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Los Angeles Valiant
Tough showing against London
July 20, 2018
SoOn couldn't stand up to the DPS powerhouses on the London Spitfire in a 3-1 loss on Wednesday.
SoOn did his best to try and get things going here, but that was simply not enough against Profit and birdring. More often than not, the London duo was outshooting both SoOn and Agilities, which led to some less than stellar moments for the Valiant. SoOn stuck with the Hanzo and Widowmaker, but just couldn't really make much headway. He tried to utilize some wide flanks to get ahead, but it just wasn't enough and now Los Angeles will need to battle back from a 0-1 deficit in this series.
Secures key picks in Stage 4 Title match
June 18, 2018
SoOn was on his game during the Los Angeles Valiant's 3-1 win over the New York Excelsior in the Stage 4 Finals on Sunday.
Going up against Pine, the superstar sniper for the Excelsior, is enough to make anyone nervous. That wasn't the case at all when SoOn was faced with the task of going toe-to-toe with Pine on Sunday. While Pine got the best of him at points, SoOn was the victor in the majority of their engagements. Whenever the Valiant needed a pick to jumpstart a fight, SoOn was right there with his Widowmaker to set his team up for success. Whether he'll be able to keep up this level of production when the Valiant head to the playoffs this summer will determine how deep of a run they can make.
Shows off depth of hero pool in big win
June 10, 2018
SoOn was playing at a blistering pace during the Valiant's 4-0 win over the Houston Outlaws on Saturday.
Agilities has been getting most of the attention when it comes to Valiant DPS players, but SoOn stepped right back into the forefront with a standup performance on Saturday. Not only was he routinely winning the Widowmaker duel against LiNkzr, but he even turned a few heads by busting out a Zarya in this series. Don't expect him to be taking over for SPACE anytime soon, but it's that type of versatility that has the Valiant looking incredibly scary here down the stretch.
Holds his own against deadly New York duo
June 3, 2018
SoOn held his ground during a 3-2 win over the New York Excelsior on Saturday.
SoOn probably had the tallest task of anyone on the Valiant in this series, as he had to contend with both Pine and Saebyeolbe at different points during this series. Those two are some of the best and most electric players in the league who rarely have an equal during any given match. SoOn seemed to pay that no mind, however, as he did just enough to get this team past tNew York. That's not to say that he didn't have his rough patches, though, because he was straight up bodied at certain times, but he never let that stop him from coming back and contending against either one of these two. Much like Agilities, SoOn knew exactly when he was needed, coming up big on Nepal to close out the series with a bang. With the way both SoOn and Agilities are playing these days, couple with this big win, a Stage 4 Title could be square in their sights.
Wins the Widowmaker duel against Surefour
May 31, 2018
SoOn was on top of his Widomaker game during a 3-0 win over the Los Angeles Gladiators on Wednesday.
With the Valiant facing a tough task in the form of a surging Gladiators squad, they needed everyone playing to the best of their ability. SoOn certainly stepped up to the challenge with a blistering performance throughout this entire series. While he landed big picks on just about every member of the Gladiators, it was his constant harassment of Surefour that did the most damage to his Los Angeles counterpart. With Surefour out of the way, the rest of the Valiant were free to do what they pleased during teamfights, which ended up being the difference. Moreover, he always seemed to get the first pick in teamfights, no matter who the target. With he and Agilities putting together quite the one-two punch, their match against the Excelsior later this week seems to be slightly more manageable.
Recovers from tumultuous start
May 17, 2018
Soon brings out a variety of heroes in 3-2 win over the Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday.
The series might have started out rough for the Valiant DPS player, but he found his groove before long. In the opening map of the series, he was picked off over and over by Fleta as the Dynasty Widowmaker was running roughshod on Los Angeles. There was simply nothing that Soon could do as he died nine times to Fleta on the opening map alone. As the series progressed, however, Soon found his footing and help push his team to victory. He played Brigitte, Junkrat, as well as his usual Widowmaker and Tracer. His flexibility allowed the Valiant to adapt and come away with the tight victory over the pesky Korean squad.
Loses Widowmaker duel
May 8, 2018
Soon was picked off time and again during the Los Angeles Valiant's 3-0 loss to the New York Excelsior on Sunday in the Stage 3 playoffs.
As was the case for the majority of this Valiant team, Soon was outmatched by his New York counterpart. In this case, Pine got the better of the Widowmaker duel at every turn, leaving his team open to also get decimated by the lethal sniper. While Soon has found much success in this role throughout Stage 3, it was clear that there is a sizable gap between the Valiant and a team like New York. Still, a trip to the playoffs was a large step up from the team's performance in Stage 2, which sets up an exciting end to the season.
Comes back down to Earth
April 19, 2018
Soon's performance in this series a bit more dialed in as compared to his Week 2 showing, but the Los Angeles Valiant still walked away with a 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Gladiators.
After Soon and Bunny lit up the opposition last week, Soon took a backseat to Agilities in this series. With Agilities absolutely popping off, however, it would've been hard to look good in comparison. If nothing else, a Valiant win on a night where Soon was playing fairly poor is a good sign for this team moving forward.
Free from Tracer jail
April 12, 2018
Soon got his chance to show off his hero pool in the Los Angeles Valiant's 4-0 win over the San Francisco Shock on Wednesday.
While Soon has mainly been known as a Tracer specialist throughout the first couple months of the OWL, he was finally able to show off some depth in this series. With Bunny on the team now, Soon was free to play other hitscan heroes throughout this series and the results were incredibly solid. Whether he was playing McCree, Widowmaker, or Reaper, he was doing his best to keep the Valiant on top from start to finish. Outside of what might have been the play of the season when he sniped sinatraa with one hell of a flick, it was probably his Reaper that made the most impact on this series. The pick seemed to catch the Shock off guard and allowed Soon to easily rack up kills to lock up this sweep.
Clicks on the heads in lopsided win
April 8, 2018
Soon had the Shanghai Dragons ducking for cover all throughout the Los Angeles Valiant's 4-0 win on Friday.
Soon was on Widowmaker for a lot of this series and absolutely shut Shanghai down with reckless abandon. This was no more apparent than on Temple of Anubis where he consistently set himself up on the high ground and picked off members of the Dragons with ease. The fact that they were unable to push him away from his perch allowed him to completely destroy the Dragons all game long. When he was back on his signature Tracer, he was just as electric while weaving his way through the backline with little to no opposition. With him working so well in conjunction with Agilities, this DPS core is looking stronger than ever.
Excels despite recent roster turnover
April 4, 2018
Soon showed off a deeper hero pool in the Los Angeles Valiant's 4-0 sweep of the Seoul Dynasty on Wednesday.
With Soon's fellow Frenchman Unkoe being traded and the Valiant picking up Bunny, Soon's roster stability was in question coming into Stage 3. It would have been understandable if he struggled a bit coming out the gate here, yet it looked as though nothing at all had changed. His Tracer was solid as always, but it was his play on Widowmaker and Reaper that made the biggest impact on this series. He was securing picks with ease on Widow and expertly used the high-ground to his advantage as Reaper to wreak havoc with his Death Blossoms. Time will tell how this Valiant roster will shake out in the long run, but Soon's spot looks to be safe for the time being.
A lost Tracer is like not having one at all
March 19, 2018
So0n couldn't mesh into the Los Angeles Valiant in a 1-3 loss to the Florida Mayhem on Day 2 in Week 4 of Stage 2 in the OWL.
Soon looked lost while playing against the Mayhem. Whether this was engaging from a weird angle or getting picked off early, he wasn't able to have the level of impact which we tend to expect. Overall, Soon's Tracer play was extremely timid and looked as if he was afraid to engage. As a result, the Valiant were unable to move around the map like usual. We'll see if this is a long-term issue Friday when the Valiant go up against the Uprising.
Surgical Tracer
March 14, 2018
Soon made his Tracer much more imposing than the hero normally is in the Valiant's 4-0 win over the Houston Outlaws.
Soon was uncharacteristically ignored by the Outlaws throughout most of the series. Unbothered, he was able to impose heavily on the Outlaws' backline and force their tanks back to move his opponents into an unfavorable situation.
Amazing game sense as per usual
March 5, 2018
SoOn dashed through the Dallas Fuel in the Los Angeles Valiant's 3-1 victory on Friday.
SoOn is one of the most knowledgeable players in the OWL. This advantage came out on Friday with SoOn setting up and executing brilliant tactics to decimate the Fuel. Whether this was a dive onto the backline, pushing Fuel xQc and Mickie in a certain direction, or putting pressure on the objective. SoOn is a front-runner on Tracer and should always be kept in the corner of your eye.
Bounces back in a major way
February 25, 2018
Soon was back to his usual self in the Los Angeles Valiant's 3-0 sweep of the Shanghai Dragons on Saturday.
After a muddled performance against Seoul on Wednesday Soon was back on top of his game in this series. With Kariv coming to take on Widowmaker and Soldier: 76 duties, Soon was free to run rampant on Tracer. As always, he was electric with the hero, weaving in and out of the enemy backline with ease. His ultimate use was also impeccable, landing multi-kills like nobody's business. When he and the rest of his team are playing like this, the Valiant is a hard team to beat.
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