Outclassed by Wunder
February 16, 2018
Cabochard ended Friday's loss to G2 with a 0/2/0 KDA as Gnar.
Cabochard was unable to pick up a kill or an assist, but with Vitality unable to pick up a single kill in the entire game he wasn't alone. Cabochard's two deaths were tied for the second most on the team.
Can't back up smack talk
February 16, 2018
Gilius finished Vitality's loss to G2 with a 0/3/0 KDA as Sejuani.
After talking a lot of smack about Jankos and G2 all week, Gilius was destroyed by his jungle counterpart on the day. He helped Vitality pick up no kills in the game as a team, while his three deaths were a tied for a team high.
Lowest death total in one-sided loss
February 16, 2018
Jiizuke ended Day 9e of the EU LCS with a 0/1/0 KDA as Zoe.
Jiizuke struggled to get ahead early and never recovered once G2 took over the game. He had no kills or assists as Vitality ended the game with no kills. On the bright side, his one death was the lowest total on the team.
Ties for team-high death total
February 16, 2018
Minitroupax finished Friday's loss to G2 with a 0/3/0 KDA as Kalista.
Minitroupax was unable to contribute in any viable way other than dying in a game that Vitality ended with no kills. His three deaths tied Gilius for the team high as Vitality dropped their second game of the season.
Practically useless
February 16, 2018
Jactroll ended Vitality's loss to G2 with a 0/2/0 KDA as Morgana.
Jactroll couldn't pair well with Minitroupax's Kalista, ending the game with no assists as Vitality were unable to pick up a single kill in the game. Jactroll's two deaths were tied for the second-highest total in the game.
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