Kim Byung-Sun 
South Korea
Seoul Dynasty
To start for Pacific Division during All-Star Game
June 26, 2018
Fleta has been named to the starting roster of the Pacific Division during this year's All-Star Game.
Despite falling off along with the rest of his team in the last half of the season, Fleta will get one last appearance this season at the All-Star Game. He will be joined by his Dynasty teammate ryujehong, along with Fissure, Geguri, Custa, and Seagull on the starting roster. They'll certainly have their work cut out against the Atlantic Division's starting roster that's comprised of four members of the New York Excelsior's starting roster.
Vanishes against the Valiant
April 6, 2018
Fleta failed to impress during Seoul's 0-4 loss to the LA Valiant on Wednesday.
From MVP shoe-in to nonexistent, Fleta's meteoric rise and subsequent fall has been impressive, if heartbreaking, to watch for Seoul fans. Stuck on Tracer for the opening matches in this new Tracer/Sombra meta, Fleta struggled to make an impact, eventually returning to his comfort Genji pick. Seoul couldn't get anything done as a team, but Fleta's past experiences should have made him used to that. Alas, Fleta couldn't do anything as he was extremely volatile this series, a worrying trend to start Stage 3.
Overextends his plays
March 18, 2018
Felta played with zero momentum in a devastating 4-0 loss to the London Spitfire on Saturday of the Overwatch League, Stage 2.
Fleta played all four maps this series, but his presence was almost non-existent as he barely scored kills. Of course, the blame can't be put squarely on just Fleta having a bad series, as it was problems with support and tank players combined with Fleta's slow game that caused his limp performance. Known for his aggressive Genji and Widowmaker, Fleta struggled to slay out as either. His hyper-aggression was in constant jeopardy since he struggled to get healing or his team's tanks failed to zone. Because of this, Fleta would over-extend, expecting a heal, only to get bursted down by London. Fleta would try to play more carefully later in the series, mainly by picking Widowmaker, but birdring was more than able to take on a crippled Fleta.
No longer having to carry
February 24, 2018
Fleta is no longer being depended on to come up clutch for the Dynasty as evidenced by their 4-0 victory over the Los Angeles Valiant on Wednesday.
Fleta is finally in a position to truly let loose and be a little bit more daring with the plays he makes. With mobile supports and a designated hit-scan DPS partner, Fleta was able to flex to any hero he wanted and mostly play without the fear that his death would lose Seoul the game. If it can be believed, Fleta could be better in Stage 2 than in Stage 1.
Slays through San Francisco Shock
February 24, 2018
Fleta obliterated San Francisco Shock in a 3-1 victory on Friday.
Fleta continues to be the powerhouse of Seoul Dynasty, despite a few hiccups. He would get off to a rocky start due to the first map, Hanamura. The second point largely negated Fleta's best hero, Widowmaker, forcing him onto Genji. However, on all subsequent maps, Fleta's Widowmaker was free to come out and play. He scored massive picks that devastated Shock, such as on his Watchpoint: Gibraltar attack when he picked off Shock's support.
Unable to lift Seoul on his own
February 2, 2018
Fleta couldn't do much for the Seoul Dynasty during their 4-0 loss to the London Spitfire on Thursday.
Fleta might have come up with some picks here and there during this series, but it was never enough to stop Seoul from floundering. They simply looked out of sorts and confused at times, with the Spitfire easily getting the better of them at almost every turn. Still, Fleta can always be counted on to do his part. His Widowmaker, Pharah, and Junkrat were superb as usual. He simply needed a bit more help in this series to prevent the loss.
Pops off despite loss
January 26, 2018
Fleta tried his best to get Seoul a win in this series, but the Dynasty were defeated 3-2 by the New York Excelsior on Friday.
Fleta did what he's known for and popped off all throughout this series on Friday. He played a variety of champions to great effect, providing his team the incredible DPS needed to take two maps against the Excelsior. His used his ultimates at the perfect times to shut down multiple members of New York's team, but at the end of the day, he couldn't carry alone. Seoul simply looked weaker as a unit against New York and they were handed their first loss of the season.
Harasses Uprising in big win
January 20, 2018
Fleta was unstoppable in Seoul Dynasty's sweep over the Boston Uprising on Friday.
While Fleta wasn't as flashy as we've come to expect from him in the opening moments of this series, it wasn't long before he started to pop off like he usually does. Whether it was picking enemies off with ease on Widowmaker or winning Pharah duels in the skies, Fleta managed to do it all here against the Uprising. Between him and Wekeed, the Dynasty have a dominant DPS core that should continue to give teams fits all season long.
Dominates as per usual
January 18, 2018
In a one-sided 4-0 victory over the Florida Mayhem on Wednesday in the Overwatch League, Fleta once again proved that he's one of, if not the best DPS in the OWL.
Fleta pulled eight heroes out of his arsenal, with at least three minutes playtime on all of them, at most fourteen so none of these heroes were used on a whim, but Fleta didn't pop off on all of these heroes like he did on Widowmaker, his best hero so far in the Overwatch League. With a total of fourteen minutes exact of playtime and an 83.33 percent Fight Win Percentage (Stat from WinstonsLab), this outrageous performance puts his skill in perspective especially on Dorado as he and TivQ from FM had something of a contest to see who could make a bigger impact on Widowmaker. Unfortunate for TivQ, he found himself in the crosshairs of Fleta far too often than the other way around, and Fleta would go on the rest of the set exerting his dominance as the better DPS.
Anchors for Seoul in 4-0 sweep
January 15, 2018
Fleta was one of two players to never see the bench in Seoul's 2-0 drubbing of the Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday.
Fleta never faltered despite the Gladiators starting off the series with an uncomfortably close Game 1. He managed to get the big picks on Shaz in overtime to secure them the win and just kept rolling. He is undoubtedly the driving force behind the Dynasty's success and will be the obvious Season 1 MVP leader if he continues with performances like this one.
Carries Seoul to victory
January 11, 2018
Fleta flexed his muscles on Wednesday in Seoul Dynasty's 2-1 win over the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League.
In his entire Overwatch career up til this point, Fleta had been trapped in a realms of weaker teams holding him back, but Fleta is unquestionably the strongest DPS on the roster as demonstrated in his 2-1 victory against Dallas Fuel on Wednesday in the Overwatch League. Despite being a DPS, he's something more of a true DPS Flex, able to play several heroes to the highest caliber. His Widowmaker, Pharah, Genji and Junkrat were all incredibly impactful and there is zero shortage of highlight reels of what he's capable of. All eyes need but pay attention to him over the course of the Overwatch League and he'll prove his own worth in killstreaks.
Puts the team on his back
December 15, 2017
Fleta was electric from start to finish in Seoul Dynasty's 3-1 win over the New York Excelsior on the final day of the preseason.
It didn't matter what hero Fleta was playing on in this series, he was on top of his game at every moment. While he started off strong with some sick plays on Pine during his teams attack side of Junkertown, Pine got the better of him in the final round to take the win. In the final three games, though? Fleta put on a clinic with Widowmaker, Genji, and Soldier: 76. His Soldier on the final map was especially strong, as he pulled in 32 percent of the team's total damage on the attack side of Numbani before continuing to wreak havoc on New York when the action switched sides. He also wasn't too shabby with Widowmaker on Ilios where he almost single-handedly kept the Ruins point on lockdown with his crispy snipes.
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