Jiri Masalin 
Houston Outlaws
Ignoring Jake
June 4, 2018
LiNkzr is no longer relying on Jake to get results, as seen in the Houston Outlaws' 3-1 victory over the Florida Mayhem.
LiNkzr performed better than he has recently against the Mayhem, spending his time as Tracer and Widowmaker. Instead of relying on his DPS partner Jake, LiNkzr stayed back from flanking and dove onto whatever target Muma chose to jump. He also kept to the same attack style as Widowmaker, sending headshots at Muma's targets from the back lines. LiNkzr may not find this strategy sustainable but it got the win and for now that's all Houston needs.
Falling out of form
June 2, 2018
LiNkzr looked to be in poor form during the Houston Outlaws 3-0 victory over the Shanghai Dragons.
LiNkzr has been consistently lackluster in recent matches. He is not the player that helped Houston to a Top 3 finish in Stage 1. Against Shanghai, he was bested time and time again by Dragons DPS Diya, even during Widowmaker duels - a situation where LiNkzr normally excels. In order to squeeze out wins on close maps, LiNkzr had to put himself out of position and in very dangerous situations to get key kills, relying on his teammates to bail him out at the first sign of trouble.
Off night against L.A.
May 25, 2018
LiNkzr was off his game in the Houston Outlaws 3-1 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators.
LiNkzr was constantly the focus of the Gladiators dives, he was singled out and kept out of most fights. His fellow DPS, Jake, did a poor job of warranting attention, which kept LiNkzr from taking control of the game in any way. Even in the rare moments that LiNkzr was afforded some space to breathe, he couldn't come up with any plays to turn the game around for Houston.
Outgunned by Architect
May 5, 2018
LiNkzr was outdone by Architect in the Houston Outlaws' 3-2 loss to the San Francisco Shock.
LiNkzr fell just short of what the Outlaws needed from him in one of the better DPS duels of Stage 3. There was incredible back and forth between LiNkzr and Architect from map to map with one dominating the other only for the tables to turn the next time around. This is one of the few moments where LiNkzr's best just wasn't enough. However, with a new meta on the horizon for Stage 4, expect him to be on the rise.
Shows off his counter-Widow
April 30, 2018
LiNkzr showed why he is called the best counter sniper in the League during the Houston Outlaws 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators.
LiNkzr set out to prove that Surefour was not the best Widowmaker in the Overwatch League by counter sniping him every chance he got. LiNkzr was lights out in the Widowmaker duels throughout the series and combined with the pressure that Muma was able to put on Surefour was what enabled the Outlaws to muster what was almost a reverse sweep.
Still limited by Jake
April 16, 2018
Though Houston is improving LiNkzr still cant perform at optimal levels evidenced in the Houston Outlaws' 3-2 loss to the New York Excelsior.
LiNkzr has the ability to play any hero at a very high level and, although Jake has been expanding his hero pool its still not good enough to enable LiNkzr to shine. Though he has had to play Tracer significantly less, LiNkzr is still drawing heat from the opposing team rather than splitting focus with Jake. Though his decision to play Mei on certain occasions hasn't helped his situation, LiNkzr needs some help trying to carry this team.
Outdone by Carpe
April 16, 2018
LiNkzr was bested by Carpe in their ongoing duels as the Houston Outlaws lost their series against the Philadelphia Fusion 3-2.
LiNkzr, lauded as the best counter-sniper in the Overwatch League was trounced by Carpe. Though he only got to engage in a Widowmaker duel on Ilios, the end result was not pretty. LiNkzr looked flat while his opponent was red hot. Hopefully as Jake expands his hero pool, LiNkzr will be free to flex more often.
Trapped on Tracer
April 9, 2018
LiNkzr spent a lot of his time on Tracer as opposed to some of his better heroes as the Houston Outlaws dropped their series against the Boston Uprising 4-0.
LiNkzr is still the driving force behind the success of the Outlaws and is still hindered by Jake's limited hero pool. While he is clearly the best Tracer the team has at the moment, until LiNkzr can be freed up to play the heroes that Houston needs, expect the road ahead to be rough.
The lynchpin of Houston
April 6, 2018
LiNkzr continued to be the heart and soul of the Houston Outlaws as the team bested the London Spitfire 3-2.
LiNkzr's performance is often the number-one determining factor in Houston's overall success. He was still forced to play Tracer throughout the match, but his swaps onto Widowmaker and McCree were often the reason the Outlaws secured an objective or won the map entirely.
Absolutely pops off in win
March 24, 2018
LiNzr was the driving force behind the Houston Outlaws' 3-1 win over the Seoul Dynasty on Thursday.
During the Outlaws most recent rough patch, LiNkzr has been a bit worse for wear. Against Seoul, however, he was very much on top of his game. It didn't matter what hero he was on, as he decimated the Dynasty with each one. This was no truer than his Widowmaker that lit up the kill feed on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. It was as if Seoul was in "big head" mode with how easily LiNkzr was finding picks. They may be out of playoff contention for this Stage, but you can bet that Houston will be back in the thick of things if he can keep this up.
Loses showdown with Babybay
March 19, 2018
LiNkzr has fallen far from Stage 1 where people were pegging him to contest Fleta for Season 1 MVP as the Houston Outlaws drop 3-1 to the San Francisco Shock.
LiNkzr has been forced to try and do it all over the Outlaws' last few series. Usually able to match up with the best of the best in the Overwatch League, LiNkzr having to pick up Jake's slack has certainly dulled his edge. Unless the Outlaws can find a new partner for LiNkzr, he will likely be relegated to Tracer for most matches.
Bested by KariV
March 14, 2018
LiNkzr seemed a bit off in the Houston Outlaws' 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Valiant.
LiNkzr spent an inordinate amount of time on Widowmaker, sometimes switching off to Genji or Tracer. His flick picks came up clutch on several occasions, but he couldn't keep consistent and was eventually focused down as Jake rarely warranted any attention from the Valiant.
Picking up the slack
March 4, 2018
LiNkzr was doing his best to carry his team in the Houston Outlaws 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday.
Whereas Jake was having an off night, LiNkzr was bringing his A-game. Sticking mostly to hitscan heroes, LiNkzr ultimately resorted to running Widowmaker as he tried to save his team. In his finest moment, he reeled off two quick picks on the Philadelphia supports to force the Fusion into a reset.
Heart and soul of Houston DPS
February 25, 2018
LiNkzr was a sight to see in the 4-0 victory over the Boston Uprising on Saturday.
LiNkzr busted out a new strategy on King's Row attack featuring a hyper-aggressive Doomfist that literally knocked the entire Boston team off of the first control point and gave his team the time they needed to hop on the point themselves and set up a defensive front. This was repeated with the same success even when Boston knew to expect it. Not only was LiNkzr impressive on Doomfist, he also busted out a Hanzo and impressed everyone with his amazing accuracy and impressive game sense.
Shuts down London with Widowmaker
February 24, 2018
LiNkzr's key plays on Widowmaker helped solidify a big 3-2 victory over London on Thursday night.
LiNkzr sometimes goes under the radar compared to Jake but his contributions are exceptional nonetheless, including his Widowmaker play throughout the series. He won some sniper duels against London's birdring which if he had lost them, could have lost Houston Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Controlling the opposing threats earns LiNkzr plenty of praise, especially against a top team like London.
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