Stanislov Danilov 
Boston Uprising
Released from Uprising
September 3, 2018
Mistakes has been released from the Boston Uprising, the team announced Sunday.
While Mistakes played second fiddle to Striker throughout the first season of the OWL, he still managed to hold his own on a regular basis. Despite his relative success, the team has decided to move on from the DPS player going into Season 2. Given that his play only got stronger as the season progressed, you can be sure that he won't be without a team come the start of the next season.
Tries to carry his team through a long series
July 14, 2018
Mistakes was forced to lead in a loss to the Philadelphia Fusion on a back-to-back series, winning the first series 3-1 and losing the second series 3-1.
Mistakes' Hanzo was key in the Boston Uprising's plans in this series. But with the entirety of Boston's hopes placed on his shoulders, Mistakes couldn't carry his team through eight grueling maps. He was essential in the first series, slaying out on Junkertown, Lijiang Tower, and Hanamura. On Junkertown and Lijiang Tower, Mistakes was able to take control of the maps thanks to his Hanzo finding clean picks. On Hanamura, Mistake's Tracer was able to sneak onto the point and steal the map from his enemy. Mistakes, however, wasn't able to keep his pace up into the second series. Eight grueling maps in a row was simply too much for Mistakes.
Working starting to bear fruit
June 9, 2018
Mistakes bashed around the Seoul Dynasty in a 3-1 victory for the Boston Uprising on Day 1 of Week 4 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
Mistakes continued to show off his Brigitte play, and made sure to keep the Dynasty at bay. Whether this was diving alongside Gamsu's Winston, or protecting Kellex from various enemies, Mistakes made good use of his positioning to get more value out of the hero. If he continues to improve, it won't just be Mistake's Widowmaker that enemies will have to be afraid of.
Still needs time to reach max potential
June 2, 2018
Mistakes continues to try and fill holes for the Boston Uprising in their 2-1 loss against the London Spitfire on Day 2 of Week 3 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
Mistakes has seemingly become the Uprising's token Brigitte and switching to heroes in an attempt to support Boston DPS Striker as much as possible. This is uplifting to hear, yet one shouldn't get their hopes up as there is still a long road ahead. With all the switching around, it may be an indicator that Boston is more lost in this new meta than they might let on. Mistakes and Striker seem to be playing many of the same heroes, and that might become a fatal exploit if Boston can't make any headway.
Can't seem to finish anything off
May 25, 2018
Mistakes wasn't able to finish off enough of the Dallas Fuel in an 0-3 loss for the Boston Uprising on Day 1 of Week 2 in Stage 4 of the OWL.
The once deadly Mistakes seems to be struggling as of late. Taimou, the Dallas Widowmaker player, was able to trounce Mistakes in terms of raw eliminations. Widowmaker eliminations can be low, but an opponent having four times more than you is unacceptable. Mistakes needs to figure out what's not working, and fix it with the rest of Boston fast in order to give them a solid shot in the Championships.
Not enough pressure
May 7, 2018
Mistakes failed to keep the heat on the New York Excelsior in a 3-0 loss for the Boston Uprising in the Stage 3 Finals.
While keeping pace, Mistakes failed to apply the pressure required to influence the outcome of the match. Losing Widowmaker battles and struggling to secure eliminations won't cut it in the Finals. Against New York, a team needs to constantly keep the key players in check and change up accordingly. Mistakes was unable to adapt fast enough to the overwhelming might that is the Excelsior.
Next man up destroys expectations
April 13, 2018
Mistakes filled in Boston Uprising's DPS spot in their 3-2 victory over the New York Excelsior on Day 2 of Week 2 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
Mistakes stepped up to fill in the hole from a missing Boston DPS player, and trounced any and all doubts of his ability. Within the first 30 seconds of the first attack round, it was clear that Mistakes was a top-class DPS simply due to his patience. He showed respect for his opponent, and waited for an opportunity on Widowmaker to break New York's defense. What followed was a flurry of matches, with Mistakes being a pivotal player throughout the series. He is a worthy addition to the roster, and to the league in general.
A not-so-niche swap
March 10, 2018
Mistakes came in for one game in the Boston Uprising's 4-0 loss against the London Spitfire on Day 3 in Week 3 of Stage 2 in the OWL.
Mistakes has only briefly come out to play in the past, and previously only played Sombra. Today he came in for one map, Hollywood, and we got to see him a couple more heroes: Genji and Soldier: 76. Mistake's performance was solid, moving with his team as Genji and positioning effectively on Soldier. However, in the end he was unable to help the Uprising in picking up any maps.
Makes OWL debut in sweep over Mayhem
March 3, 2018
Mistakes took the stage for the first time in the Boston Uprising's 4-0 sweep of the Florida Mayhem on Friday.
With Stage 2 seeing a significant shift in the meta, Mistakes finally got his chance to take the stage for the Uprising. He subbed in for DreamKazper in the final two games with the sole purpose of playing Sombra and he sure made his limited time count. He was lighting it up at every moment, which added yet another wrinkle to this Uprising squad. Time will tell if he will become a more permanent fixture, but having a pocket Sombra is never a bad thing.
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