OpTic Gaming
Completely lackluster
June 18, 2018
Arrow ended with a 1/2/1 KDA in OpTic's Sunday loss to Cloud9.
Arrow's Xayah failed to accomplish much of anything in this game, falling behind in CS before ending with the lowest kill participation in the game. He also wasn't able to stop Cloud9's map pressure at all despite the waveclear of both himself and PowerOfEvil's Ziggs.
Waveclear isn't enough
June 18, 2018
1/1/3 was PowerOfEvil's KDA at the end of OpTic's loss to Cloud9.
On Ziggs, PoE managed to keep the CS close against Goldenglue's Orianna despite early focus with multiple Nocturne ultimates. He also kept the deaths to one, in which his team managed to trade a kill back. However, despite being on Ziggs, even PoE's considerable waveclear was insufficient to stop Cloud9's relentless map pressure. He dealt out good damage in the final fights, but not enough to make a difference.
One real mistake ends game
June 18, 2018
Akaadian went 3/1/1 as OpTic Gaming fell to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Akaadian's Xin Zhao did a fantastic job in the early game, securing first blood as part of a double kill in a top lane skirmish, and going on to secure a third kill and an assist. Unfortunately, his champion couldn't do all that much to prevent Cloud9 from taking over the map through pressure, and his one death gave Cloud9 the Baron they used to finally break the OpTic base.
Removed from OpTic Gaming
March 28, 2018
zig will no longer be on the starting lineup for OpTic Gaming, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.
With OpTic having such a horrendous Spring Split, it's not totally surprising that they have decided to make some roster moves. First out the door will be zig and LemonNation, as the team is opting to put their eggs in the baskets of Akaadian, PowerOfEvil, and Arrow going forward. With there being a lot of talent in the top lane in the NA region, it's unknown where zig will go next.
Called up from Academy
February 25, 2018
Dhokla was called up to the main roster Saturday to play in the top lane for OpTic Gaming.
OpTic is making use of its newly minted Academy team, bringing up Dhokla against the Golden Guardians on Saturday. He picked Camille and was a respectable 2/1/4 KDA in the win. There's no telling how long he'll be sticking around, but he was strong his debut nonetheless.
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