Golden Guardians
Joining Golden Guardians
November 27, 2018
Froggen is expected to join the Golden Guardians,'s Jacob Wolf reports.
Froggen left Echo Fox and the competitive scene in July, but it appears as if the mid laner is ready to make his return, reuniting with his former Echo Fox coach, Inero, on Golden Guardians. While the roster still has plenty of question marks, Froggen should provide some stability to the mid lane.
Free agent heading into 2019 Spring Split
November 8, 2018
Mickey announced he is a free agent and looking for a new roster heading into the 2019 Spring Split.
Mickey and the rest of Golden Guardians struggled throughout the 2018 Summer Split, as the middle laner finished with a 47/35/81 KDA, but that also included two starts at ADC. The former Afreeca Freecs and ROX Tigers player could make a return to Korea depending on an attractive offer, but he'll more than likely stick in the North American region with a financial boon coming thanks to franchising.
Gets going a bit too late
August 12, 2018
Contractz ended Golden Guardians' loss to Clutch Gaming on Sunday with a KDA of 2/5/6.
Picking Nocture, one would've hoped to see Contractz do a little more in the early game. Instead, his first Paranoia was a dud, and he gave up two early deaths while LirA got things done around the map. He did eventually start bringing his team some kills, maintaining the highest kill participation in the game for a time, but by then Clutch had already been allowed to recover from the level 1 disaster which could've handed the win to GGS.
Struggles in lane
August 12, 2018
3/2/7 was Mickey's KDA as Golden Guardians fell to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Playing Taliyah into Febiven's Orianna, one would expect Mickey to have trouble in the laning phase. However, given Mickey's kill and two assists he got at level 1, it probably shouldn't have been as brutal as it was. Mickey was smashed in the CS department, and while both teams attempted mid lane ganks, Golden Guardians' were unsuccessful. Mickey also missed a handful of fairly easy Seismic Shoves in this game, adding insult to injury. He came out with a solid KDA, but that's about it.
Can't translate advantages
August 12, 2018
Deftly's scoreline read 7/0/1 as Golden Guardians fell to Clutch Gaming on Sunday.
Despite coming out of the level 1 madness with two kills, and having an advantageous lane matchup as Xayah/Rakan into Ezreal/Braum, Deftly simply couldn't pull together a win for his team. He and Matt spent most of the laning phase pushed in without gaining a CS advantage, nearly losing the turret before being bailed out. As the game drew on, Deftly continued to pick up kills, but while he managed to do it without dying, it didn't translate to teamfight damage. 7/0/1 is a surprisingly good score for a loss, but it's also surprisingly good for how mediocre Deftly played in this game.
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