Excels outside of lane
September 9, 2018
Attila went an overall 17/4/18 in Vitality's Saturday win over Misfits.
Attila and Jactroll struggled somewhat with the enemy bot lane throughout the series, but outside of Game 1, it wasn't much of an issue. Outside the laning phase, however, Attila thrived. His teamfighting was truly immaculate, as, after a rough Game 1 loss, he didn't die for the entire rest of the series. His combined KDA for Games 2, 3, and 4 was an unbelievable 16/0/16 as he dished out loads of damage while staying completely safe throughout, helping Vitality to a solid 3-1 series victory.
Recovers from poor first game
September 9, 2018
8/10/25 was Kikis' scoreline at the end of Vitality's win over Misfits on Saturday.
Kikis got off to a rough start in Game 1 on Kindred and was completely outclassed by Maxlore's Graves. However, the whole of Vitality bounced back strong in Game 2, and Kikis was a big reason why. For Games 2, 3, and 4, Kikis made sure to both control the middle of the map while helping to check the threatening Misfits duo lane. As a result, Vitality came out ahead in the majority of the series' numerous early skirmishes and was able to repeatedly snowball to quick victories, earning a 3-1 series win.
Dominates on four different champions
September 8, 2018
Jiizuke's scoreline read 19/6/23 as Vitality triumphed over Misfits on Saturday.
Playing a game each on Syndra, Zilean, LeBlanc, and Ryze, Jiizuke demonstrated his prowess on four completely different champion types. In each game, he found success in the early stages, taking lane advantages and benefiting from the constant early skirmishing. In Game 1, he wasn't able to translate his play into a win, but for the remainder of the series, he was a huge part of his team's victories. In Games 2 through 4, he died only a single time in each game, each time picking up at least 10 kill participation. Jiizuke was probably the biggest factor in his team's Saturday victory.
Single carry performance nets win
September 1, 2018
9/15/36 was Kikis' KDA as Vitality lost to Schalke 04 on Friday.
Kikis had an incredibly up-and-down series on Friday, unable to demonstrate the consistent early-game dominance many were expecting. His Trundle struggled somewhat in Game 2 especially, with the Skarner of Amazing finding more early success. In Game 3, Kikis finally managed a carry performance after getting his hands on Kindred, dominating his way to a 25-minute win. Unfortunately, he immediately fell off in Game 4. Despite getting the counter pick of Graves into Trundle, he fell behind in levels after a poor early game and was unable to be effective for the remainder.
Looks frustrated in defeat
August 31, 2018
Jiizuke went an overall 9/19/33 as Vitality fell to Schalke on Friday.
Jiizuke stuck with Galio for the majority of the series, finding various degrees of success. He was never really able to keep up with Nukeduck in lane, except for arguably in Game 3, but his teamfight impact was generally solid. He didn't have any of the carry performances his counterpart did but remained consistent throughout, putting out good amounts of damage and crowd control. On Taliyah in Game 2, however, he struggled mightily, falling seven times throughout the game, often to Nukeduck's Irelia.
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