Koo Jae-Mo 
South Korea
Florida Mayhem
Transferred from Seoul to Florida
September 11, 2018
Xepher has been transferred to the Florida Mayhem from the Seoul Dynasty, according to Florida'sTwitter account.
Xepher didn't get to do much on the Dynasty, as his role on off-tank was the only position that was consistent throughout a tumultuous first year of play as zunba proved that he is one of the best off-tanks in the world. When Xepher did get to play, he didn't show much, but then again the circumstances might have prevented him from showing his true potential. Fans were told about how good Xepher was in scrims, and this scrim-god reputation has followed him to Florida after a great tryout by all accounts. No longer living in zunba's shadow, Xepher gets to start anew and hopefully bring some consistency to the Mayhem's weak frontline. Main tank aWesomeGuy might benefit from having a Korean off-tank having his back, but it remains to be seen whether Florida's retooling will work or if Xepher has simply downgraded.
Decent, if unconvincing, in win vs Dragons
January 29, 2018
xepheR played well enough, but failed to wow during Seoul's 3-1 win on Wednesday against the Shanghai Dragons.
xepheR played in the place of starting off-tank, Zunba, and showed on Wednesday why he's not the starter. xepheR played well enough, doing all the things that D.Va's do in pro play, but his presence made things feel off for the Dynasty. xepheR wasn't synced with the rest of his team, either going aggressive when his team wasn't with him or playing passively while his team initiated a dive. xepheR's performance can be attributed to having reduced playing time on stage, but allowing Shanghai to take a map when their best players are hitscan raises some questions about xepheR's effectiveness.
Pilots D.va to a Game 1 win
December 9, 2017
xepheR helped Seoul Dynasty take Game 1 in its' 2-1 series win over the Houston Outlaws on Thursday.
xepheR started the series for Seoul Dynasty, playing off-tank for Round 1 on Junkertown. As is quickly becoming Junkertown tradition, xepheR helped Seoul snowball through the first two points on attack as D.Va, protecting ryujehong's Bastion up until the third point. Once the Dynasty reached the third stage, however, its once-unstoppable momentum seemed to be depleted, giving Houston the resources it needed to mount a successful defensive hold. On defense, xepheR's D.Va got rolled on the first two points, but he turned things around when defending the third point. Diving with Fleta's Genji and KuKi's Winston, xepheR and company tore Houston's backline apart, giving Seoul a Map 1 victory. xepheR did not play in the rest of the series.
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