Clutch Gaming
Moving to Echo Fox
November 29, 2018
Solo will be transferred to Echo Fox, Clutch Gaming relayed on Saturday.
Solo will complete the trifecta of Clutch Gaming players heading to Echo Fox, as the organization appears to be transitioning to a roster primarily filled with younger players. Solo should have plenty in common with the majority of his Echo Fox teammates, but it remains to be seen if he can improve upon his 2.1 KDA which he registered during the 2018 Summer Split.
Joins Clutch Gaming
November 27, 2018
Damonte will join Clutch Gaming,'s Jacob Wolf reports.
Clutch Gaming completed its dramatic roster turnover with the addition of Damonte, who will be stepping in at mid lane for Febiven, who was transferred to Misfits on Tuesday. Damonte played in 14 games for Echo Fox during the 2018 Summer Split, finishing with a disappointing figures, including a 2.6 KDA and a 57.2 kill participation percentage.
Teaming with Clutch Gaming
November 27, 2018
Huni will join Clutch Gaming,'s Jacob Wolf reports.
The rise and fall of Huni could certainly make for an interesting epic when it's all said and done, but for now the 20-year-old top laner appears to be joining a cushy situation in the form of Clutch Gaming. While there's a remote possibility Huni's position could change depending on how the team wants to structure their lineup, doing so would likely mitigate any potential advantages behind acquiring Huni. He remains one of the better fantasy plays at the position on any given day and should be a major boost to the international prospects of Clutch Gaming.
Decent initiations not enough to win
September 15, 2018
Hakuho earned a series KDA of 2/5/13 during Clutch Gaming's series loss against Echo Fox.
Although Hakuho was able to put up a decent showing against Echo Fox, his team's inability to capitalize meant that his effort was simply not enough to secure a victory. After starting things off with an unfortunate game on Tahm Kench that resulted in a 28-minute loss, Hakuho transitioned to a more involved role with his picks. Opting for Shen in Game 2, he was able to start making moves across the map early on but unfortunately could not find the impact necessary to bring his team into a commanding lead. As the game went on, he could not find his way onto key enemy targets, allowing Echo Fox to edge out a win. With the series down to a final game, Hakuho stepped up on Alistar, but once again could not make up for his team's shortcomings. Despite picking an engage champion, he found little opportunities to do so as his top laner and jungler gave up multiple kills. Playing reactively, he could not find objectives nor vision for his team, allowing Echo Fox to take back-to-back teamfight wins. As a result, Clutch Gaming was defeated, giving up the series 3-0.
Quiet in series loss
September 15, 2018
Apollo earned a series KDA of 5/7/6 during Clutch Gaming's 0-3 loss against Echo Fox.
Throughout his team's series loss against Echo Fox, Apollo had a relatively quiet performance, leading to his team's eventual demise. After starting things off with a decent showing on Ashe, he found himself quickly falling behind due to his team's mistakes. Picking up one of his team's only two kills in the game, Apollo's performance was not enough to claim a Game 1 win. Things went downhill from there, with Apollo falling in lane in Game 2 early on and struggling to recover. Though he found several kills, it was not nearly enough to shut down the enemy team, resulting in a defeat. Game 3 saw another quiet game as Apollo found himself on Sivir and struggled to get things going. After falling behind in lane, Apollo did little more than farm sidelines for the rest of the game as the topside of his map faltered massively. Try as he might, he could not help the team recover as things went Echo Fox's way convincingly. After losing a final teamfight at the 31-minute mark, FOX claimed victory, defeated Clutch Gaming 3-0 in the series.
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