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Signs with OpTic Gaming
May 7, 2018
Gate looks to be on his way to OpTic Gaming, as Jacob Wolf of ESPN esports reports that he will be signed as their revamped 10-man roster.
After LemonNation was released in March, OpTic Gaming had a bit of a hole in their lineup at the support position. That is looking to now be filled by Gate, who was last seen with Echo Fox last Summer. OpTic Gaming is surely hoping that Gate will bring a bit of a veteran presence to the team that struggled all throughout the Spring Season. Along with his signing, Wolf reports that OpTic will be running with a 10-man roster that will feature a heavy rotation of players between their Academy roster and main LCS roster.
Split pushing fails short in losses
March 19, 2018
Huni scored a combined KDA of 2/7/7 in Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
In the final regular season game, Huni's Gnar was able to build a small lead in CS but that wasn't enough to keep Ssumday's Cho'Gath in check. As the game went late, Huni wasn't able to split push as 100 Thieves grouped up and took objectives by force, requiring him to try and help out in teamfights. However, none of the teamfights went well for Huni, a few assists was all he got for his efforts as he finished with a 0/4/4 KDA. For the tiebreaker game, Huni stuck with a split pushing champion but this time it was Shen, giving him the ability to make a bigger impact in teamfights. While Huni did help out more in teamfights, it still wasn't enough to stop 100 Thieves. Any cross map plays that Huni could make were easily countered and Echo Fox fell apart much quicker than it did in Game 1, losing its Nexus in just under 27 minutes.
Late split slump continued
March 19, 2018
Dardoch posted a combined KDA of 4/5/8 in Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
In the laning phase of the first game, Dardoch's Sejuani hung around the top lane but wasn't able to be very productive. Any gank attempt was spotted out by wards, allowing 100 Thieves to make plays on the bottom side of the Rift without fear of being countered. Dardoch helped keep Echo Fox alive in the mid-game as he was able to make some winning teamfight engages. However, Echo Fox started to lose its teamfights late as it struggled to break through 100 Thieves massive frontline. Dardoch could do little to stop 100 Thieves Baron empowered sieges as Echo Fox lost its Nexus. In the tiebreaker game, Dardoch went away from tanks as he drafted the assassin Nocturne. Dardoch traded first blood for some assists in an early skirmish and stuck mainly to clearing jungle camps and warding objectives after. When the teamfighting broke out in the second half, Dardoch struggled to find openings to jump into the back line and wreak havoc. Echo Fox began losing teamfights and objectives much quicker than it did in the earlier game as 100 Thieves needed just under 27 minutes to knock down the Nexus.
Solid play throughout loss
March 19, 2018
Damonte earned a combined KDA of 5/5/5 over Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
The mid lane match up in both games was the same as Damonte stuck with Azir to go up against Ryu's Ryze. The regular season game went much better for Damonte as he made some clutch plays using the Shurima Shuffle that made a big impact during the mid game teamfights. However, Echo Fox started to struggle to coordinate its engages late and lost key teamfights as 100 Thieves pushed with Baron empowered minions. In the tiebreaker game, Damonte picked up an early double kill but wasn't able to do much with his early gold lead. Echo Fox couldn't find a way to deal with 100 Thieves fast mid game rotations, losing nearly every teamfight with objectives on the line. The second half quickly got out of Damonte and Echo Fox's control as 100 Thieves tore through its base to a 27-minute victory.
Roughed up pair of losses
March 19, 2018
Altec scored a combined KDA of 3/4/6 in Echo Fox's two losses to 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Altec was put on Caitlyn in both of the games against 100 Thieves but really wasn't a huge impact in either. In the final regular season game, Altec did he best to maintain lane dominance using Caitlyn's superior range but only managed to build a small CS lead. That lead wouldn't last for long as 100 Thieves sent multiple ganks into the bottom lane, quickly evaporating any type of control that Altec had. Soon Altec was forced to clear side lanes in order to keep up in damage with his counterpart during the teamfights. While Altec finished with most damage dealt in the game, it wasn't nearly enough to help Echo Fox break through 100 Thieves massive frontline in the key late game teamfights. Altec's Caitlyn performance in the tiebreaker game wasn't anywhere near as good as it was in Game 1. The bottom lane matchup left Altec trying to play catch up in the mid game but he wasn't able to buy enough time to CS his way back into relevancy. Echo Fox had no way to stop 100 Thieves as the gold gap continued to widen in the second half. Altec couldn't even secure a kill as Echo Fox got torn apart in its base before 100 Thieves took down the Nexus to claim the number one spot.
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League of Legends
Successfully defends spot in NA LCS
August 12, 2016
Echo Fox defeated NRG eSports in a 3-0 series to hold onto their spot in the NA LCS.
After losing to Phoenix1 in another lopsided 3-0 series, Echo Fox's life in the NA LCS came down to one final series against NRG to determine who would be safe from relegation. Not wanting to go quietly into the night, Echo Fox rose to the occasion and easily handled NRG to secure their spot in the NA LCS for the 2017 Spring Split. No doubt the team will be practicing hard to try and make sure they don't have to see the Promotion Tournament again next split.
League of Legends
NA LCS life hangs in the balance
December 31, 1969
Echo Fox were defeated by Phoenix1 in a lopsided 3-0 series on Saturday, putting Echo Fox on life support as they fight to stay in the NA LCS.
After an extremely poor season that saw them only win a single series in Week 1 against, coincidentally enough, Phoenix1, Echo Fox was forced to fight for their NA LCS lives in the Promotion Tournament. They started off a bit rocky when they faced Team Liquid Academy in the opening match of the tournament. They barely got away by the skin of their teeth with a 3-2 victory. With the win, they moved on to face Phoenix1 and they pretty much ran into a buzzsaw. They were dominated from start to finish in the one-sided sweep. Echo Fox will now be on their last life when they face NRG Esports on Sunday afternoon in the final match to see who will remain in the NA LCS.