100 Thieves
Helpless against CLG
June 18, 2018
Ryu's KDA read 0/2/0 in 100 Thieves' Sunday loss to CLG.
Ryu's Lulu did fine in lane against huhi's Syndra, staying even in CS. However, that was about all he could accomplish in this game. Between CLG's huge amounts of engage and the damage coming out from huhi, Ryu's shield and ultimate just didn't cut it in terms of keeping his teammates alive.
Embarrassing play in loss
June 18, 2018
0/4/1 was Meteos' KDA by the end of 100 Thieves' loss to CLG on Sunday.
This game didn't go well for anyone on 100 Thieves, but Meteos had perhaps the worst performance of all on Camille. He started off with a highly questionable early invade, in which he gave up first blood to the enemy jungler, starting a snowball that would roll throughout the game. After that, he failed to accomplish much of anything, with the exception of about a thirty-second span in which he took and Ocean Drake and participated in his team's sole kill.
No chance to shine
June 18, 2018
Ssumday ended 0/2/0 as 100 Thieves fell to CLG on Sunday.
Playing Singed into the Ornn of Darshan, Ssumday's lane advantage grew steadily as the game wore on. However, this was about all he could manage, as CLG's gold lead grew much faster, and they were diligent enough to take out two top lane turrets very early on, shutting down Ssumday's split-push before it had a chance to begin, and effectively neutralizing his champion.
Struggles in late-game fights
June 16, 2018
Meteos scored a 0/2/6 KDA on Trundle in 100 Thieves' loss to Team Liquid.
Meteos was busy early, ganking lanes and picking up assists, but it wasn't enough to get any of 100 Thieves' lanes a lead. Most of the lanes were struggling without his help and the losing lanes combined with poorly coordinated teamfights in the second half quickly unraveled 100 Thieves. No one could break through to take down Doublelift, allowing him to tear through 100 Thieves. After 100 Thieves were aced, giving over an easy Baron kill, there was little chance of overcoming the nearly 10,000-gold lead.
Early lead not enough in loss
June 16, 2018
Ssumday posted a 2/3/2 KDA in 100 Thieves' loss to Team Liquid.
Ssumday had gank assistance early and often, helping him build one of the few gold advantages for 100 Thieves early on. While Ssumday knocked down turret first in lane, he wasn't able to help out the other lanes much. When the teamfights broke out in the second half no one on 100 Thieves had an answer for Doublelift's Xayah and got destroyed by him.
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