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Flawless Braum play
March 4, 2018
Wadid finished off G2's Saturday win over Giants with a 0/0/8 KDA.
Wadid's Braum did everything that could've been expected of him this game, helping G2 to a comeback win. Giants' team composition was powerful in the mid game, and included heavy engage potential, but Wadid's protection and disengage was critical in mitigating the damage Giants could do with it. This allowed G2 to stall just long enough for their carries to hit six items, ending the game with two clean teamfight wins. Wadid went deathless and found assists on eight of nine G2 kills, only missing out on a first blood grabbed by Wunder and Jankos in the top lane, which can hardly be held against him.
Reaches the late game successfully
March 4, 2018
Hjarnan ended with a 4/2/3 KDA in G2's win over Giants on Saturday.
Hjarnan's Tristana found itself struggling predictably against Steeelback's Caitlyn during the laning phase. Then, in the mid game, Giants' power-spiking composition made it hard for Hjarnan to get much of anything done, as he needed to keep his distance. In the last two fights of the game, however, Hjarnan had hit full late-game status, putting out huge damage on his hypercarry champion and helping G2 take the teamfights cleanly to end the game.
Ends the game superbly
March 4, 2018
3/1/4 was Perkz' KDA at the end of G2's Saturday win over Giants.
Perkz' Viktor found itself in a predicament during the mid game, as Giants' dive-heavy composition put him in constant danger. Considering this, it's remarkable that Perkz ended with only a single death, even without building a Zhonya's or health item. That said, Giants still took fights throughout the mid game. Once Perkz hit his item cap, however, he turned the game on its head. His enormous damage was crucial in the last two fights of the game, during the latter of which he one-shot the enemy AD carry to secure the game for G2.
Sacrificial scorpion
March 4, 2018
Jankos ended G2's win over Giants on Saturday with a 0/4/6 KDA.
Jankos' KDA on Skarner looks pretty rough at first glance, but it certainly doesn't tell the full story. Jankos managed to find an assist on first blood, and was important in late-game fights as well. In the mid game, Giants' peaking composition was often able to win fights, but in many of these they only found one kill and were left too injured to capitalize on it, giving G2 crucial time to scale up. Jankos was often the casualty of these exchanges and thus ended with a game-high four deaths. However, when G2's carries hit late-game status, Jankos needed only stand in front of them for G2 to take the game.
Strong early and late
March 4, 2018
Wunder's scoreline read 2/3/5 by the end of G2's Saturday win over Giants.
Between an early top lane gank by Jankos and Wunder's own roam to the bottom lane, Wunder's Sion managed to nab himself the first two kills of the game. These would be G2's only kills for a while, however, as Giants dominated fights in the mid game. Wunder was often late to these teamfights, opting to ult in rather than Teleport and failing to land any meaningful crowd control. He stepped back up in the late game, however, as he was there to help G2 start off fights and landed crucial skills to help protect G2's scaling backline. This assisted G2 in their clean teamfight wins late, winning them the game.
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