Gwon Nam-Ju 
South Korea
Boston Uprising
Goes quiet in loss to Houston
February 12, 2018
Striker never seemed to get in the right position for the Boston Uprising in the 3-2 loss to the Houston Outlaws on Saturday.
Striker has a track record of being a consistent Tracer, but today we didn't see that. Instead, Striker didn't have too many standout moments. Whether it was the pressure or just an off day is unknown, but it was certainly surprising. During some fights, Striker seemed to be slightly off on his own rather than contributing towards taking down the focus. Hopefully, we'll see the Striker we know once we're back in a much less intense match.
Always on the move
February 9, 2018
Striker was often the arbiter of teamfight success for the Boston Uprising in their 4-0 victory over the Philadelphia Fusion.
Striker spent most if not all of his time as Tracer for the Uprising. He continually flanked the Fusion and found his way into their backlines. Tossing Pulse Bombs onto the supports at every chance he got, Striker was an absolute terror to Philadelphia and earned himself Player of the Match honors.
Unparalleled Tracer performance
February 4, 2018
Striker was at the top of his game in a 4-0 victory against the Los Angeles Valiant on Saturday.
Striker played best when he was on Tracer. This was instantly noticeable as in Game 1 he was able to score a triple kill and destroy the Junkrats RipTire ultimate with a single pulse grenade. This proved to be the only advantage his team needed to fully push the payload in for the win. Later on in the series, Striker was able to quietly earn an impressive 13/2 KD ratio with Tracer while the Valiant focused heavily on mitigating the damage that DreamKazper was doing with his flex picks.
Splits Los Angeles Gladiators right down the middle
February 3, 2018
Striker continued to shine as he tears through Los Angeles Gladiators in a 4-0 victory on Friday.
Striker will easily become Boston's star if he keeps this kind of gameplay up. Though, to be fair, Striker is only able to do what he does thanks to Boston's unique coordination skills. Only playing Tracer, Striker blitzed through the Los Angeles Gladitor's core defenses at every turn to pick out healers or DPS players. This was thanks to Boston's simple strategy of having the tanks dive the frontline while Striker harasses the healers from some flanks. This saw some outstanding effects on Boston's Dorado offensive. Striker was just able to pull LA's healers across the map, bullying them from their flanks until they were forced to retreat and abandon the team.
Pinches a victory agianst Dallas Fuel
January 27, 2018
Striker slammed Dallas Fuel's defenses in a close 3-2 win on Saturday against the Dallas Fuel.
Striker only needed to play one hero to beat Dallas Fuel and that hero was Tracer. At first, Striker struggled against the tank-heavy lineup of Dallas Fuel that mitigated his damage. However, by the first offense on Numbani Striker was able to maneuver around Dallas' slow core tanks of Orisa and Roadhog. Punishing their exposed flanks, especially on the second point defense on Temple of Anubis, Striker pinched his enemies alongside DreamKazper. Striker even landed a god-like Pulse Bomb that scored four kills, stopping Dallas' entirely. The DreamKazper/Striker pinch tactic worked wonders on Ilios Well, Ilios Lighthouse and all of Lijiang Tower since all of Dallas' focus was split across multiple fronts.
Unrelenting offense
January 13, 2018
Striker made his stellar offensive tactics the best defense for the Boston Uprising in their 4-0 rout of the Florida Mayhem on Friday.
Striker rarely switched away from Tracer. He flitted about skirmishes, dealing chip damage and frustrating the Mayhem's backline. Even on defense, if he wasn't killing someone he was probably waiting to respawn. The Mayhem were simply on edge the entire time as Striker did what he wanted in the win.
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