Lucas Meissner 
Boston Uprising
Falls just short
February 12, 2018
NotE failed to levy the necessary pressure against the Houston Outlaws in the Boston Uprising's3-2 loss Saturday.
NotE's performance this game was surprisingly underwhelming in the second half. While his gameplay looked strong at first, especially his D.Va, by the end it seemed too presumptuous. Engagements became slightly sloppy and a little desperate, which is all a team like the Outlaws needs. This may be due to stage fright, with the pressure of this match, and so in later stages, this should be expected to fall. However, this time it contributed to the Uprising losing the match.
Master of the Matrix
February 4, 2018
NotE was a beast in a 4-0 victory on Saturday versus the Los Angeles Valiant.
NotE opted to play D.Va for his offtank of choice and she was a deadly hero in his hands. NotE's most impressive play of the series was in Game 3 on Oasis where he single-handedly stopped a Pharah ultimate that would have turned the tides of the battle in the Valiant's favor. Afterwards, he teamed up with DreamKazper to pick apart and wipe all of the Valiant to capture the point for a third won match in a row. Outstanding game awareness from an outstanding player.
Pressures from all fronts
February 3, 2018
NotE bullied the Los Angeles Gladiators in a 4-0 sweep on Friday.
NotE finally claims the spotlight, even if he still gets slightly overshadowed by Gamsu. Never straying far from D.Va, the off-tank player performed his role excellently as he bullied and poked and disrupted Los Angeles Gladiators' defense with ease. For example, on Boston's first attack on Numbani, NotE easily dove at LA's defenses on the mid' balcony, knocking everyone off the high ground and even further zoning out LA's healers. This allowed his team's DPS extraordinarily easy picks and an even easier fight to score the first point.
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