Lucas Meissner 
Boston Uprising
Immense foresight
April 20, 2018
NotE negated the London Spitfire's aggression in a 3-2 victory for the Boston Uprising on Day 2 of Week 3 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
NotE's D.Va stood tall against the formidable London Spitfire, and was a crucial factor in the Uprising's victory. On Anubis, with Profit's Tracer approaching from behind, NotE was able to do an insane 360 Defense Matrix to reject a Pulse Bomb. It was moments like this that showcased NotE's deep instincts, and demonstrated how much of an asset he is for Boston. He's definitely proving himself to be a top candidate on the professional D.Va rank ladder.
Devastating Self-Destructs
April 15, 2018
NotE smashed the Florida Mayhem in a 3-2 victory for the Boston Uprising on Day 4 of Week 2 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
NotE's D.Va is typically on point, but today he went above and beyond with the use of her Self-Destruct ability. Several times, NotE got just the right trajectory to eliminate 2-3 instantly. Additionally, when he pulled off this feat, it was the key difference between the Uprising winning and losing the fight. It's no surprise, then, that NotE walked away from the match with the MVP title. Without this D.Va legend, the Uprising might not have walked away the victors.
Continues to influence the battlefield
April 13, 2018
NotE disrupted the New York Excelsior in the Boston Uprising's 3-2 victory on Day 2 of Week 2 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
NotE's D.Va continued to be an influential force on the side of the Uprising. His timing was particularly on point, and constantly disrupted New York's setup. Despite occasionally losing his tank buddy, Gamsu, NotE managed to stay alive long enough to regroup. This is immensely impressive against a team like Excelsior, who punish nearly every misplay. The fact that NotE survived shows he has a deep understanding of the boundaries around D.Va.
Superb reactionary play
April 8, 2018
NotE was constantly in the right position in the Boston Uprising's 4-0 victory over the Houston Outlaws on Day 4 of Week 1 in Stage 3 of the OWL.
NotE's D.Va play was incredibly on point throughout the match against the Outlaws. Whether it was punishing flankers, defending the team, or supporting a push, NotE had great situational awareness. He used this to great effect, thwarting several of Houston's engages while properly reacting to threats in Boston's backline. NotE's D.Va looks to be much improved since Stage 2, and it'll be worth watching him develop going forward.
Not the usual NotE
March 18, 2018
NotE was not his usual self in a 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant on Friday.
With Gamsu getting back in the lineup and constantly improving and NotE seemingly taking a step back from his usual all-star D.Va play, he is clearly being overshadowed. NotE was still quite skilled at keeping himself alive, but his Ultimates were not as impactful as they typically are and he was not making too many big DPS plays, something he is known for doing even as a tank player thanks to D.Va's extremely high burst damage in the right hands. NotE is a great player, but he seems to have taken a step back.
Inconsistency doesn't cut it
March 10, 2018
NotE had moments of greatness against the London Spitfire in the Boston Uprising's 4-0 loss on Day 3 in Week 3 of Stage 2 in the OWL.
NotE is nigh permanently the Boston Uprising's D.Va player, and clearly looks comfortable on the hero. He darted around the map, protecting his supports one moment and then annoyingly being in the London's face the next. At the same time, NotE routinely found himself alone against the Spitfire squad and lost his life. At best this only meant NotE died, but a team as good as London will always utilize this as an opportunity to jump on a backline. Thus, NotE's recklessness was a crucial reason Boston lost key fights this match.
Sits behind as a tank
March 2, 2018
NotE failed to protect himself or his team in a 4-0 stomp by New York Excelsior on Thursday of the Overwatch League Stage 2.
Even though NotE stuck his favorite of D.Va, he wasn't much help to his teammates. This was mainly because Boston played an uncharacteristically slow game. Instead of making constant pushes onto objectives or dives onto heroes, NotE and Boston would sit back and attempt to find picks. Because of this, NotE struggled to get much of anything done for his team as New York took advantages in every fight. He mainly sat back and tried to protect his backline, but he often had to assist Gamsu as his team failed to find picks. The only round where NotE found success was when he stacked a triple tank composition, which allowed him to dive onto New York without fearing he would expose his team's support.
Falls just short
February 12, 2018
NotE failed to levy the necessary pressure against the Houston Outlaws in the Boston Uprising's3-2 loss Saturday.
NotE's performance this game was surprisingly underwhelming in the second half. While his gameplay looked strong at first, especially his D.Va, by the end it seemed too presumptuous. Engagements became slightly sloppy and a little desperate, which is all a team like the Outlaws needs. This may be due to stage fright, with the pressure of this match, and so in later stages, this should be expected to fall. However, this time it contributed to the Uprising losing the match.
Master of the Matrix
February 4, 2018
NotE was a beast in a 4-0 victory on Saturday versus the Los Angeles Valiant.
NotE opted to play D.Va for his offtank of choice and she was a deadly hero in his hands. NotE's most impressive play of the series was in Game 3 on Oasis where he single-handedly stopped a Pharah ultimate that would have turned the tides of the battle in the Valiant's favor. Afterwards, he teamed up with DreamKazper to pick apart and wipe all of the Valiant to capture the point for a third won match in a row. Outstanding game awareness from an outstanding player.
Pressures from all fronts
February 3, 2018
NotE bullied the Los Angeles Gladiators in a 4-0 sweep on Friday.
NotE finally claims the spotlight, even if he still gets slightly overshadowed by Gamsu. Never straying far from D.Va, the off-tank player performed his role excellently as he bullied and poked and disrupted Los Angeles Gladiators' defense with ease. For example, on Boston's first attack on Numbani, NotE easily dove at LA's defenses on the mid' balcony, knocking everyone off the high ground and even further zoning out LA's healers. This allowed his team's DPS extraordinarily easy picks and an even easier fight to score the first point.
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