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Called up from Academy
February 25, 2018
Dhokla was called up to the main roster Saturday to play in the top lane for OpTic Gaming.
OpTic is making use of its newly minted Academy team, bringing up Dhokla against the Golden Guardians on Saturday. He picked Camille and was a respectable 2/1/4 KDA in the win. There's no telling how long he'll be sticking around, but he was strong his debut nonetheless.
Poor showing results in loss against Cloud9
February 5, 2018
LemonNation earned a 0/2/3 KDA during his team's loss against Cloud9 on Saturday.
LemonNation struggled immensely through his team's defeat against Cloud9. Finding a death early on, he was unable to do anything. Without a ranged form of engage on his team, the rest of OpTic were at a loss for what to do as the onslaught of Cloud9 continued. Try as he might, LemonNation could only sacrifice himself to delay his team's eventual demise. On a melee champion, he was not even close to making an impact once behind, resulting in a convincing 36-minute victory for Cloud 9.
Decent Orianna performance not enough to claim victory
February 5, 2018
PowerOfEvil earned a 2/1/2 KDA on Orianna during his team's loss against C9 on Saturday.
Picking Orianna, and building her his signature way, PowerOfEvil found some success, but not nearly enough against Cloud9. Falling behind early, the rest of his team began struggling and giving up too much footing for Cloud9. Although he was able to keep himself in the game through strong positioning and CSing, it was not enough to bring his team back. The result was the rest of his team crumbling around him as he struggled to find favorable engagements. Although he could hit impressive ultimates, it was not enough as the rest of his team died too quickly to follow up. Without a way back into things, he was defeated alongside his team in just 36 minutes.
Unable to abuse Nunu's power against Cloud 9
February 5, 2018
Akaadian earned a 0/3/3 KDA on Nunu during his team's loss against Cloud9 on Saturday.
Although he was able to get his hands on arguably the strongest champion on the current patch, Akaadian was unable to use the pick to find success for his team. Falling behind early, his ability to counterjungle was quickly taken away from him, resulting in a lackluster performance, to say the least. Able to find only a single dragon, and no Barons during the game, he was relegated to simply slowing enemies with his snowballs and using blood boil. Without many options to come back due to his unfortunate position, Akaadian did little more than die in his team's 36-minute loss.
Urgot pick doesn't pan out against Cloud 9
February 5, 2018
zig earned a 1/4/1 KDA on Urgot in OPT's loss against C9 on Saturday.
Picking a surprise Urgot, zig was unable to make the champion pay off during his team's defeat. Without a reliable way to frontline or engage, he was no match for the enemy team who had several options for both of the categories. Try as he might, he could not create picks nor find a lead for himself. As he was slowly edged out in the game, the rest of his team offered no assistance, finding themselves heavily focused by Cloud9. After being choked out for much of the game, zig could do little more than deal small portions of damage before being eliminated, allowing C9 to take an uncontested 36-minute victory.
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