Clutch Gaming
Does his best to save his team
June 18, 2018
Hakuho went 1/3/9 as CG lost to Echo Fox on Sunday.
Hakuho's Rakan was part of the reason Clutch maintained a slight kill lead early on, but he mostly came alive in teamfights. In the fights Clutch were able to win, it was often due at least in part to Hakuho landing knockups onto multiple members at once, even before using his ultimate. In the game's last fight, he was able to land a four-man charm in order to keep Echo Fox occupied, repelling them from the CG base.
Terrific Teleports
June 18, 2018
Solo ended CG's loss to Echo Fox on Sunday with a 2/3/10 KDA.
In a chaotic, high-kill game, Solo's playmaking on Singed kept his team in it for much longer than they would've been otherwise. He looked to be losing his lane early on to Dardoch's Rengar, but quickly called up his jungler for a first blood. It was Solo's Teleports that really set his team up for success, however, starting with a bottom lane one that gave his AD carry a double kill. Later on, he managed to Teleport behind the enemy team as they were fleeing, forcing the fight and winning it for Clutch.
Strangely weak early game
June 18, 2018
Febiven ended CG's Sunday loss to Echo Fox with a 4/2/4 KDA.
Given the chaos of the early game in this match, and the high kill count, one would've expected a champion like Syndra to thrive with her roaming strength. However, not only did Febiven not participate in any kills for 23 minutes, he also lost in CS by a significant margin to Fenix's Ryze in what should've been a winning matchup. He did have some decent play later on in fights, but also missed a couple of fairly straightforward skillshots.
Damage carries out of the jungle
June 17, 2018
LirA earned a 3/0/10 KDA on Graves in Clutch Gaming's victory against Cloud9 on Saturday.
The early game went well for LirA after he picked up an assist from a level one first blood. The early lead allowed him to dominate the jungle matchup and control the neutral objectives. Clutch Gaming got a little greedy, overstaying a late game push, but it didn't harm it much as it came back from respawn timers to with the final teamfight 4-for-0 before knocking down the Nexus. LirA was a beast in those final fights as he led CG in kill participation and damaged deal to champions.
Dark Bindings on point in win
June 17, 2018
Hakuho's Morgana finished with a 2/4/10 KDA in Clutch Gaming's victory over Cloud9 on Saturday.
It didn't take long for Hakuho to start locking down targets with Morgana's Dark Bindings, picking first blood during a level 1 skirmish in the river. While Hakuho wasn't to get much done during the mid game, he began to come alive in the late game teamfights. Hakuho landed some clutch Dark Bindings while enabling LirA to pop off on Graves thanks to Black Shield. The final teamfight was easily won by CG as it traded 4-for-0 before marching into C9's base and securing its first victory of the split.
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