Clutch Gaming
Right places, right times
March 19, 2018
Hakuho's KDA read 3/3/12 at the end of Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians.
Hakuho's fourth-rotation Thresh proved to be a fantastic pick in this game, assisting Solo's Cho'Gath in protecting carries and shutting down enemy divers. He was also great with his roams and hooks, picking up first blood for Clutch Gaming in the mid lane for starters. He couldn't keep his AD carry alive all that well, but he did a great job helping out Febiven, who was by far the more important member in this game.
Second fiddle by far
March 19, 2018
Apollo ended Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians with a KDA of 2/4/12.
Apollo had solid kill participation in this game at 14 out of 18, but this is the best that can be said for him. Despite his team's numerous peeling tools and his long range as Caitlyn, he tied for the team-high in deaths while finding the fewest kills. He fell behind in farm as the game wore on, and felt outclassed by Deftly's Xayah in terms of damage throughout. Thankfully Febiven was all the carry Clutch needed, or this game might have gone differently.
Emperor of Summoner's Rift
March 19, 2018
Febiven went 6/1/11 as Clutch Gaming found victory over Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Febiven simply dominated this game over Golden Guardians, which isn't surprising given it was on his signature Azir. Hai picked LeBlanc in the hopes of being able to kill Febiven, but this only happened once the whole game, and in the meantime, Febiven was farming up a storm, pushing down turrets, and winning teamfights for Clutch. He even managed to solo kill Hai later on in the game, solidifying his dominance. He missed out on only a single kill participation and died just once as Clutch Gaming took the win.
Questionable deaths mar solid performance
March 19, 2018
LirA's scoreline read 3/4/10 as Clutch Gaming took down Golden Guardians on Sunday.
Playing Zac, LirA was Clutch Gaming's only reliable hard engage, and he filled that role just fine. His game started out strong with first blood in the mid lane, and as the game got scrappier and bloodier, his engagements kept Clutch proactive in fights. He did have a couple of deaths that seemed preventable, as a result of diving a bit too deep, but ultimately he did his job in this game, at least well enough for Febiven to carry.
Shuts down opponents
March 19, 2018
Solo ended Clutch Gaming's Sunday win over Golden Guardians 4/3/7.
Cho'Gath proved to be a fantastic pick for Solo in this game. With Febiven--and to a lesser extent Apollo--doing the carrying, it was Solo's job to peel and zone the enemy divers, namely Hai's LeBlanc. He did a wonderful job of this, using his silence and Feast to remove the threat from his backline time and again throughout the game, helping Febiven take only a single death in the win.
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