Golden Guardians
Quickly gets lanes ahead in victory
June 18, 2018
Contractz scored a 6/1/6 KDA on Graves in the Golden Guardians' win against Team Liquid on Sunday.
Contractz was everywhere that he needed to be in the Golden Guardians first victory of the season. He started out with a early gank in the bottom lane, picking up an early kill and assist. The early advantage was quickly spread across the rift as Contractz made successful ganks in the other lanes shortly after, helping the Guardians quickly gain map pressure everywhere. One good teamfight was all the Golden Guardians needed before pushing to with quick victory.
Ran away with gold lead late
June 18, 2018
Lourlo posted a 8/0/4 KDA on Aatrox in the Golden Guardian's victory against Team Liquid on Sunday.
The early game was tough on Lourlo as he lost trades and lane pressure against Impact's Ornn. However Impact got a little too aggressive as times, giving Lourlo and Contractz opportunities gank and kill him. Lourlo quickly turned a gold deficit into a lead and building it by split pushing down turrets in the side lanes. When Lourlo did group up he was able to easily dive turrets for kills, allow the Golden Guardians to tear through Team Liquid's base and Nexus in 22 minutes.
Solid play throughout win
June 18, 2018
Deftly earned a 5/0/9 KDA on Ezreal in the Golden Guardians' victory against Team Liquid on Sunday.
Deftly had an easy laning phase, punishing Doublelift's Vladimir in the early levels. The bullying resulted in Deftly picking up some assists early and building a level advantage that let him cruise through the rest of the laning phase. When he grouped up with the rest of the Golden Guardians, Deftly began raking in the kills and assists on his way to a 70 percent kill participation.
Retires from competitive League of Legends
April 28, 2018
Hai announced his retirement in a Reddit Ask Me Anything earlier this week.
One of the veterans of the LoL scene, Hai is finally hanging up the mouse after a few splits of lackluster results. While he made his mark on the scene playing with Cloud9 a few years back, he was most recently seen on FlyQuest and Golden Guardians. He was recently benched by the latter when the Guardians decided to go with Mickey in the mid lane for the Summer Split. With his retirement, Hai is now focusing on content creation and streaming. He did leave the door open for a possible coaching or analyst position, however, stating that he could go that route "if there are options that seem appealing to [him]."
Starts the snowball for FlyQuest
March 12, 2018
Matt's KDA read 0/4/3 at the end of Golden Guardians' Sunday loss to FlyQuest.
While Matt did just fine in the early game, along with the rest of Golden Guardians, he was also the beginning of an ultimately fatal trend for his team. Matt was the first member of his team to be caught out pushing too far forward and give over a kill, a pattern that went on to repeat itself across almost every member of GGS. This gave the gold lead gradually over to FlyQuest, and they never gave it back.
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