Seb Barton 
United Kingdom
Free Agent
Released by Valiant
September 7, 2018
numlocked was let go by the Los Angeles Valiant, the team announced Friday.
One of the ancillary players on the Valiant roster during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, numlocked's release shouldn't be a shock. He made his debut back and May and was destroyed by a Shanghai Dragons team that failed to win a single series all season. Given his performance in that match, numlocked finding himself on a new team for Season 2 is a big question mark.
Rough showing in Valiant debut
May 20, 2018
numlocked faltered heavily in his first game with the Los Angeles Valiant when they defeated the Shanghai Dragons 3-1.
It took almost the entire season, but numlocked finally made his debut for the Valiant. It's a shame that it didn't go quite as planned. While he did well to show off his hero pool by playing both Winston and Reinhardt, he was completely picked apart from start to finish. There is a lot that he, along with KSF and Verbo, will need to do in order to prevent a repeat of this performance should they need to help out in a pinch.
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