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Philadelphia Fusion
Continues to take a backseat
May 20, 2018
fragi continued to ride the pine during the Philadelphia Fusion's 4-0 win over the Florida Mayhem on Saturday.
After only playing in one game during the team's first series against the Boston Uprising on Wednesday, fragi didn't at all in this series. Against the Mayhem, though, that didn't matter one bit. It seems as though the Fusion are going to give fragi some real time to rest up during Stage 4, which should be good news for Fusion fans. It certainly doesn't help that SADO is a solid backup and can help the Fusion keep powering right along.
Huge plays in sin over London
April 16, 2018
fragi was a key factor in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 win over the London Spitfire on Saturday.
fragi continues to be a big presence on this team as they make another strong run at the start of Stage 3. He the main cog in the team's dive composition, but he manages to play smart and aggressive all at the same time. While he sticks with Winston for most of the season, his Reinhardt was probably his best hero on Saturday. He used the beefy tank on Oasis during the decisive Game 5 and came up with a huge hold to secure the solid win.
Solid ult usage in loss
April 6, 2018
fragi seemed to always make the right decisions during the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 loss to the Boston Uprising on Thursday.
While the Fusion didn't win this series, it wasn't for a lack of effort from their main tank. With the whole team having to adjust a bit in the absence of Eqo, fragi kept the team moving forward with his Winston. "Hold W" seemed to be his mantra, as he dove in with relentless aggression from start to finish. Not only that, but his ultimates were never wasted as he saved them for the perfect times. Without his leadership and decision-making, there is no way this team even gets to a fifth game. There is still some work for them to do as they wade through this time without Eqo, but this was a solid showing altogether.
Set the pace for teamfights
March 31, 2018
fragi dominated the London Spitfire in the Philadelphia Fusion's 3-2 victory in the Stage 2 Playoffs in the OWL.
fragi let loose his inner Winston as he played against the Spitfire. Not only was he confident in his engagements, but he stayed alive long enough to disengage as well. Against a team like London, one of the best in the league, this is no small feat for any main tank. Being able to accomplish this was a huge boon for the Fusion and resulted in relieving pressure from the Fusion's DPS players. Going into Stage 3, fragi is one of the main tanks you'll want to keep an eye on.
Has his way with Dallas
March 19, 2018
fragi was playing with his food as the Philadelphia Fusion swept the Dallas Fuel 4-0.
fragi is emerging as one of the stronger tanks in the Overwatch League. He has shown excellent synergy with Poko and Hotba. Though even if he was one of the worst tanks in the League, he likely would have still had a field day against Dallas. Leaping too and fro, fragi rarely met his death and racked up more kills than usual against a squad that looked lost.
Magic monkey
March 4, 2018
Fragi made a few mistakes along the way but his ability to survive was a true boon for the Philadelphia Fusion in their 3-2 reverse sweep of the Houston Outlaws on Thursday.
Fragi spent all of his time as Winston and where Muma played wrong he played right. Fragi was excellent in the use of his rocket pack seemingly able to get in and out of fights at the perfect time to keep himself alive and his team in contention. He was everywhere at once and seemingly always near full health.
Holds down frontline
February 24, 2018
Fragi played an immaculate series in the Philadelphia Fusion's 4-0 win over the Boston Uprising on Thursday.
Thriving in the new meta, Fragi made excellent use of Reinhardt from the start of this series. It seemed like he was charging his Earthshatters almost instantaneously to always catch Boston unawares during the teamfights. With such a strong presence on the frontline, the rest of the Fusion managed to play a much looser game that translated into a dominating 4-0 win.
Clutches Fusion's victory
February 10, 2018
Fragi shocked down Florida Mayhem in a 3-2 win on Saturday of Week 5 of the Overwatch League Stage 1.
Fragi pulled through against a resurgent Florida Mayhem thanks to his tank plays. While Fusion's DPS roster did most of the heavy lifting, it was Fragi who secured their gains. This was clear in maps like Numbani, Junkertown and Lijiang Tower where Fusion's DPS could shine. Fragi would engage Mayhem, providing shielding for his team, as his DPS assaulted from their flanks. This was best seen in Junkertown where Fragi played Orisa. Taking control of the balcony on second point defense, Fragi used Orisa's barriers and orbs to pull Mayhem from cover or forcing them into chokes, making them easy targets for Fusion's DPS and off-tank Poko.
Rewarded for aggressive play
February 2, 2018
Fragi's characteristic overaggressive play really helped to clean up the Dallas Fuel in a 4-0 sweep by the Philadelphia Fusion.
Fragi played Winston throughout most of the series and utilized his DPS teammates as distractions to finish off kills. Fragi was surprisingly ignored on several occasions by the Dallas Fuel, which he made the most of by holding the point with his ultimate and mobility. He was able to stall on several occasions until the rest of his team could return to the point and keep Dallas away.
Feeds to win for Fusion
January 18, 2018
Fragi played well in Philadelphia Fusion's 2-1 series win against the San Francisco Shock, despite what his statline might suggest.
Fragi's aggressive main tank play has not gone unnoticed by teams facing the Philadelphia Fusion, which is both good and bad. On the positive side, Fragi is great at creating space for his team, whether creating pockets for long range damage as Orisa or by clearing space in the enemy's backline as Winston. On the downside, though, Fragi dies a lot. Like, a lot. Much more than other main tank players and this series against San Francisco was no exception. Fragi's feeding might not be good for fantasy stats, but it helped Carpe and ShaDowBurn dive all over San Francisco, leading to the 2-1 win.
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