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United States
Houston Outlaws
Moves to non-player role
September 3, 2018
Clockwork will be transitioning into a non-player role with the Houston Outlaws heading into Season 2 of the OWL.
After not seeing a ton of action in the OWL during the inaugural season, Clockwork will be hanging up the mouse and keyboard to help his team in a non-player role for Season 2. There's no word yet on what exactly he'll be doing, but fans can feel some comfort in him still being with the team in some capacity.
Gets the call on Ilios
April 30, 2018
Clockwork is finally seeing some playing time in the lineup during the Houston Outlaws 3-2 loss to the Los Angeles Gladiators.
As Houston has taken a "best man for the job" approach to its matches recently, Clockwork has finally gotten the opportunity to come off the bench. While his performance on Tracer was only on one map and was best described as "strictly better than Jake," it's still worth noting that Houston got the win. If this trend continues we could see Clockwork continually doing the job he was signed to do, although the introduction of Brigette in Stage 4 is concerning.
Gets the start on control point
April 22, 2018
Clockwork got some playing time on Ilios as the Houston Outlaws beat the Dallas Fuel 3-0.
Clockwork isn't a great Tracer player and, in truth, probably isn't even the best Tracer player on the team, but he is getting playing time in an effort to remedy that issue. He made competent plays on Ilios and got valuable time in the starting lineup that hopefully leads to tangible results.
Runs out of time in Game 3
December 9, 2017
Clockwork struggled during Houston Outlaws' OWL Preseason loss to Seoul Dynasty on Thursday.
Clockwork came into the series for Game 3 on Ilios, where he and the rest of Houston got smacked around. During Map 1, Clockwork found some kills on Well, but could never find the picks his team needed, thanks to great peel work from Tobi's Lucio. When Clockwork switched over to Soldier: 76 to counter Fleta's Pharah, he found himself the target of Zunba's, getting shut down all throughout Seoul's win. Map 2 was even worse for Clockwork and Houston as Seoul dominated Lighthouse, not allowing Clockwork or any of the Outlaws to generate any kind of momentum as it took Map 3 on the back of a 100-0 map two. Clockwork did not play the rest of the series.
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