
Although AnDa had an overall decent performance against TSM, he simply was unable to perform when it mattered during his team's series. After starting off with a successful aggressive showing on Olaf, AnDa began to falter and was unable to recover. Although he had decent showings during his team's victories, and acceptable games in defeat, he simply did not have any standout performances. As he began to fall behind in objective control, he could not create openings for the rest of his team. Despite having match point, he had back-to-back lackluster performances that caused his team to fail to close out the series. Unable to find a single kill, assist, or objective in Game 4, he moved into the final game of the series with immense pressure. In the extremely back-and-forth game, he could not create the openings his team needed. Although the rest of 100 Thieves was on form, his poor showing was enough to cause the team to lose the series, falling 2-3.
Unable to close things out against TSM
September 9, 2018
Ssumday earned a series KDA of 15/8/19 during his team's 3-2 series defeat against TSM.
Despite Ssumday finding success in the first game by picking a carry champion, he was not given the same luxury for the majority of his team's series against TSM. Time and again the team drafted to give him a tank; something that he was able to show his skill on but simply not have the same kind of an impact as his preferred playstyle. The result was unfortunate as 100 Thieves quickly found a 2-1 series lead and failed to close out either of the last two games to secure the series. As things came down to the wire and 100 finally drafted Ssumday a carry champion in Game 5, the rest of his team was unable to mimic his success. Though he was able to win his lane, his jungler and the rest of the map struggled to get things done in the later stages of the game. After losing a few teamfights, Ssumday could not find another opening for his team, resulting in TSM coming back to claim the series 3-2 and defeat 100 Thieves.
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